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GateKeeper Oni

Spine- this plasmid allows the user to throw bone-like spines out of thier hand either to pin an object to a wall or to turn some unlucky splicer into a pincushion.

6/12/2008 #1

Venus trap- shoots a small pod undetectable by enemies until they walk in the vicinity of it. Then a gaint man eating plant pops out of it and devours enemies. Can't eat big daddies, but can still do damage.

6/21/2008 #2
Freak Artist

Summon the Akatsuki. Pretty Self-explainetry.

7/9/2008 #3

Not very creative, but okay.

8/4/2008 #4
Crazy Jabberwock

fear plasmid: fired like an enrage plasmid, causes splicers to have frightening halucinations and run from you in terror

8/12/2008 #5
Fishy Crackers

(based on the hidden plasmid that never made it to the final version)

Sonic Boom- Send's enemy Splicer's (and if upgraded, even Big Daddies) far back from you, disorienting them, but it usually doesn't hurt unless they hit something that explodes... or something that stabs a drill through them...

8/23/2008 . Edited 8/23/2008 #6
Fishy Crackers

And after hearing that it really was made... whoops.

8/28/2008 #7
Lord Genesis Shadow

Crush: Name says it all. Crushes everything but Big daddies and Little Sisters.

Wrench throw: Again, name says it all. You throw the wrench. Higher levels go farther and can slightly control the flight path.

Telekenesis 2: Lift and throw Splicers. Splicers that hit Big Daddies get attacked instead of you.

T.K. 3: Lift and throw Big Daddies. Not far of a toss, but enough to get them out of your way.

Sheild: Creates a temporary psychic bubble that makes you immune to damage for ten seconds. You can only attack using the wrench. Bullets fired from within bounce around until you get hit.

Super jump: Name says it all, again. Jump higher and negate fall damage.

Fire wrench: Need I say it again? Enemies hit by wrench may randomly spontaneously combust, losing half their healt, or one fifth if Big Daddy.

Thunderball: The electric ball Frank throws at you.

Ice spikes: The ice spikes frank attacks you with.

Fireball: The fire ball that Houdini splicers throw at you. Upgrade gives you a bigger ball with a bigger blast radius.

Houdininess: You go poof and turn invisible while moving for three seconds. Use repeatedly to stay invisible for longer, it doesn't use much Eve.

Heal: Restores your health at the cost of Eve.

Kill: Name... Says... It... All. Kills splicers or Big Daddies at the cost of a full Eve bar.

Choke: As above. Chokes splicers or Big Daddies, rendering them helpless. Uses relatively little Eve at higher levels, uses a lot at lower levels.

Flashbang: Blinds splicers or Big Daddies, giving you a chance to escape.

Doorpass: Lets you walk through locked doors at the cost of Eve for each second going through.

Whiskey binge: Makes splicers or Big Daddies less accurate, like you when you drink fifteen different alcoholic drinks. Use repeatedly for better results. Uses medium amounts of Eve.

Hangover: Used in conjuction with Whiskey Binge. Makes Splicers take damage from any sounds, like gunfire or banging your wrench against the ground or the wall. Big Daddies yell means that they could kill themselves in as little as three roars of anger or enough Little Sister cheers.

Decoy 2 (Big Daddy): Name... Says... It... All!!!! Like Decoy, only it makes a Big Daddy looking copy. Decoy form based on what kind of Big Daddy is in the area. Useful for confusing other Big Daddies.

I've got plenty more, but I'll wait to see if anyone else has any ideas.

With a smile, I'm gone for a bit. From the desktop of:

Lord Genesis Shadow

9/15/2008 #8
Fishy Crackers

Ok i got one!

Puppetmaster: 'Revive' a previously killed splicer to fight by your side (Not willingly of course). Eve slowly drains while this is active, and if you run out of Eve while Puppetmaster is in effect, the splicer you brought back will get his common sense back and start attacking you. Finally the Eve bar also represents the splicers health, if your Eve runs out and the splicer attacks, one hit kill. No questions asked. And when the splicer takes damage, the equivilent amount of Eve is drained from you instantly.

Puppetmaster 2: Same affect but it allows you to do the same with Big Daddy's, but with Eve draining much faster and the Big Daddy being at half health when you finally run out.

9/18/2008 #9
Agato - The Hadou Inari

Shadow Cloud: Shoots a dark gas-like cloud (highly toxic) that surrounds and instantly kills the enemy(splicers and daddies, only weak bosses). This move comes with a hefty price: It drains all your eve, takes out half your health and momentarily paraliyzes you.

(Not recommended unless your desperate).

9/27/2008 #10
GateKeeper Oni

Flash Boom: This plasmid is thrown like enrage but on impact bursts into a blinding like and explodes like a granade. Upgraded version increase the distance you can throw it and more powerful explosions.

9/30/2008 #11
Agato - The Hadou Inari

Reaper Summon: You can temporarily summon the Grim Reaper to help you fight. Takes all your eve and the worst draw back is that if the reaper is beaten in any fights, you die too.

( I make really risky ones dont I);]

10/6/2008 #12
Crazy Jabberwock

first thing I'd like to say is, these are genetic modifications not magic spells the next this is

Pioson shot: like a purple enrage that turns your enemies into a walking plauge

10/10/2008 #13
Agato - The Hadou Inari

I know that, Think it as a genetic modification. I'm probably the only guy that has thought of it so far.

10/14/2008 #14
GateKeeper Oni

Recon: Allows you to see what is ahead of you, beyond doors, or around a corner for five seconds. higher levels give you more time and cost less eve.

Blind Mans Bluff: Thrown like enrage making the splicer or big daddy that you hit go temporarily blind and attack anything that makes noise. Good to use in combination with enrage. Lasts for one minute.

Desperado: allows you to duel wield weapons and plasmids. Combat tonic.

2/4/2009 #15
Musa di Apollo

Clone: Allows you to clone yourself or a targeted splicer to aid you in combat. It costs half of your eve bar but makes four copies.

Protector: Allows you to temporarily become a big daddy and use the drill and rivet gun. It lasts thirty seconds.

In cogneto (or however you spell it): Allows you to become a splicer. Useful for sneaking past Security cameras and large crowds.

4/11/2009 #16
Lady Victorian

Summon angry German woman - Calls upon the angry Jewish/German/Nazi woman of Rapture oh and look there is only one stone cold b*** and we know her as Dr. Bridgette Tenenbaum. Woot...summon thee mother of Little Sisters ((warning epic German accent costs you extra EVE. May contract lung cancer from cigarettes of doom))

xD Okay so I was kidding but that would rock all the same.

5/10/2009 #17
Split Moon

ha i like that one try this-

Dark lightning- a constant bolt of extremely powerful electricity that slowly drains health, the longer you use it the more powerful it gets but it drains health faster.

5/12/2009 #18
Lady Victorian

Playing off Telekinisis

Force ((Not thee force but that would be epic all the same)):

Use an updated version of Teleknisis to stop hearts or blow up heads. Will take half of your own life and all your EVE.

Mind Control:

Control the minds of Splicers for a limited time, basicly like hypnotise Big Daddy for Splicers.


Not just a short stint, more sevear version of Hypnotize Big Daddy, makes Big Daddy love you forever...or until he dies.


Brings back the dead to fight for you for limited time...zombie Slpicer army anyone?

5/12/2009 #19

A plasmid where you can make plants grow at your will. you canrestain bigdaddys and help you get too new areas.

5/27/2009 #20

smoke screen:are the splicer bullys getting you down?blind them with smoke screen remember smoking kills,...your enimes!

6/23/2009 #21
Rogue Vector

Eye See You: A plasmid for the eyes; light up your day with night vision! Upgrades allow for other spectra to become visible: like thermal vision.

White Noise: Tired of hearing people scream? White noise will silence your day! Stops any noise/sounds, complete silence all around!Also counters Sonic Boom.

Sting Music!: Starts a theme song for everyone in the local area, which will give a sound bite just before surprises happen. Basically enables a game's BGM in real life.

Curveball: Tired of people hiding around corners? Well, flush 'em out with a friendly curveball! Allows thrown projectiles - i.e. grenades - to curve around corners Wanted style.

Heheh, enjoy!

11/6/2009 #22

(some things from a game jericho would work for plasmids.)

Ghost bullet: fires a shot that you controll it will go through splicers and big daddies to hit someone else until it either colides with a wall or went to far. it costs 1/4 of you eve

Blood woard costs some of you health but imobalizezz enemys in the area for 30 seconds

curse: drains adam slowly from your enemy.

Fire wall: tired of houdinis blasting fire balls at you? with fire wall it somons a wall of fire to protect you. you drain eve every second used


Chuck norris: you turn into chuck norris and roundhouse kick anyone in your way.

3/14/2010 #23

Gem Shards: Razor sharp crystals are fired from your hand

Gem Shards 2: Crystals can temporarily track the Adam inside of splicers

Gem Shards 3: Twice the crystals, double the pain

Eve Beam: Use up the remainder of your Eve to fire a laser beam, the more Eve you have the longer the beam can be charged

Stranglehold: Use telekenetic powers to grasp a splicer by the neck and choke them

Stranglehold 2: Splicers take less time to strangle

Stranglehold 3: Strangled splicer is charged with electricity that arcs onto other nearby enimies

Clock Stopper: Time is temporarily slowed from your perspective giving you more time to react to oncoming splicers

Sharkbait: Releases a scent that attracts nearby sharks (can only be used out in the ocean)

Brine: Fires a large blast of highly concentrated salt water

7/16/2010 #24

Icy Infection: freezes splicer from the inside out, instant kill for splicers, Small amount of eve

Icy Infection 2: freezes multiple splicers while still using the same amount of eve. Now does 25% damage to big daddies, but only slows them down.

Icy Infection 3: After enemies are frozen from the inside out they emit a gas filled with the plasmid induced pathogen which infects and kills anything that comes in contact with it. Does 50% damage towards big daddies but uses slightly more eve.

12/31/2010 #25

Weapon enhancement tonic: Allows you to combine a plasmid with a weapon to deal more damage towards enemies, for example; combine the tornado plasmid with the revolver and it will fire bullets that not only deal regular bullet damage, but also blast the enemy into the air. Or Insect swarm with the shotgun. When the rounds hit the target, they immediately get swarmed with insects. Or the Chemical thrower with either the insect swarm or incinerate or any other plasmid for increasingly damaging effects. Upgrades do more damage.

12/31/2010 #26

I think Cryoshock is gunna flame me for this but here goes nothing.

Shadow jumper: Allows subjects to morph into any shadow and move silently from one to the other, no matter what the size. Vision changes to black and white and mobility is dropped to a slow jog. Allows for stealthy kills. Uses small amount of eve over time like telekineses.

S.J. 2: uses less eve over time and you can move a bit faster in the shadows

S.J. 3: allows you to control any shadow and engulf your enemies.

12/31/2010 #27

S.T.D: shoots out a noxious orb and when made contact with enemies slowly drains health over time

S.T.D. 2: uses slightly more eve and the infection radius spreads to the whole room, no matter what size

S.T.D. 3: the more enemies get infected the faster the subject dies and you can listen as they slowly but surely descend into death. (funny dialogue)

12/31/2010 #28

Enemies with Benefits: Every enemy killed nets you a 15% Eve refill and a 10% health regeneration

Level 2: refills Eve 20% and health 15%

Level 3: every kill nets you 2 adam with a fifteen adam for every big daddy killed. Plus adds 10% to every little sister saving or harvesting

1/1/2011 #29
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