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This is the fourm for those oh so famous band stories!

So tell ur story and get some laughs!

6/12/2008 #1
White Tiger Friend

Omg, band camp was so freakin' fun! We had a water ballon fight, and play some sort of game every night! One was a game where we got into sectionals and made a beat to see who could keep it going the longest, we won! Oh yeah! Our beat was uns, uns, uns, uns, uns, uns, uns, uns, what, what! (I'm not sure how to spell the whole "uns" thing)

The most akward game we played was we got into a circle and turn so our right side was facing the inside of the circle and then sat down on the person behind us's lap forming a big circle of sitting people(Without chairs or sitting on the ground!) I didn't know the person who I had to sit on so out head drum major introduced us. Only to find out later that the kid I sat on is one of my friend's brother.

9/11/2010 #2

Oh yes , my band camp was also fun we had a water gun fight and stuff like that. it was awesome :)

10/7/2010 #3
White Tiger Friend

We had a water balloon fight! Cept it didn't last long, it was about to start raining and lightning!

10/12/2010 #4

epic! It started pouring one time and we had a race across this gigantic field for a dollar xD it was the best

2/11/2011 #5
White Tiger Friend

I bet that was fun!

During our water ballon fight one of my senior friends and I grabbed the tub the water ballons were in and tried to pour it on this guy we missed and there was still some in there and she decided to pour it on me!

3/25/2011 . Edited 3/25/2011 #6

Okay. Explain: The woodwinds and trumpets had a disagreement (putting it nicely), we were ahead in what we were learning and were bored. So the trumpets set over their only Senior and she called the woodwind teacher a "poopie-head". (Quite mature of them no?) So our teacher, whom I shall call Charlie, went over there and had a fight with their teacher, named Gene. It looked kind of funny because it looked like they were more dancing than fighting...

Long story short: we continued to attack each other for the rest of the day in sectionals (ranging into the night and to the next morning) and when we had morning practice on the marching field the two teachers were called out to brawl. They tackled and fought on the fifty-yard line. Gene got his hat torn off by Charlie, Charlie was pushed face down into the ground and almost got hit by a water bottle. Weirder yet...their students were in a circle around them, watching the fight happily continue until Ms. Hare (band director) told Gene and Charles to stop before they got bruised.

During the fight Charlie needed assistance because Gene was running away so this is what he did: he screamed "WOODWINDS?! AH!" That was so interesting and weird.

4/10/2011 . Edited 4/10/2011 #7

haha, sounds a lot like our drumline and the rest of the band. We are always so far ahead of everyone because we have seperate practices before band camp, so everyone is aways MONTHS behind us. this year we're supposed to be doing a band camp talent show, so this oughta be fun xD

4/16/2011 #8

I just came from camp not that long ago so I have some new stories.

Okay, it was an afternoon practice, and we were going over a backwards move over and over again. We were told to place our music an inch from our face, then when we had to almost fly backward. Me, being the most coordinated sax on the feild, tripped over my own feet and fell backward after the move was completed and we were to stomp halt. Everyone, including me as I sat on the ground, cracked up laughing. The trumpet teacher, who was so "nice" said, "I'm going to call you Trippy after Slippy." Slippy was one of the seniors, she is called such because as she was getting to her position during a morning practice she slipped on the wet grass.


Next: (This wasn't from last year but from the year before) Me and my friends were sitting at our table at breakfast, just conversing. When suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I saw one of the teachers coming up behind one of my friends: sunglasses on and a black plastic knife in hand. Everyone else moved away from said teacher as he got close until the person he intended to scare caught on and looked behind him. Goody (said band member) suddenly realized that he had forgotten to get Kyle his coffee. (Kyle is really mean without his coffee.) So said band member jumped up and went to do his job of getting Kyle his coffee and said teacher slowly went back to the teacher table in a slow and zombie like way.


(This one is from this year and it was hilarious)

Alright, me and my friends were sitting together at a table and we werre talking about senior prank night. One of the new members (he is a boy) said: "I can't wait to get pranked." (I gave him a "NO you don't" look.)

My friend Teresa heard him wrong and started laughing, we had no idea what she was laughing at until she said: "I thought you said "I can't wait to get pregnant."" And with that everyone but the only boy at our table started laughing until it hurt.

Then the poor kid wouldn't let it go. Every time we said something that could relate to what was said eariler he would make sure he said that clearly. Like once the phrase "Knocked down" came up and he said "Knocked down not up." And he just made us laugh. It was funny.


I have a lot of stories...

(This one is from this year and I thought it was funny) Alright one of the seniors (named Chelsea) walked around in a circle with a gaint bag of M&Ms, everyone could take as many as they wanted but she didn't tell us what they were for. Gene, the lazy trumpet teacher, made her get some M&Ms for him; so she reached in a gave him over a handful. Then when everyone had their M&Ms she finally told us what they were for: For each M&M you had to list a fact about yourself. Gene immedaitely ate some from his hands. I only had four.

Gene's took the longest and he basically gave us a brief summary of his life story. But two of my favorite facts he listed: "I hate Chelsea" and "I really hate Chelsea." My facts were short simple and sweet.

"I like to sing." "I have been singing since I was a toddler." "I can sing in Hebrew." and everyone's favorite "And I will not sing in public no matter how much you beg." Later that became my award: The "I will not sing for you even if you beg" award.

7/20/2011 #9

Wow, I have not been on here since last year but anyway, I am in Band Camp now, and our Director, and other instructors come up with this idea to "pep" the band up. CAPTURE THE FLAG!!!! EPIC!!!! lol we had so much fun :)

7/21/2011 #10

Oh wow I almost forgot to tell you guys about this year! Well, our band camp literally just ended today, and while it was hot and grueling, it was the highlight of everyone's summer. We had the best time ever learning our sets for the songs, as well as the dances. Our theme this year is all party songs, so we've got YMCA, Cupid Shuffle, Cotton Eye Joe, and Party Rock Anthem.

To start camp off, us drumline kids thought we'd be cool and do the entire show from last year to hype up all the new kids, but all the kids from last year decided to join in, so that was really fun. Everyone managed to get sun burn on the first day, so we weren't all too happy to be carrying drums on our shoulders the rest of the week! Then later that day, we found out that the kid who was supposed to be the drumline section leader was playing football this year, and that made EVERYONE in the band happy because no one liked him. I was especially happy because that makes me not only a drum major, but co-section leader. Woo hoo!

Then on the second day our director decided to be a perv and made sure that everything he said was a double entendre, so every time he said something the entire band would go "thats what he/she said!" Then some of the band members that graduated came back and played with us, which was kind of nice.

On the fourth day(nothing much happened on the third day), lunch and our sectionals were the best. For lunch, the two drumline section leaders, the pit section leader, myself, and one of the new drumline kids ate in the concession stand and talked about old cartoons. While it may not sounds great, it was one of the funniest conversations ever. We talked about Code Name Kids Next Door and how half of that show made no sense, and we talked about a few others, too. And the band parents bought about 500 popsicles for the band, but made the mistake of saying take however many you want. Drumline sprinted, and I'm pretty sure we got about half of them. After lunch we went into our sectionals, but the director came over and told drumline that our coordinator wasn't going to be there for the rest of the week, so we celebrated by doing absolutely nothing.

Then today was the absolute best. It rained all morning, so we didn't have to march with instruments(and it felt good on sun burn!). We did our races once again, but sadly no one wanted to cough up any money to the winner. Every break we got, myself and the pit section leader kept stealing one of the drumline section leaders's hat and running away with it. That, and the entire band would just throw water at one another. It was kind of entertaining. We did the same thing at lunch, but my friend and I started singing the Pokemon theme song while we were marching and the entire band ended up singing along with us. By the end of the day, we managed to march the entire show singing just that song, which the staff found kind of entertaining. Then as we marched home, drumline kind of ignored the roll step and marking time rules and danced along with our songs the whole way.

But the best part was: we learned all our sets in four days!!(normally it takes about nine, so we were all extremely happy)

8/10/2012 #11
This past band camp I was eating lunch with my friends when one of our drum majors and her boyfriend came over to sit with us. We were having our Shark Olympics, when the MC (flagline instructor) said they were done with the big trash cans filled with water. My friend Devin (who is actually a football player but he had lunch at the same time as us and likes to spend time with his girlfriend, my section leader) got up, picked up the drum major's boyfriend and carried him to the can, where he held him down while the drumline dumped the water on him.
10/22/2014 #12
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