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Pink Lady Alex

Hello fellow Marvel fans!

I recently re-watched the movie Thor and wish to write a fic on Loki. Now, I'm probably going to spoil the story just by talking about it, but here goes... Loki is going to meet an Earth woman (I'm creating an OC). What their relationship will turn out to be I'm still deciding, but it got me thinking - just what kind of girl would Loki go for? Does Loki have a 'type'? And what would she be like? Don't forget that Loki has a major inferiority complex, so she'd have to deal with that as well. I'm not saying this woman has to fall in love with him, but I'm looking for a romantic element.

I probably sound like a complete fangirl... Your suggestions are most appreciated!

10/10/2011 #1

Maybe you can choose already existing character instead of creating OOC? A lot of female characters are not superpowered (or too famous like MJ Watson).

10/31/2011 #2
Nathaniel Moore

I don't think Loki would ever have a girlfriend. He's above that. Magneto, yes, Doom, perhaps, but anyone like Loki or Red Skull are too consumed with power for romance to interest them.

11/26/2011 #3
Pink Lady Alex

Upon second thought, I think you're right.... Though I could see him using someone to reach his aims.

Maybe I should take this fic idea to a darker place, perhaps something that would happen directly before the events in the soon to be Avengers movieverse.

11/27/2011 #4
If Loki were to have a "girlfriend" it would have to be a story more about redemption and this girl helps him achieve it and so he falls for her. But this would have to be a fairly lengthy story to achieve proper character development. Now I know some people are uncomfortable with this idea because he's the bad guy. But in the comic and original myth he had a wife: Sygin. Though he did often manipulate her. However I find the movie Loki to be more complex and developed then just 'villain' the comics need him to be unredeeming so ppl won't feel sorry for him, but your story doesn't. For this fic to work you need to make sure of your characters' motivation they can't just be together randomly. In all probability your fic would start off with Loki doing something bad and through events of your choosing he crosses paths with this girl that helps lead him to redemption. Once he's done this he will be in state where a relationship or romance is possible. But remember this choice will be a large conflict in Loki and will take more than a couple chapters. I also think that physically and mentally Loki is capable of love, especially for his adoptive mother, that's the impression I got anyway. As for the girl herself she would need to be intelligent but don't over do it and make her like Jane. Having qualities that surprise or impress Loki would be good to. Anything that brings him closer to the realization that humans aren't inferior and that he was wrong. But she can't be so amazing that she does everything. So maybe one of her qualities is selflessness. She likes animals but hates people because she finds them rude and ignorant. As a twist she helps homeless people because she finds them innocent of the selfish crimes committed by most people. Additionally she can't be to distant. So maybe she doesn't like people but she still has friends and goes out and has a life: but rather than "hate" people it's more of a severe distrust. But that's just an example. You could make a darker fic but honestly I just see Loki as someone who is lost and needs someone on his side. After all everything that happened since Thor (the movie) was just supposed to be a prank on his coronation day that snow balled into something so big Loki figured it was just to late to turn back even if he wanted to and so his helplessness caused him to make bad choices, it's not that he's a bad person inherently. So up to you. Hope this helped.
9/30/2012 #5
Pink Lady Alex

Tinkerl3ee, I think you've just developed the plot for this fic. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on how this story should unfold! I was having doubts that I should go ahead with it, but your insight has answered a lot of questions for me.

This girl will indeed have to be someone special, but I like the point you made that she shouldn't be a veritable superwoman. I'm hoping that I can find the kind of balance in her qualities that you described.

Loki is indeed such a complex character, and I agree that he's not evil inside, but he puts himself into bad situations through his own bad choices. For example, in Avengers I got the impression that the Chitauri manipulated him into wreaking havoc on the Earth, although they were in all likelihood going to double-cross him, but he couldn't see it coming, or maybe he believed that he could maintain the status quo. In any case, I'm eager to start writing (and figuring out how to juggle my other fics with this one), and I hope to let you know how it goes. Thanks again!

10/30/2012 #6
The Shadow of nightfall
I think it should be Dracula's daughter Lilith.She is a Marvel comics character and has appeared in Ghost Rider.She and Loki have several things in common plus her character is due for a update.
2/16/2014 #7
The Shadow of nightfall
Oh I forgot to mention that Lilith Drake has also appeared in Spiderman and various other comics.Like Loki she has some MAJOR daddy issues to the point she wants to kill her daddy for abandoning her and her mother.Her mother died soon thereafter.I think she has other motives too.
2/16/2014 #8
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