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Black Twilight Wolf

So this where we need to be in order to join the forum?

11/5/2010 #151
Black Twilight Wolf

If so then, I'm Black Twilight Wolf; you can call Twilight if you want.

I like reading pokemon fanfictions since they're awsome. Also, I like pokemon ranger: guardian signs since its a good game.

Was this good enough

11/5/2010 #152

Nice to meet you. But I must say, good intro with introducing your name. But dude, honestly you gotta put more information about yourself. Like, add what stuff you like, your personality, what stories, music, books, cartoons, or whatever you like. Just maybe a short biography about yourself and maybe the characters you create. That way we can get to know you better and visualize you better. This is where everyone is free to express themselves and get together to talk about anything. Just feel cool and feel free to talk about anything for any reason (as long as it's appropriate).

Other than those concerns, it's nice to meet you, Twilight. Love the name!


11/5/2010 #153
Black Twilight Wolf

Thank you LMV2003, its nice to be welcome.

11/5/2010 #154

So, hello all. I"m Feathered Serpent, yo ucan call me Feather or Feather-san (probably I'm older than all of you hehe)

I'm just posting because I commented at the GEN V discussion before posting here.(if you want to see my comment, go check it's the newest one) Actually it was just a random happy coment, I don't know if I"ll do anything else here because not much calls my attention.

I'm an old pokefan, indeed, I stopped watching the tv serie when they were in Johto and just followed some of the games. I have not much interest in the shippings nor fanfics, but I did read the Pokemon Special manga last year and I really liked most of the serie. (that was a pleasant experience)

As an older fan, I always have wishes of a mmorpg pokemon or an more adult serie (alternative/parallel story). I also like different pokemon design if more realistic or with a different style.

One detail is that I usually don't like the cute pokemon (save one or another).

I'm an artist and like to draw, there is my site in my profile. I see many pictures in my favorite site DeviantArt and wishes to draw too, but I'm currently out of time because of the college and work.

I do have a rpg forum here, I'm the only mod and due the lack of time, I admit it's a little messy, because many people entered and I'm not able to check the current stories and active people.

As I said I prefer some more serious universe, my rpg calls REAL PKMN RPG - were we take things more seriously and many things based on the pokemon manga (not everything is allowed to make things harder for our characters)

Here, I'm done, I have wroten a lot of random details, hope it's enough hehehe

11/24/2010 #155

Sorry it took so long

Well I am Dialgagirlforever (for those who like and who does not like), you can call me dialga (I perfer)!!!! I am 14 years old, female and my color is blue... I love read pokemon fanfictions (especially cosmoshipping); I love Pokemon. ;)

And I do not know what else to write (Sadness):p

11/29/2010 #156

Hi everyone. C: I'm not used to forums so I don't know if this will come out right. (Also I apologize for how long this is D:).

Well first off, my name is Cassandra, which is pronounced in French. I usually prefer to be called by my real name, but I don't mind being called by a nickname. I can go by this old nickname I used to use, Luna, or Tuna which my friends came up with to rhyme with Luna (LunaTuna!). :D

I'm a 15 year old girl trying to survive school with all the work that comes with it. I love writing more than anything, but of course I'm still improving on it. I'm always coming up with ideas and stories in my head because I'm a constant daydreamer who loves to think. It's exciting to share my thoughts on them, but I can never find the right people to share them with. I also get very eager about hearing other people's ideas and thoughts 'cause it's so fun.

Drawing is a talent I enjoy having, I use it every day. I'm almost always doodling on something, it's like I can't resist putting some kind of picture on a piece of paper. - u - After never ending changes in the style, I think I've finally found one that I actually enjoy using and it's not too complex. I'd love to take requests, but I've never made digital art before. All I can do is photo scan(I'm actually thinking about learning though ._____. ;). Also, I've developed an interest in comic making.

I am obsessed in Pokemon and Pokemon shippings, which is one of the reasons I fell in love with this forum. There aren't any shippings that I hate or dislike, but I can get very touchy with the one's I like which is probably a bad thing. ;w; It's fun though to talk about shippings and knowing what kind of pairings other people like, and creating shippings is just as fun. Most of the pairings I like are probably not that popular at all, and for whatever silly reason I always envy the fact that people enjoy so many unique pairings, and just so many in general, while my list is somewhat dull and doesn't relate to other people's interests. My friends don't care for my pokemon pairing passion, so I was hoping I could find a place in here . . . if that's okay.

I used to watch the show, but after some time I started to fall out of interests for it, but I watch it time to time, and I still watch all the movies. I used to be obsessed in the manga, but it started drifting from me, so I became interested in the game and the characters in it.

If you asked me what my favorite pokemon was I would probably tell you I can't pick just one, but in a way I can narrow it down. My favorite pokemon is probably Giratina, it's so cute, but if I had to decide what pokemon I would want to be I think I would say Gardevoir (I know that sounds so girly), or maybe Ampharos.

Uhm, some other things about me . . . I'm a very friendly and open person who loves to express herself. Talking and laughing are one of the two things I love doing most. I'm generally shy, and joining LM took me almost a week (sadly :c), but I'm working on it. I'm optimistic, but I also have some insecurities that I'm still overcoming. Despite the negatives, I'm bestly described as weird and don't hold back on it. ;D I'm bound to make mistakes which can often cause a problem for people, so that's something I'm trying really hard to work on. I also have this bad habit of rambling on about stuff. ;-____-

Okay, I've probably said more than enough. I really hope to make some friends here in LM and hopefully be accepted. c:


Other fun/stupid facts (Okay, I'm probably asking for trouble here):

- I wear big nerdy glasses.

- I like robots and dinosaurs.

- I'm half deaf. :c

- I'm somewhat of a computer/technology geek. (I fixed my ps2 once. 8D But then it broke. .___.)

- I love flowers even though I'm allergic to them.

- I'm pretty chill and don't get mad easily, so I tolerate most people.

- I'm actually pretty straightforward, or at least try to be.


Thanks for reading, I know it was long.

1/4/2011 #157
P3MF Alpha 3-Richter

I'm Rafael. I want to join this forum, mostly because how fun this forum seems to get, as well as read more fanfics and news about the legendaries. I'm addicted to video games, which is probably how I still love Pokémon to this day. (Which is funny, considering it was the Anime – seasons 1-3- that got me interested in Pokémon) I do write, but I'm a procrastinator… I'm not really comfortable saying my age (you never who watches the internet), so don't ask for it.

I am a huge nostalgia fan, frequently playing old video games/watching old movies from the 90's or farther back for the memories. I'm somewhat of a lurker too, so I like going to different places on the web and seeing where they take me. So I'm a big Pokemon fan, obsessed with video games, and like reading stories to pass away the time.

Urgh…I'm new to forums, but I'll do my best to obey the rules.

I love Anime too, but yeah, such is life… So now… SONG TIME!

(Pokemon Saikou Everyday!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26agZbtn4vI

(FFX-2 Morning Glow)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBejRS6jwWg

(FFX-2 Get Happy)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Z8E1npmtfM

1/15/2011 #158

Hey I'm "Zooloo" and I can be a good writer when I want to be although I prefer drawing, a friend I know likes this site and wouldn't stop talking about all of you LM'ers so I figured I would check it out. I am fairly athletic and enjoy most sports, when I'm not outside I'm online listening to the latest songs and looking up cool anime creator games. I love playing my DS (and most Nintendo software) and my favourite Mario character is Yoshi just because he is so awesome. I enjoy watching Ben 10 and Spongebob Squarepants (I know some people think they are kiddy shows but who really cares?). I am not a fan of Justin Bieber.

1/28/2011 #159

Hi, I`m TheBratMan, but you guys can call me Toby. I`ve been around for a bit, but only now decided I need some help improving my writing skills. I`ve been a Pokemon fans since... well... since forever. I`ve tried to write Pokemon fics before, but they havent been all that good, but those were written a few years ago. I have to admit to getting addicted to playing Soulsilver last year, while traveling on the train to uni. However, I will listen to any advice you guys can give me.

2/1/2011 #160
shadow lord malice

Hi, the name's Shaow lord Malice, or you can call me malice for short. I've lurked around on this sight for a long while now, and I've read at least one fanfic from most of the users on this forum. Now I've been wanting to make my own fanfictions, and I hope they become as popular as some the ones on here. Now for a bit about myself. I love the pokemon games with a passion that equals my love of the naruto manga and anime. My favorite pokemon shippings are as follows: Altoshipping, Lunareclipseshipping, and umbreonxglaceon. I like any naruto fanfic as long as it's interesting, and has a great plot. I only like crossovers if they are really well done. If not then they are not for me.

2/17/2011 #161
perfect oblivion

Just to let everybody Know, I'm actually shadow lord malice. Due to a massive virus attack, my old email adress ceased to exist, thus I've had to create a new fanfiction account from scratch.

3/21/2011 #162
Wish counselor

Hello. I hope this is you registration locale. I'm Wishcounselor.Masculine in gender. In 4th year high school (in about 2 more months). Plus, I have this kind of open life to others but often isolated, especially to fellow countrymen. Although my high school years went bitter like dead plants, I learned to change and move on. From the beginning that I lost my trust to my students of my school [about every student], that's when I began on making a fanfiction account just to write the bitter memories that I have in poetry. But as time moves on, I wanted to make my next Pokemon Mystery Dungeon video game in the future. That is when I make another story containing a new story of the Mystery Dungeon Series that I'm working right now. It took me time to find my writing rhythm until I found my spot for many weeks and months, and this summer, I re-edited my story to Its best heights that I possibly can [no one's perfect you know.]

Thanks. And to God as well.

3/25/2011 #163

Hi guys there here is Eclispe2025, perfect oblivion pointed me here so umm.. so here we goes....

writer, have two pokemon fanfics, still play pokemon games, favorite game series of all time mass effect. have one media server with about 1tb of anime, music, and many of things. have ps3 (psn id: eclispe2025). and have really nothing better to do with my life except read fanfics, play games, watch anime, eat, sleep, and drive around like a maniac

7/15/2011 #164
Gemralts the Writer-Wolf of FF

Hey! I guess... I'm Gemralts, you can call me Gem. I'm joining this forum, because I am a legendary shipper, and well... am bored. I read, mostly. I try to write, too. I write badly, though. I'm in High School. My personality... I dunno. I am nice, I guess. I try to be helpful. I am very accepting of other people's views. The outdoors and me don't mix. During the weekend, I like sleeping in and doing nothing. My favorite genre is romance, followed by humor and adventure. I'm an athiest, and a communist, so that's double the hate from everybody. Although, I've seen that the people of ff are very nice to people with differing views. I type on a dvorak keyboard, so I am superior to you all:D ! I enjoy crack fics very much, I am not one for too much cannon. My favorite shippings in order of favorite to less is: SightShareShipping, LunarEclipseShipping, GodModeShipping, FriendShipping, OrbShipping, LiliopShipping, and FuedShipping. There are probably more, but that's what I remember at the moment. There's my description. It's all over the place, I know, but again, I am a bad writer. Looking forward to joining you guys!!!

8/26/2011 #165
P3MF Alpha 3-Richter

Well, welcome to LM, Gemralts! =D I hope you have a fun time here on LM!

8/26/2011 #166

Yo. (Oh god, I'm never saying that again...) I'm YellowFan98, but you can call me Yellow. I am obssessed with Pokemon, and more recently the Pokespe Manga. I joined this forum 'cos I felt like talking about Legendary Pokemon... I dunno what else to say... chou!

9/16/2011 #167

Hi all. I'm olihmajor. Most people call me Olly, or Oli, I don't care. Um, I really really like Pokemon...? *shot* I'm obsessed with certain Pokemon characters, am convinced Dialga is a gift from the heavens, and spend way too much time reading fanfiction (especially when I should be writing fanfiction). I am here because legendary Pokemon are awesome, and because Richter (Rafael) and Po told me about this forum. I love music~! Play trumpet and piano, and am currently obsessed with the Japanese ending to the Jirachi, Darkrai, and Giratina movies. Especially Giratina (that is someone's fault...) I am also a big Bon Jovi and Five for Fighting fan. So...

Poke stuff! My favorite Pokemon is Dialga, fav non-legendary is Cradily. Favorite ship is Dethklokshipping (DialgaxGiratina). Is that all you want to know? Because if you want to find out more, read my profile. If you're still sane after reading it, though. Yeah, hope to like it here at LM!

9/28/2011 #168
Storylover Vodhr- Dux Ducis

Hello. I am story lover Alpha 01. I enjoy Pokemon, and enjoy Speaking (Or typing) about it. And, that is about it for personal information.

9/28/2011 #169
Lucy of Light

Hi! I'm Lucy! My favorite ship is Raikou (m)xSuicune(f), but I like Mew(f)xLucario(m) too. I wrote a MewxArceus story once that was really messed up. I am happy to be on the forum!

2/16/2012 #170

Hey, there. I'm hoping this is your forum's equivalent of an introduction thread.

I'm Fi, because it would be redundant to state my username here when it's already in plain sight. I was attracted to this forum - wait, I can't even remember how I found this place now. Er, regardless, I was absolutely ecstatic when I came across this place because I love legendary shippings to death and back; my OTP is (f)Giratina/(m)Arceus, if that matters any. The Pokemon fandom is my absolute favorite, to the point that I literally have no idea how many hours I have spent (read: wasted) reading fanfiction there since I first found this website, which was way farther back than the date I started this account.

I spend a vast majority of my time writing whatever comes to mind. Reading is a close second in my hobbies, the third being art of all kinds. Also, I love birds and birdwatching, and I've been studying them for at least two years now - this fondness goes to the point that I usually end up giving people nicknames related to birds if I know them well enough. Those that I do value are people I'm extremely protective of to the point that I'll probably be somewhat violent if they're harassed or injured, so I guess I have a few things in common with Zoroark. On an unrelated note, I'm usually terrible with introductions. Is that showing?

As if on cue, I can't really think of anything more to say. I hope that was satisfactory, and I look forward to (possibly) getting to know you all.

On another completely unrelated note, is necroposting acceptable?

7/31/2012 . Edited 7/31/2012 #171
Black Twilight Wolf

I, I remember you

LMV2003, that was youf old alias name, am I...still welcome here?

If you go too the very last section of this forum topic, you'll see my entry.

I haven't been here for the last several years am I still welcome and also if

11/29/2012 #172

Erm......hi. I honestly have no idea how i got here. :/.....hey, it's 1:30 am, give me a break. Uh.....I like Pokémon.....I almost always prefer to ship legendaries than humans. When I'm not half asleep I can be really sarcastic.....I'm very random/spontaneous.....my sentences don't normally run together like this........I named the ship of Mewtwo x Cresselia on serebii......I have ADHD.

I'll probably edit this after I sleep, if I get any tonight.

2/2/2013 #173
Camusian Absurdity
I'm Hammer and I joined up only recently. I have been running around FF.net for a while before, but then decided to join up. I won't reveal too much personal info, but I will say that I'm interested In Pokemon, it was like my entire childhood. I do enjoy playing Tf2. I enjoy watching comedy films best as I like to laugh, but am open to other things as well. I both read and write. I have mostly written oneshot romance fanfics so far, but not on this site. It's actually pretty weird as I would probably be the last person to write romance judging by my personality, but hey. Maybe I have mild multiple personality disorder or maybe not. You decide. So basically, if you're polte and generally nice to hang out with, we'll get along fine.
7/10/2013 #174

Hello! I'm Psycho, and I'm pretty sure I have OCD. I love shipping, Pokemon, cats, knives, and tea. If you can use complex punctuation, and spell correctly, then we should be on the way to the "acquaintance" level.

9/25/2013 #175

Hi! I like to use the name Matilda on the internet, but any variation of that is fine. :) I'm 16, and I live in a notoriously named community from Newfoundland, Canada. I like cats, any type of science (except biology), Pokémon, water, art, writing, reading, video games and a multitude of other things. As well I'm a honours french immersion student who hopes to go to Cambridge to study astrophysics and dreams of visiting Finland. I've been dawdling around on this forum, just reading stories and the like, since 2010, writing legendaryshipping stories since 2011 (I posted a very horrid cosmos fic in 2012, which I promptly deleted), and joined Fanfiction in 2012. I've decided to start writing again for this fandom after a quick stint in the Homestuck fandom. I'm as of now revamping some stories I found in a notebook a that was filled up back in 2012. The reason I didn't join the forum sooner, however, is the fact that I had never posted on a forum before and was too afraid that I would do something extremely stupid. I wouldn't be at all surprised to figure out that I'd done something wrong in the process of posting this. :/

My tumblr is legendtrainer and my DeviantART goes by the same name as this account. I happen to have a legendaryshipping appreciation group started on DeviantART, and a page on tumblr started as well. Both had been started a long while ago but are being revamped. The dA group is legendaryshippers and the Tumblr page is legendaryshipping. On the tumblr page, I am also attempting a complete list of all legendary ships! It's going pretty well.

Thanks for reading this mess, and if you have any questions about me or anything else I've mentioned, feel free to drop me a question on tumblr or DeviantART, cause' I have no clue how to use ff's message box. :/ (again, is completely stupid)

i hope i didnt screw up in posting this i hope i didnt screw up in posting this i hope i didnt screw up in posting this

4/4/2014 . Edited 4/4/2014 #176
Blazing Sceptile

Hey all, we probably should've specified this earlier, but after posting here, feel free to post in the chat topic? We may not be online all the time, but don't be afraid of us! We don't bite - I think. xD

4/11/2014 #177

I came here because I have liked the games/anime every since I was a child. I now have twins who watch Pokemon religiously. I am about to start writing again haven't in a long time and the idea of an alternate Ash who can one day beat Tobias interests me. I accidentally posted with out this post first,for that, I apologize.

As far as info I have I need a beta because my mind works faster then my hands so some times I type a couple sentences ahead of what I have typed. I think it comes from my ADHD I have. I live in Maine. My favorite Ship is AshxCynthia.

4/29/2015 #178

... I'm Ryan. People think I'm married to a television. I'm an awful writer. And, um, I'm a psychopath. That's pretty much all I got, besides being classified as a Randomaniac from a different forum...

7/22/2016 #179
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