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Okay, this is something I thought up during a swimming lesson, as I have nothing else to think about during those monotonous 45 minute torture sessions...

What we're going to do every day until Christmas, is have a draw of a 'pairing' a day. There will be list of girl and a list of boys. Each day we are going to take a random girls and pair them up with a random boy. And we have to write a short scene, only a couple sentences long about one of the day's pairings. But the thing is we're not using legendaries.... We're using the legendary shippers on this forum. C:

-braces self for bullets, rotten fruit etc-

I DON'T WANNA DIEE! TTWTT Don't kill me....

It will be a random draw, and I will be responsible for the drawing. You can trust me not to cheat. I'll simply put girls' names in one hat (Black fedora!) and boys' names in another (Baseball cap) and then draw a random couple. No Yaoi, no Yuri. And please do not throw a riot and lynch Rayshia for any displeasing outcomes.... Thank you for your cooperation. ^^

12/5/2008 . Edited 1/23/2009 #1

Today's pairing..... -drum roll-

Dragonluvr1993 and DavidBrin!

The most insane and the most sane! This should be interesting... DON'T KILL ME DL!!! -begs for life-

12/5/2008 . Edited 12/5/2008 #2

Umm...whoa...Sounds a bit weird, but then again, when is there ever not? So...well, you've outdone yourself this time, Ray.


12/5/2008 #3

... Is that good or bad? ^^"

12/5/2008 #4

I suppose it's good...I mean, it adds to us being imaginative and creative, right? -sees crazy scale inch up from 42 to 50- Ok, but maybe it makes us crazy at the same time...^^;


12/5/2008 #5

Well, I'm gonna post my snippet....

"DECK THE HALLS WITH BALLS OF HOLLY, FA LA LA LA LA, LA LA LA LA!!" The dragon-obsessed teenager known as DL, or Dragonluvr1993 sang as she kicked the door open to the Legendary Muses' mansion's living room, and dropped the box of dusty Christmas decorations in her hands onto the blue carpeted floor. "It's Christmastime! And that means buying a Christmas tree, putting up decorations, and lots n** lots of Christmas carols!" She announced. None of the others in the living room took heed of her 'news', all except for a boy called DavidBrin.

The boy sighed. "DL, just informing you that I am NOT singing Christmas carols, and we haven't even got a tree... And I am going to be completely honest by telling you that your singing was quite out of tune," He commented calmly.

DL marched right up to him. "Oh yeah? Well you are singing no matter what! Even if I have to torture you into it by putting you on a stretching rack and stretching you almost to the point of every single limb of your;s is about to pop out and-"

"And exactly how are you going to obtain a stretching rack?"

"I don't know! But that doesn't matter! The point is-"

BANG! A small, short-haired girl, Rayshia, rushed into the living room, an evil gleam in her eyes, and a small green sprig of some sort of plant in her hand. "Mistletoe!" She shouted, and before anyone had time to react, she had dashed over and held it above the two warring writers' heads. "You know the tradition, DL, DB! The most and least sane! This should be interesting!" She trilled.

One word entered both 'victims' heads at that moment. Shoot.

Whoot. That was long. And yes, I really am that mistletoe obsessed... ^^ Don't kill me!

12/5/2008 . Edited 12/5/2008 #6

I can't say anything, since I'm about to leave for school. But, I'm just here to correct you. DL, is Dragonluvr1993. Just saying.


12/5/2008 #7

Oops. Must edit before she sees.... Thanks Pika!

12/5/2008 #8

Eh, no problem. Well, I really gotta go now, so see ya!


P.S. Maybe I'll write my part later or something! See ya guys then!

12/5/2008 #9

*blinks blinks... blinks blinks... blinks blinks... blinks blinks blinks*

Um SOOO, we're pairing legendary shippers now? Er, um. Okay, this should be intresting. O.o ^^; XD

12/5/2008 #10
DB the Unknown

O.o Huh. I'm not sure how to feel about this...

12/5/2008 #11

xD I've got to admit, the idea of all of us living in the same house is a little scary... -is mauled- Only for the fact that most of us are insane and we'd find some way to blow something up with ketchup and a highlighter :D

Anyways, pairing legendary shippers? That's hilarious stuff xD Maybe I'll try something, but it'd probably be a friendship sort of thing instead. Maybe with a Rubix cube, because everyone loves rubix cubes! :D I almost want to use the forms we have in the RP thread, just because it's even more fun that way xP -dodges hyperbeams- So I'll think of something. Maybe. -thinks-

12/5/2008 #12

We should make some kind of Christmas special, like using our characters from the Writer's Block RP. That would be as awesome as...whatever is the most awesome thing in the world. xD

The idea of every single one of us living in the same house just sounds...epic. But will probably result in something exploding...or...something...


12/5/2008 #13

-Pause- Holy... Well, at least I'm not a legendary-shipper. -Looks around- Rayshia, what plans do you have for me?

12/5/2008 #14

@EC: Wait, but oncce you write that story in the future ideas topic, you'll become a legend shipper.

So now, we legendary shippers have bacome legendary shipping-shippers? Damn, that's confusing.


12/5/2008 #15

@ Pika: I might write that story. My main FFN focus is Prophecy and occasionally Eon Guardians. So...I'll probably write that story before the end of the world. And I don't mean 2012.

12/5/2008 #16

Is anyone besides me doing this? I feel alone...

12/6/2008 #17

Alright, here goes my attempt! :D I'm using the forms we have in the RP, just because it's so much fun! :D I hope you don't mind, Ray! Of course... I just realized that not all of the legendary shippers are part of the RP... -is killed for being an idiot- So... fudge. Hmmm... maybe everyone can give a form I can use for future challenges or something? :D -mauled-


"This is so stupid!"

The shiny Darkrai known as DL threw down the colorful object in her claws, folding her arms in front of her chest and shooting it an annoyed look. The object, decorated in a series of squares of different colors, glinted up innocently at her, almost making fun of the dark type. DL gave a huff- she was never one to back down from a challenge- and then picked up the cube again, fiddling and turning it in every direction she could while muttering a series of creative curses (For the love of Ammy, fudge, etc) under her breath.

Just when it seemed she was about to get all of the green stickers lined up, the cube stopped turning, and the authoress gave an exclamation of frustration. "What! Are you kidding me? Work! Work damn you!" As she tried to pry the cube's slides in the desired direction, it wouldn't budge. It hadn't been a good idea, she realized, to pick up the Rubix cube out of boredom, but she had had nothing better to do.

It had been one of those rare moments when everything was at peace and all of her friends were busy. She knew that just that morning, SU- the giant silver wolf- had pranced off saying she was going to a tea party. Which meant she was going to blow things up, as usual. In fact, no one was at home except for DL, as the rest of her pack- they really couldn't be called otherwise thanks to a certain leader's lupine tendencies- were at the library or training fields, or in her case, trying to gnaw a puzzle in submission.

"I'm almost afraid to ask..." A voice came from behind, causing the Darkrai to whip around. "... But why are you trying to eat a Rubix cube?"

Giving an 'eh?' of surprise, the dark type dropped said object from her claws again, fiddling with her glasses in her usual manner. "Erm, heh, hey, DB." The symbol-like being only gave a sigh- without a mouth, DL didn't know how and she didn't ponder over it for fear of getting a headache- before picking up the colorful curio in a cloud of pale lavender psychic energy.

"Oh right. That." DL then continued, shooting the object the evil eye. "Those things are impossible, I tell you. You see people do them in like, seconds, but it's all just a conspiracy! Making the general public look incompetent... the government, it's always them." Meanwhile, as the Darkrai had been ranting out her theories, the Unown-like being had solved the puzzle with a few turns and was now holding up the completed puzzle with an almost smug look in his one eye.

"What? But I've been- and you just- and what the-" DL stopped gesticulating her utter disbelief long enough to grasp her head between her claws. "How! All morning! Three hours straight! And you did it in like, a minute!" She shot him a paranoid glance. "It's those psychic powers, right? I knew it. Stupid dark types don't have them, that's why we can't enter in those tournaments..." She waved her claw at the ceiling. "It all makes sense now!"

DB only rolled his eye. "I'm honestly not sure what you're talking about now, but it's not that hard." He then reset the puzzle with a flick of psychic power, before handing the puzzle back to the authoress, who paused- like it was going to bite her- before reluctantly taking it. "Here. Try it again." She did so, and fumbling with the squares like she had all of those hours before, the symbol gave a sigh. "Like this."

The rest of the afternoon was spent with DB finishing the puzzle slowly to show how it was done, then resetting it and giving back to the Darkrai to try. Eventually Attila and Shiny came back from the library and said their hellos which went ignored, and shrugging they went to read the books they had gotten. Glory came back from grocery shopping, Pika and Goldeneye from the gyms and little by little the pack members started to filter into the house again.

"I did it!" DL suddenly shouted at the top of her lungs as she victory-danced around the kitchen, nearly pushing Pika into the fridge. "Take that you stupid puzzle! Take it!" She held the object at arm's length and grinned goofily. "I'm going to display this in my room!" She gave an evil laugh, waved behind her at DB and then zoomed up the steps. "Thanks, DB!"

Said being only rolled his single eye and looked up at the clock. "Four hours of doing that puzzle..." He muttered. "That's almost depressing."

I dunno why, but I've always imagined you to be bad at certain puzzles and really good at others, DL! :D Don't hurt me! -mauled- So yep. That's all I've got xP Sorry if I didn't get your characters right, guys! -shotshotshot-

EDIT: Holy crap, I just realized how long that was. xD -shotagain-

12/6/2008 . Edited 12/6/2008 #18

8DD I was waiting for someone to do something like this, only I didn't want to 'cause I knew everyone would kill me and it makes me uncomfortable anyway...

Wait, why does everyone live in the same house? o.o? *is mauled*

12/6/2008 #19

Why does everyone live in the same house? -shrugs- Because it's more fun that way? :D -mauled-

12/6/2008 #20
DB the Unknown

"I'm almost afraid to ask..." A voice came from behind, causing the Darkrai to whip around. "... But why are you trying to eat a Rubix cube?"

It's almost eerie how much that sounds like something I would say. Although, to be fair, I'd probably be worse at a Rubix Cube than DL (my tecnique for solving those is to smash them with a hammer and put it back together with all the sides matched up. Now that's thinking outside the box!).

@Rayshia: You know, I have a few questions for you:

1) Is your name in the drawing too, or have you kept yourself out of it and are just doing this to the rest of us?

2) Do you put names previously drawn back in the hat, because if you don't you'll run out of pairings in about a week, and if you do I'll probably end up in another one of these things.

12/6/2008 #21

Heh, I'm terrible at Rubix cubes, too, I've never managed to solve one... XD

12/6/2008 #22

Rubix cubes are evil, evil things. The last time I tried to figure one out, I was positive that someone must have switched the stickers...xD

Anyways, I'm glad that I caught at least one of you guys in semi-character xP -is mauled-

-sparkly eyes- I hope I'm next! :D -mauled again-

12/6/2008 #23
The Dragon Lover

This idea sounds like fun and a stretch to our creativity's limit! :D I'm in!

And, surprisingly, you guys caught my personality quite well. *thumbs-up* Good for you!

Now, should I take a crack at it? And aren't there two other pairings, too?

12/6/2008 #24

Yay! -glomps SU- THANKS!

Now todays pairing is..... 0_0

Shiny Hunter and Celebi96

?! Wow.... Never saw his one coming and...

@DB Yes, I put drawn names back into the hat. If I get repeats, then I just put the names back in and draw again. -shrugs-

12/6/2008 #25

Umm...I don't think I can do it. Eh...I'm just not in the mood. Right now, anyways. Maybe I'll feel up to it later. -.- It sucks to feel so...sucked of all your energy, for lack of a better phrase.


12/6/2008 #26

O_O; Oh no... *flees* XP No offense to SH. *shot fourteen times*

12/6/2008 #27

O.o This is why I don't want to try anything, because I will most likely be shot. And being shot HURTS. -is shot- X.X


12/6/2008 #28
Blazing Sceptile

This sounds really, really interesting. I think I'll take a shot at it, but that'll depend on whether I can think of something to write about.

12/6/2008 #29

Ugh...If I try to write something for this, I'll faint before I'm even halfway done; I just can't write romance. XP Which is why I'm not writing something for this.

12/6/2008 #30
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