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OR write vits, because I like rhyming words! *Shot*

So people haven't been writing a lot lately because of lack of ideas, or they just can't develop inertia with the ideas they already have and run with it, so I was thinking we could perhaps try and remedy that by helping one another with ideas/activities/support/ect. We can work in other fandoms or just write normal non-fandom stuff but my main focus is in the Pokemon section. If anyone gets any other ideas let me know! I'll add them on. :D

Some Activities/Plot Bunnies

I know some people think writing activities are stupid, but they helped me a lot in creative writing club in high school. The instructor would give everyone a topic, and we would write our own versions of it. It was a lot of fun. These are supposed to be generic plots so multiple people can work on the same plot, we'll all have different outcomes.

Item Mashup - Write a oneshot of any genre that must feature the following five items: a Liechi Berry, Sticky Barb , Honey, Air Balloon, Fire Stone

Item Mashup II: Slightly Harder - Write a oneshot or chapter fic featuring the following seven items: A Durin Berry, Greet Mail, Pokeflute, Dome Fossil, Heal Ball, TM 32 [Double Team], Relic Copper.

Pokehaters - Write a fic of any genre using your least favorite Pokemon as the main protagonist. If you love all pokemon, think of one you rarely or never use or think to write about.

Genremity - Write something in your least favorite genre, if you like all genres choose a genre that you rarely use or think to write in.

Music Notes - Write something based on or inspired by a song that you like. It can be a songfic or it can merely be inspired by the song/have properties found within the song lyrics.

A wise man once said...- Base a story around a quote or saying that really speaks to you. The quote can be in the story or it can just be based around the idea of said quote/phrase.

Will add more at some point! If anyone claims one please say so so people can know to go look for it, and if anyone has any other ideas besides the ones I came up with say so and I'll add that.

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A good way for me to write when I'm having trouble is to turn on my iPod, listen to a song, then write something based on that song for 15 minutes, and only 15 minutes. Sometimes I use it when I have to write different parts of a story or chapter, in which case I make a playlist full of songs I associate with that story and listen to just those while I write. The goal is to just get as much as you can out in 15 minutes, and then revise it or add onto it or whatever.

I guess this is related to Music Notes, although I tend to listen to a LOT of different songs while writing. I might try basing a story around one specific song, since that's not something I do often.

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The Dragon Lover

*coughs, waves away dust* Wow, such a useful topic, and it's been sitting in the shadows? Time for some necromancyyyyy.


Something I do when I feel like the characters just aren't coming across right is read the entire thing aloud--or just dialogue, if you don't have that kind of time cuz ain't nobody got time for dat reasons. Put the emotion you want into each line, and see if the emphasis looks off in comparison. Or ask a friend to read different parts with you, and listen to how they interpret certain lines.

Stand up, even, and act out the character's motions! See if it means there's some exertion of energy on the char's part and should be reflected in their lines. A lot of things can be found through what you hear, that are lost when just mindlessly skimming over your own notes.

It's also fun, when you've got a good scene, to read it aloud and laugh at your own jokes! Trust me, I do this a lot. I think I'm the most hilarious person, like, you wouldn't believe...

Ahem. Right. Hope this helps!

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