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Yes! :D I would love to. I don't know how much time I'll have to write anything (noooooo college apps), but this would be a lot of fun. :3
9/22/2014 #31

I would love to be a part of this too! Unsure if I can pull my focus together long enough to finish a fic but I can try! (and crash and burn lamo)

9/22/2014 #32
The Dragon Lover

D'aww, thanks for the enthusiasm, guys. *wipes away tear* It'd be great if we could all come together again for some fun!


So, we're going to need to kick our butts into gear for this year. Anyone who has written anything this year needs to upload it, either here or on FictionPress. Since we have some inactivity issues, I'm once again allowing fanfiction and original works for the contest. We need all the participation we can get!

I challenge everyone to write at least one new thing before October 15th, whether it's a chaptered fic or a oneshot. It doesn't have to be Pokemon-related, or incredibly long; if it has a beginning and an end and is at least 100 words long, it qualifies. If you have a collection of oneshots, i.e. my "Legendaries Need Love, Too!" or "the dragon child: snippets," you may update it with a new piece and it will still qualify for submission.

For chaptered stories you've begun in the past and have updated within the year, I'm thinking of a separate category for the last chapter to be entered in. Still working out the kinks on that.


If you need help for inspiration, I have another idea that smacked me in the face while writing my other post: I could begin a weekly/monthly prompt collection, either on here or on our FB group. I could create a handful of prompts to help get our creative juices flowing. I've been a part of WriterVerse on LiveJournal since the end of summer last year, and it's been very helpful for keeping me active. (Some of you may have noticed the prompts added to my uploads.)

Just for some extra incentive, perhaps there could be a point system? (Drawing a lot of inspiration from WriterVerse, ehehe.) Anyone who writes for one of my prompts could get something like Dragon Points, and if you get enough you can cash them in to request something for me to write? I dunno, I'm trying to get max participation... Does that sound tempting enough to counteract anyone's laziness or writer's block?

(...ohyegods, I'm going to have to clean up this thread, especially the initial post. So messy.)

9/22/2014 #33

I'd be up for the posting all the previous year's work, but the thing is that it'd be difficult to judge without knowledge of fanfic contexts. It might be nice to just do a show and tell of "what have you been up to since last time" type thing.

I'd definitely be up for the theme writing thing though! Great way to kick creative juices into gear, and it's always funner with others. :D

9/22/2014 #34
Blazing Sceptile


9/28/2014 #35
DB the Unknown

Hmm, I'm thinking of doing a Halloween-themed short story for this, but I'm conflicted. Should I make it cute and light-hearted (appealing to the fun kid part of Halloween, probably not breaking a PG rating) or should I make it a genuine horror story? Perhaps you guys could PM me with your votes, so it isn't obvious which one it'll be beforehand and it can have some suspense either way?

10/5/2014 #36
DB the Unknown

Sorry to doublepost, but my comp is on the fritz and screwed up my contribution before I was finished, can I have a couple days' extension on that deadline to redo it?

10/15/2014 #37
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