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Thanks for that. I play video games. Always have, always will. :)

See, that's what I felt the normal outcome would be like, too. The one that's a fairy and colorful like is the girl, etc.. Yveltal just seems like a Darkrai that went horribly wrong. (Not that that's a bad thing. ;) )

12/7/2013 #1,711
The Dragon Lover

No thanks needed, Pika-Phoenix-Dude. n____n

I'm of the opinion that not all trios and duos have to have a male and a female part to it. I wrote DL and Legendary Friends where Dialga and Palkia are brothers, and Kyogre and Groudon are sisters. (Is also why I don't always stick to trios/duos for pairings. *coughMewtwoHeatrancough*)

I got X because I loved the deer-fairy-thing. *sheepish* What was the story behind Yveltal?

12/7/2013 #1,712

It really depends on the circumstances of the story, I guess. All stories don't share a continuity, so it doesn't have to play out in exactly one way every time. I do ship some of them outside of their duos/trios things.

I got Y because everyone I knew got X. I thought the story behind those two was just cuz they were powerful or something and they powered the ultimate weapon thing.

12/7/2013 #1,713
The Dragon Lover

And that's the wonderful thing about fanfictionnnn. n__n (WE DO WHAT WE WANT)

I did the reverse for the same reason. With the Xerneas side of it, if I can recall what happened in the game, the machine was sucking the life out of it to power the machine, which would eliminate all but Team Flare (I'm assuming because they were all underneath the machine). Xerneas had also given up a lot of its life force in the past to end the fighting of the war that AZ was fighting in, before going into a slumber for around a thousand years.

12/7/2013 #1,714

If I'm right (which I'm probably not) Yveltal ended the war by basically nuking stuff and forcing civilization to start from scratch. Then I think it's more or less the same from that point.

12/7/2013 #1,715
The Dragon Lover

Ah. Interesting dynamics, the subtle differences.

Was semi-tempted to grab Y when I saw it was 19.99 at Gamestop, because sometimes I like having both versions, but I was like, "Nahhh."

12/7/2013 #1,716

It was 20 bucks at Gamestop? I woulda grabbed X for that price if I knew. xP

12/7/2013 #1,717
The Dragon Lover

Not sure if the same applied for X--it didn't say, but I wouldn't be surprised. I would've mentioned it earlier if I had thought more about it. D

12/7/2013 #1,718

No worries. If I ever needed something from X, I can just ask anybody because everyone else I know got X. Only one person out of like a dozen people I know who got the game got Y. xD

12/7/2013 #1,719
Blazing Sceptile


Seriously though, we should revive the shipping game. And go nuts. Crazy pairings or something. *smacked*

12/7/2013 #1,720
The Dragon Lover

Only if people use Dark!DL.

That is mandatory.

12/7/2013 #1,721
Blazing Sceptile


About Xerneas and Yveltal, I don't know about the rainbow deer Patronus of a Legendary, but Yveltal ended the war by destroying both sides (aka draining all their life) and going into a slumber. The reset button, basically.

12/7/2013 . Edited 12/7/2013 #1,722

Not much to say on Xerneas and yveltal that you guys have already covered, just supporting the revival of the shipping game.

12/8/2013 #1,723
The Dragon Lover

Well, which is your favorite, Snowsis?

And, well, siriusly, Dark!DL is fun. You guys should try it. n__n

12/8/2013 #1,724

How do you have a party without the host? Also, it's not fun to ship people who aren't here to read it :/

12/8/2013 #1,725
The Dragon Lover

Welllll, m'dear, *glint in eyes*

since you are here,

then there's no need to fear--

unless, of course, you disappear.

12/8/2013 #1,726

You got me there. I wouldn't miss this for the world. :o

12/8/2013 #1,727
The Dragon Lover

So far, we have recently seen me, Blazing, you (Phoenix), Dusk, Miss, Snowsis, Knight, Silence, GR, and DB. Who's to say more won't come?

12/8/2013 #1,728

I would say Xerneas, since i chose X and all

But from what I seen Yvetel is realy cute in amie. (also its signature attack is attack and not just a (op?) status buff because im a fightfightfight type of battler)

so in the end its kinda equal, maybe more tilted to the X-deer

12/8/2013 . Edited 12/8/2013 #1,729
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