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Wanna RP Ben 10: Alien Force style? Well, welcome to my place! Plz join!
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Ok, just to make thing clear, you can have up to only two OCs for this forum.









Here are two of my OCs:







Family-Thinks of Tempo as her family

Bio-Father died before born. Mother died at age 5. Before mother died she gave Tyson a Plumbers badge and since then she wore like a necklace. When Tyson was 9 she found Tempo hurt and wounded. A year later she met Ben, Gwen, and Max, and instantly became friends. Tempo rarely leaves Tyson's side, except for when she's at school.




Species-XLR8/Fourarms/Stinkfly (looks like XLR8 but has black Stinkfly wings on back)


Powers-Speed (XLR8), Strength (Fourarms), Flight (Stinkfly)

Family-Thinks of Tyson as family


Any question about this, just ask.

6/13/2008 . Edited 6/13/2008 #1

Um question, is this during Alien Force or before then?

6/13/2008 #2

It's during Alien Force.

6/14/2008 #3

Okay then here's my character

Name- Samantha

Age- 14

Gender- Female

Species- 1/4 alien, sometype of energy being, and 3/4 human

Crush- Doesn't really have one but thinks Ben is cute

Powers- Can make glowing blue-white energy come out of hands and use it for blasting things, moving stuff and when shot straight behind her she can fly.

Family- Dad is half alien the rest of her family is normal

Bio- Sam was once the sidekick of a superhero but she got sick of him getting all the glory, she was raised by said superhero and doesn't really know her family. She now helps people in cities that don't have their own superhero. She wears a plumber badge as a brooch, it was her dad's but he gave it to her when she was taken to be raised by the Superhero.

I hope she's okay!

6/14/2008 #4

Name- Alyson

Age- 17

Gender- Female

Species- Human/Lumarine

Crush- Ken

Powers- has control over every type of water and liquid/ability to learn stuff fast/knows Kyushujitsu (to heal or paralyze one's body by hitting it's pressure points) and Dim Mak (kills one by hitting pressure points)

Family- Father was a Plumber and got destroyed by Highbreed aliens. Mother returned back to her home planet Lumaris when she was usre Aly could take care of herself.

Bio- Send to Japan and China at the age of five by her parent to be trained in martial arts. She came back with two black belts at the age of seven and learned about her heritage. After a few years her mother returned to her home planet and Aly followed his father's mission secretly. When his father got destroyed, she sweared she'd get her revenge on the Highbreeds and DNAliens. One day during a fight with a Highbreed commander she got saved by Ken. Telling him her story Ken reffered her to Ben, Gwen and Kevin and even though she has her own alien hunt style she has been alot of help to the others.

6/15/2008 #5

I hope it's good enough=)) I really want her to get in a fight with Kevin about driving the car=))

6/15/2008 #6

Yeah, both are accepted. And about fighting with Kevin about driving, awsome! Tyson would love to do that too!! ^^

6/15/2008 #7

Cool=)) btw hope I'm not sounding so cocky, but Tyson isn't old enough to drive(or is she??)

6/15/2008 #8

Well she could have a learner's permit, I think you get that at 15....but I'm not sure, so do you guys want to start an RP topic?

6/15/2008 #9

Well, in my mind Tyson already has her license and drives a motorcycle when she's trying to act normal XD Oh, and I forgot to mention that Tyson's from Florida and she just moved to Bellwood.

6/15/2008 #10

Cool=)) I love motorcycles; though Alyson uses a hoverboard he found in her dad's headquarters. Thinks they are lighter and more handy.

6/16/2008 #11

Well, if we're going to start the RP anytime soon, we're going to have to figure out the plot in the RP Plot Bunnies section.

6/16/2008 #12

I'd like to join up.

Name-Kira Storms





Powers-Witchcraft with some limited psychic ability(mainly telekinesis)

Family-She lives with her older brother, Seth, and younger sister Danielle


6/21/2008 #13
Duncan's Dark Angel

Name-Crystal "Chrissy" Rhodes




Crush-Liked Ben a lot, but didn't want to lose her best friend. Kevin and her kind of like each other, but she beats him up on a regular basis, and he constantly gets on her last nerve, so it's hard for either of them to admit it.

Powers-She can transform (into 10 heroes with powers like Ben's 1st set of aliens.

Family-Mom's dead, dad's in jail, and she currently lives with her favorite aunt out of 6, her aunt Victoria.

Bio-Chrissy was born in Ben's town, and after they met when they were 4 in daycare, they instantly became the

best of friends. When she was about 8-years-old, her parents moved since her mom got transferred at work or something. Two

years later on Chrissy's 10th birthday (June 20th), she gets the news that her mom died thanks to her now imprisoned father, and

would have to live with her evil

aunt, Josie! Not wanting anything to do with that woman, she ran away from home the following night. A week through her

runaway, Chrissy found 2 beautiful golden bracelets, and when she put them on, the diamonds started to glow with a silver light

surrounding them. When it stopped, Chrissy waved her hand over one of the bracelets, and a holographic picture of a girl with pink

butterfly wings came up from it. She wasn't sure what was going on, but then she waved one of her wrists over the other, and in an

instant, she was the butterfly girl from the hologram! After a few days, she was able to use it. Along with the butterfly girl, there

was a girl that was part cheetah with amazing speed, a girl in a fire outfit with the ability to control fire, a girl with purple hair who

could not only change from a human to a mermaid when she wanted, but also could control water and ice, and 7 others that I don't

feel like talking about right this second. She met up with Ben while he was on his vacation that same week, and spent the summer

with him. Now at the age of 15, she currently lives with her aunt Victoria (in her old house next door to Ben), and has a whole new

pain in the neck to deal with; Kevin.

6/21/2008 . Edited 6/21/2008 #14

Cool OCs^_^

6/21/2008 #15

Name- Henri De La Croix (means 'of the cross' in French)

Age- 36

Gender- Male

Species- Human (sorcerer)

Crush- None

Powers- Cryomancy (control of the cold) and voodoo, can raise the dead when needed.

Family- Renard De La Croix (father, dead) Regina Drax (mother, dead) Sarafina De La Croix (little sister, only mentioned, won't actually appear in the RP)

Bio- Born to a French mage and Cajun voodoo mambo (preistess) in Baton Rouge, Herni spent most of his childhood studying the art of sorcery, particularly cryomancy and voodoo. At the age of 12, Henri was suprised with his newborn sister, Sarafina. Five months later, both his parents were killed while atempting to banish a demon in the bayous. Herni took his little sister and made his way to Baton Rouge, where he alerted another group of Cajun mystics to the demon's presance. The mystics promptly destroyed the demon, though it brought no comfort to Herni. Now at the age of 36, Henri has set out to ensure that magic was used only for good, punishing any who would use the mystic arts for evil.

6/21/2008 #16

So who's in? I really want the rp to start=))

6/22/2008 #17

I'm in, ready to start anytime!

6/22/2008 #18

I'm definitely ready to start!

6/22/2008 #19

Ready whenever you guys are.

6/22/2008 #20

Yeah, I can't wait to start=))

6/23/2008 #21

Sorry I wasn't here....Every one's in...

6/23/2008 #22

Can I play as Charmcaster?? She is the girl on my avatar. She controls magic, and can pull random magic items out of her bag, and sometimes her sleeve. I'll just say she looks the same as in Ben 10. ( Except her hair is in a long braid.)

7/1/2008 #23

Name: Jasmine

Age: 14 going on 15 soon...

Gender: Female

Species: Abnormal human

Crush: Ben Tennyson

Powers: Can control Water (any form of water)and carries a sword made of meteorite (it cant melt)

Family: Kyle

Bio: whole family died when her and her twin, Kyle were five. Her and Kyle were at school, and when they didnt have anyone pick them up, they walked and found their whole family dead in their livingroom. They've been running from the orphanages ever since. Her, Ben and Gwen go way back to when they were ten. She helped them defeat Vilgax.

Appearence: Dark brown eyes and hair, dress like Namine's exept it's black, and Boots like yuffie's (both from kingdom hearts: Namine is in CoM and kh2, Yuffie is in KH1 and CoM.

Name: Kyle

Age:14 going on 15 soon.

Gender: Male

Species: Abnormal human

Crush: Gwen Tennyson

Powers: Controls fire and walks around with a pouch full of ninja stars ( the ninja stars are made of meteorite, so they can't melt)

Family: Jasmine

Bio: Check jasmine's

Appearence: dark brown eyes and hair, with a black T shirt, jeans , and black and white tennisshoes. And a little black bag full of meteorite ninja stars.

Well, here they are!

7/8/2008 #24

Oh, and I forgot something: They both can control darkness in any way they can think

7/8/2008 #25

( Also, Charmcaster now has waist long wavy hair and bangs, and wears a purple miniskirt with black fishnets on her legs and low cut purple go-go boots. She wears a hot pink halter top.)

7/9/2008 #26
Magami Shinigami

Name-Melissa Williams



Species-1/2 alien(kind like Big Chill) 1/2 human


Powers-can fly, phase through objects, breath freezing vapor as an attack, can freeze an enemy when he passes through them with his intangability, and become invisible


Bio-Her family died in a fire when she was 6,she has lived in a tent in the woods ever since.She's was very mature for her age but acts more and more like a child each year,most think its caused by her lack of fun as a child.Though she's quite childish she's top in her class.

7/25/2008 #27
Raiu the WZF

Name-Scott (no last name)



Species-Alien (i will explain the alien later)


Powers-Takes on the apperance and powers of other aliens (but Scott cannot take the form or power unless he has seen the alien use the powers against something,and takes about three minutes before he can be that alien)\

Apperance-takes the appearance of a human with,short black hair,a goatee,green eyes,a black shirt with a flaming skull on it,ripped jeans,etc.


Bio-Came to earth to challenge the omnitrix's power against his own powers

(hows that?)

8/18/2008 . Edited 8/18/2008 #28

Hi! Would you mind if I joined in?

Name- Dannika Carly Pennington, aka Danni, Carly or StarBurst

Gender- Female

Species- Xavin (alien)

Crush- None, but if she has to have one, Ben

Powers- unknown as of now.

Appearance- Danni is a raven-haired girl; she normally wears punk rocker/skater girl clothes, along with the silver inhibitor bracelet for her powers

Family- unknown, will be revealed!

Bio- Danni is a Xavin alien who became a refugee on Earth after her planet was destroyed. She has amnesia, as well, so she can't remember anything about her past. All she knows is that she's an orphaned refugee from a foreign country. More will be revealed soon!

8/23/2008 #29

Oops! Wrong one!

Danni's actually a witch, and she's sort-of an old friend of Ben's. Kevin kidnapped her when she was 10 (when she and Ben met) and they still have grudges against each other. Danni also has an Omnitrix-type thingy!

8/23/2008 #30
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