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Hardman 5509

Ladies and gents....what is the greatest, coolest, strongest Legendary ever created?

I'm going with Groudon of course. Strong, good endurance, and a very useful combo with Solarbeam!

What does Krogyue have?

This is only my opinon. (Which is true, said the evil version) Tell the world about your favorite!

Also, a story about Groudon and Mismagius is up. It's called Always Alone. Check it out, and review please. Flames are accepted.


7/29/2009 #1

My favorite is Groudon, but I have to go with Arceus.

7/30/2009 #2
Hardman 5509

Good! But let's talk about REAL legendarys, he's not even available anywhere! That's right, right now, only cheating can get him!

I rather wait for the day when all exculisve legendarys are available to everyone.

7/30/2009 #3
Idk wat my name is

Technically, Arceus IS available. You just need a nice, Japanize guy who is willing to give/trade one.

You were able to get them in Japan when the 12th movie came out. They were lvl 100, with the moves Judgement, Spacial Rend, Roar of Time, and Shadow Force. Can you spell 'overpowered', anyone?

7/30/2009 #4

When it arrive movie 12th that arceus there, after that yes

7/30/2009 #5

Mewtwo. He's an utter tank in all aspects.

7/30/2009 #6

Ahem, I think the best legendary is Latios, because he has beast mode special attack and speed, and with a Soul Dew and Psychic he can sweep floors, I mean yeah, you'd have to be extra ready for a Dark type, but meh, he does pretty well. And I use him as a defense against most fast Pokemon, with Weavile and Ninjask being the only two I can think of that he couldn't out speed easily, and would give him trouble.

7/30/2009 #7
Hardman 5509

I can agree with you. I have a Latios, and it took forever to catch it.

(It only took me 1 Ultra Ball to catch Rayquaza, by the way)

7/30/2009 #8
Idk wat my name is

(It only took me 1 Ultra Ball to catch Rayquaza, by the way)

I've had a similar experiance. I managed to catch Giratina... with a quick ball. Hee hee hee... ^^;

7/30/2009 #9

All-around: Celebi

Available in-game: Latias

(It only took me 1 Ultra Ball to catch Rayquaza, by the way)

I've had a similar experiance. I managed to catch Giratina... with a quick ball. Hee hee hee... ^^;

I caught Zapdos in a Poké Ball. ^^;

7/30/2009 #10

I caught Palkia with a Timer Ball. 8D *shot*

Celebi is decent, she shares the same base stats as Mew, but she holds WAY to many weaknesses. DX

7/30/2009 #11

Celebi is decent, she shares the same base stats as Mew, but she holds WAY to many weaknesses. DX

True, but I still think she's epic. ;)

7/30/2009 #12

Latios. He died for the sins of us all.

7/30/2009 #13

Latios. He died for the sins of us all.

XD *shot*

7/30/2009 #14

I caught Palkia with a Timer Ball. 8D *shot*

AN I CAUGHT TEH ARCEUS WITH A TEH ROCK!!!!!! (Shot many, many times.)

Well, I have a friend who caught Palkia with a fast ball. Or, whatever that ball is that catches things on the first try, not the master ball.

And Mewtwo is a tank.

7/30/2009 #15
Hardman 5509

This is getting kinda silly...

But really, I lost my strongest Pokemon fighting Rayquaza. A Lvl. 73 Sceptile. And don't use Rayquaza that much!

And please, let's just talk about the games here. I lost my interest in the anime/movies years ago.

7/30/2009 #16

All right.

I honestly like Rayquaza the most, cause his stats are good, and you can teach him a wide variety of pownsome TM's.

7/30/2009 #17
Hardman 5509

(My new story is up. Check out my profile. Please review.)

I guess the Bird and the Dog Trio aren't favorites, huh?

7/30/2009 #18

MEW!!! But Mewtwo is pwnsome as well!

BTW I caught groudon once using a pokeball 8D but that file got deleted......along with my heart.........

7/31/2009 #19


The original Lightening Legendary (Screw you, Raikou), and the symbol of freedom in the Pokemon World. Power, beauty, speed, skill, he's got it all. Not to mention an awesome moveset. Extremely hard to catch (For me, anyhow. I lowered its HP down to a sliver, made it fall asleep and threw, like 7 Ultra Balls at it! D=), but worth it. Got an attitude that's awesome to utilize (and mess around with) during writing, and can be seen from a zillion different angles.

7/31/2009 #20

Best Legendary: Latias. *huggles*

I stopped caring about their stats a long time ago, since practically nobody allows use of Legendaries in competetive battling anyway. I just pick personal favorites.

7/31/2009 #21
Glory For Sleep

(Screw you, Raikou)


Don't diss Raikou in front of me!

Because he's my favorite Legendary, so for the best Legendary I would choose Raikou. I agree with Kotor about not caring much for their stats. Besides, a true champion would try to win with their favorites. :D

7/31/2009 #22

Dun Diss Raikou. D: I like him and Zapdos equal! *hugs* Well, I might like Zapdos a little teeny bit more... *shot*

Well, actually, my real favorite is one of the Dogs. My absolute favorite is definitely Suicune cause he's so fluffy and cuddly and blue and stuff. =3 *shot several thousand million times* He's been my favorite since the day I first saw him in Gold. XD

7/31/2009 #23

If we're going for fav's, Mewtwo all the way. He's the only pokemon every to force choke a human. I think.

7/31/2009 #24
Hardman 5509

Arise Darth Mewtwo! The power of the dark side is yours to command!

Err...three cheers for Palika?

7/31/2009 #25

Eh, with his/her constant battling with Diagla in the movies has gotten kind of old.

Game wise, I have no idea, I didn't play P/D/E.

7/31/2009 #26


7/31/2009 #27
The Dragon Lover

I also vote Mewtwo. He was one of the first Legendaries created (if you go by the order of the generations and such), he commanded your complete attention, he was a criminal mastermind one minute and a loyal ally the next - what more could you ask for?

Plus, he's a clone of Mew, meaning he's a KITTY!!! *glomps* X3

8/1/2009 #28
Blazing Sceptile

Mewtwo's got my vote. He's one of the few Pokemon that can sweep an entire Elite 4 single-handedly.

8/1/2009 #29

Are we in agreement? :O

8/1/2009 #30
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