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Blazing Sceptile

Okay guys, on behalf of our great overlord - I mean The Dragon Lover, here's the weekly prompts of LM! (shoutouts to the Writerverse Livejournal community for inspiring this!)

(Dragon Edit: lolthanks xD)

How is this gonna work, you might wonder? Nothing too complicated - there'll be a list of prompts, and you use them to write stories (they don't have to be Pokemon related!). By fulfilling prompts, you get points (Dragon Points, most likely xD). After writing and uploading, do remember to link it here!

There'll be ten prompts every week, with occasional bonus prompts, and using one prompt gains you one point. For every two prompts used, you get an additional bonus point (which means if you use three prompts, you'd get 3 plus 1 points!). Do note it's up to you how you want to interpret the prompt, so if for example the prompt is the move Judgment, you could use it in a battle, or as the word.

Dragon Edit: For the weekly prompts you have until Saturday 11:59 p.m. EST each week to post your entries. After that, I'll read entries and tally up the points, which I'll keep a record of here for convenience's sake.


Dragon Coins Exchange Rate (WIP) for commissions

5 Coins = 250 words minimum, 500 words maximum

10 Coins = 750 words minimum, 1000 words maximum

15 Coins = 1500 words minimum, 1750 words maximum

20 Coins = 2000 words minimum, 2250 words maximum


Blazing Sceptile = 11G 11DP

carpfish = 10G 10DP


The prompts for the first week are:








Mega Evolution

Magnet Pull


Bonus Prompt: Write a scene in the Pokemon universe that isn't a Pokemon battle.


So get writing! :D

9/28/2014 . Edited by The Dragon Lover, 10/18/2014 #1

First entry up at

This is a headcanon that is completely contrary to actual canon, but I've been wanting to write for years. Enjoy :)

Fulfills the prompts: Eruption Toxic Struggle Cynthia Cresselia Intimidate Bonus Prompt: Write a scene in the Pokemon universe that isn't a Pokemon battle.

10/2/2014 . Edited 10/2/2014 #2
The Dragon Lover

(Blazing, did you mean 3 plus 1 points, not 31? Or am I missing the math here? *slapped*)

GORGEOUS ENTRY darling. *Lady Weavile-esque smirk* I can't wait to see what else you write. *wink* (If I can do my own math right, that should add up to ten points. And yes, they're Dragon Points, I mean come on this is me we're talking about here.)

10/3/2014 . Edited 10/3/2014 #3
Blazing Sceptile

@DL Yeah xD For some reason, we can't use plus symbols - something I just discovered. xD

10/4/2014 #4
The Dragon Lover

Probably should have mentioned this, but it might've been obvious:

For the weekly prompts you have until Saturday 11:59 p.m. EST each week to post your entries. After that, I'll read entries and tally up the points, which I'll keep a record of in the original post for convenience's sake. (Pretty sure I can edit Blazing's post for that--'cause I'm a mod and all. Right?)

As such, Week One Prompts have officially ended. *fires glitter cannon*


...which means Week Two Prompts begin now!

Prompt Theme: Incense











There will be no Bonus Theme this week.


Also you all may have been wondering what the Dragon Points will be for. Well, I've the idea of using those as a currency to exchange for commissions, and since I'm the one hosting this weekly prompt thing I figure they should be from me. I'm not much of a drawing person, so I instead recommend you request fics of sorts--the number of points exchanged will dictate the length of the commission. I will write essentially anything, within reason; we can discuss details in PMs or emails. Sound cool? (Will edit first post with more details on this.)

And a grand total of acquired points to date will be kept, if you want to keep a competitive spirit going. It's not really a competition, but I know I get fired up in WriterVerse's challenges when I'm rooting for my team (GO TEAM PROSE) to beat the other guys. Makes me want to write more--maybe it'll keep you motivated, too!

10/5/2014 . Edited 10/5/2014 #5
The Dragon Lover

Minor Update: Decided points for "competitive spirits" and points used as commish-currency will be separate entities altogether; Dragon Points are for bragging rights, whereas Dragon Coins or Gold are for commissions. (Be lucky I'm handing these out! Dragons are very greedy about their precious hoards!) You will get the same amount of Points as Coins when you complete a challenge, but they will be recorded separately to avoid confusion.

Example: "8DP 8G" means you have 8 Dragon Points to tally onto the board and compare with friends, as well as 8 Coins to put towards a commish. If you used 5 Coins for a commish, your total would look like this: "8DP 3G"


Also as for the commissions, once me and the requestor have designated the length of the commish and what it's "prompt" is, so begins my own challenge: I have one week to write it, or the requestor not only gets the commish but also all of his/her Gold back! (I won't be giving them up that easily!) Might make a bonus challenge for everyone else surrounding commishes too, depending on its contents and the wishes of its requestor.

...Yes, I'm just making things up on the spot to try to keep things interesting. SO WHAT WANNA FIGHT ABOUT IT *smoke trickles from jaws*

10/5/2014 . Edited 10/10/2014 #6
Blazing Sceptile

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fff3AMUbfQh6cO_jrL7NoxdAkdwG3DAKzJWU9IUfCrc/edit I'll be uploading my entries here, hopefully everyone can see it. First one's up! :D

10/10/2014 #7
The Dragon Lover

Wonderful, wonderful! *claps hands* That's earned you a gold star. *places sticker on your forehead*

...oh, all right, all right *grumbles and hands over gold* and take your bloody points.

As for everyone else, you have about one more day left to write for this week's prompts! Chop, chop!

10/10/2014 #8
The Dragon Lover

Week Two prompts are officially over! Thanks for playing, Blazing!


And now, without further ado, Week Three has begun!

Prompt Theme: Ability











Bonus Theme: Write one scene with a couple mentioned/starring in it.


I don't ship ZapPlate, I don't know what you're talking about


10/11/2014 #9

Question: Is there a limit to the rating of the works we can submit for this? Because that "gluttony", "reckless", and (toilet) "stall" can be interpreted in very suggestive ways lmao

10/11/2014 #10
The Dragon Lover

No limits. (Otherwise, what'd be the point of the prompts?) The only limits are the ones dependent on the site you upload your entries at. I'd simply suggest writing warnings in the post here.

10/12/2014 #11
Blazing Sceptile

My entry's up, at the same doc as always. :D It's the second one, Childish Influences.


10/13/2014 #12
The Dragon Lover

Okay, this week's challenge is over! Tallying up points... Blazing used five prompts, so he gets seven coins and points, if I can math correctly. Good job! n__n


And now, Week Four prompts are here!

Prompt Theme: Status











No Bonus Prompt this week.


Getting any ideas, guys? Remember, interpret the prompts however you see fit. If you want to use "confusion" instead of "confuse," feel free--the point is that the prompt gets your mind into gear, kicks your inspiration off its lazy a** and makes some words happen!

10/18/2014 #13
The Dragon Lover

Aww! No takers last week? Disappointing. *sighs* Oh, well. Can't win 'em all, I guess.


Week Five prompts are here, whether you're ready or not!

Prompt Theme: Ghost-related things!


Cursed Body


Ominous Wind




Shadow Force

Giratina (making a reappearance because last week flopped, and it's part ghost-- and cuz I do what I want okay geez)


Bonus Theme: Make it related to Halloween, or any other holiday that falls close to this time of year!


I wanna see some action this time! Come on, guys! *activates glitter cannon* MAKE SOME NOISE!

10/26/2014 #14
The Dragon Lover

BAH. November is NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month for those who've been living under a rock that didn't have Wi-Fi. So, I will be taking a break from giving out prompts for the period of a month. (So far got over six thousand words. Woohoo! Now I just gotta keep it up!)

11/3/2014 #15
The Dragon Lover

Apologies! I got in such a habit of NOT doing this that I sort of forgot all about it, even after NaNo concluded. (Which, by the way, I didn't finish, predictably. But if you don't try, you're guaranteed not to succeed!)


It's a little late, (better than never) but here's Week Six prompts!

Prompt Theme: Ice-related things!


Ice Shard



Icy Wind



Snow Warning



No Bonus Theme this week.


All right, let's get back into it, guys! *fireworks*

12/8/2014 #16
Blazing Sceptile

Question: Why are 'Frozen' and 'Let It Go' not prompts for ice-related things? :D

12/8/2014 #17
The Dragon Lover

Because those aren't moves, abilities, items, pokemon, or trainers. xP Feel free to use those, too! As long as you write something.

12/8/2014 #18

frozen is a status condition, tots should count

12/9/2014 #19
The Dragon Lover

BLAGH I'm a horrible person. x w x

Apologies for not keeping up with this! Um, I'm going to try to be better at updating this to give you all some ideas and such for writing.

As the week has already started, I will wait until next Sunday, but in the meantime - feel free to suggest things as future prompts and whatnot! Or any other ideas for bettering this weekly prompt thing.

5/26/2015 #20
The Dragon Lover


WELL. Life is fun. But enough of that, let's get to writing, ja?

Week Seven (because dammit I'm going to keep track of how many times I don't forget this thing) Prompts

Prompt Theme: Memory (ahaha get it)










Professor Oak

Bonus Theme: Returning to the past. (Interpret that as you will; you can go either physically or mentally. Or some other third option.)


MY APOLOGIES. I'll try to be better about this and not post future week-prompts this late. As such, anyone who actually writes using these prompts/themes this week gets DOUBLE POINTS.

6/2/2015 #21
The Dragon Lover

Welp! It's my own fault for being late or completely absent. Here's to hoping I can get better at this?


Week Eight Prompts

Prompt Theme: Feelings


Zen Mode









No bonus theme for this week.


Maybe I should start writing with these things? To generate some interest?

6/14/2015 #22
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