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OH OH OH!!! *killed* I did..... *feels SOOOOOO stupid now* ^^; Uh.... DON'T LOOK AT MY POST I'M EDITING IT!!! *shot*

BTW great vid DL!!! :D IT DID NOT FAIL!!!!!!! It was so honest and awesome!!! *killed* Eeveelutions are WAAAY overused and over hyped though... despite the fact that I love them. *shot* CUBONE IS MAOR AWEOSME!!!!!

Could you critique my newest story please please pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaase!!!!!!! *killed*


If you don't want to though, you could pick one of my others...

1/21/2010 . Edited 1/21/2010 #31
I'm Luscious Malfoy

Hey! I saw the video, and I loved it! It was really good. Could you also critique my story entitled Unforseen Adventures? I would love to hear what things you liked, disliked, etc about it. You can be as harsh as you want. After all, it's for my improvement; you'd just be helping me. ^^

7/10/2010 #32
The Dragon Lover

Eek, I need to get my camera working (my actual one, not my comp one) and start this up again, as well as my Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) walkthrough. Because apparently, people have yet to get through the latter. :O I'm amazed, unless it's Sonic's high-speed sections, in which case God help them.

And I'm glad you've got a positive outlook to reviews and critiques, Reckless. ^w^ Very few people do, and most jump up immediately to defend themselves when I calmly try to point out a few things that could be tweaked. (Of the people I've tried to do that with IRL, anyways. Good thing FFN has more of those in the places I go!) I'll add you to the list, and anyone I forgot to add. Things'll have to wait until I get home and find my camera, though, considering I'm at my dad's house. Unless I can borrow one of his and find a quiet place to work on it here...

7/14/2010 #33

I know you've already critiqued one of my fanfics, DL, but could you do Last Moments, my Celebi/Grovyle one-shot, once you're done with everyone else's? I'm hoping that my writing has changed since Eon Guardians (I cringe when I read through it X'D) and I'd like to see what you'd say about it.

7/15/2010 #34
The Dragon Lover

Should I bring this back?

(Granted, with the current equipment I have, it would be purely audio with the only visual part being me scrolling through the thing I'm critiquing, but...)

4/3/2012 #35
Blazing Sceptile


4/3/2012 #36
The Dragon Lover

Okay, totally have a better video camera for this, although God knows I'll probably have to balance it between my knees since I don't have a competent camera man or a stand for it.

Question is, does anyone care about this anymore? o3o

7/27/2012 #37
Clair Aragon
Critque mine! It's called Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Rings.
2/23/2017 #38
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