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Discuss anything that has to do with orbshipping, or the pairing of Groudon and Kyogre.

Heck, even share any future fic ideas you're thinking of doing about these two.

Or their personalities...

Or why you like/don't like the ship...

Or anything else!

Just remember, be nice!

6/22/2008 #1
Shiny Hunter

The big, blue goldfish and the huge, red dino!

Love these two because of the fact that they constantly fight. It give me quite enough ideas on what to do/torture them with until they finally admit their feelings for each other. Even if it takes a LONG time.

6/25/2008 #2

Orbshipping is a really fun and difficult ship to do, I think.

After all, unlike most other ships, the two really aren't physically alike at all. So basically, the two have to use other means to show affection. Like arguing, for example...

Personality wise, I've made Groudon pretty intelligent, one to think things through. However, he's not very caught up in the modern world, so he's confused by most modern sayings. He's wise, and surprisingly doesn't like to fight unless Kyogre is involved. Kyogre seems to be rash and likely to do things without thinking, and is highly sarcastic.

Kinda like Lunareclipseshipping, how the two seem to have a love/hate relationship. I'm just imagining if the two were turned into humans with Rayquaza... That would suck for him.

Ranking wise in my favorites, it comes to around like a three. I'm not sure.

6/26/2008 #3
Shiny Hunter

I've always pictured Groudon to have a somewhat wise personality, but practically abandons this trait when driven to anger or fighting with Kyogre. He also can be sarcastic, but most of my characters always have some smart remark xD Kyogre is a little bit more complex. She is actually quite wise, a little bit smarter then Groudon, but loves to make fun of the red dino. She loves to drive him to anger, then make him feel inferior by pointing out his flaws and such. I've never really realized I made her this evil...

6/30/2008 #4

This one's my favorite. I do Groudon as a Legend who does not like to see other Legends hurt and protects Kyogre, yet incredibly tough at the same time. Kyogre is a bit more of a daredevil, she's the one to take risks. She doesn't like to see Groudon sad, so she'll help with it. The two, though, are in denial with the other Legends, though it all comes out when they're together or *cough* neardeath *cough*

6/30/2008 #5

I see them as really close friends. Kyogre likes him and flirts, but he's too dense to realize this. He likes her too, but again, he doesn't realize this yet. I see Groudon as a sweet, caring, gentle guy who's best friend's are Jirachi and (of course) Kyogre. He is calm and hates fighting. Kyogre is a coy, daredevil kinda girl. She's outgoing and not really afraid of anything.


6/30/2008 #6
Glory For Sleep

Yay, Orbshipping!

Well, I always write Groudon as being the tough-guy. He's serious half the time, as well as passionate about things that are important to him. Secretly, though, he's a hopeless romantic, and he also loves opera and orchestra music, and even Broadway musicals.

Kyogre, on the other hand, is the quiet one. She also tends to be dedicated to her duty as a Legendary, and is always scowling Groudon whenever he does something stupid. She tends to be wise and philosophical, and her favorite thing is...well...spending time with Groudon.

Well, that's me, I suppose.

6/30/2008 #7

I could see a paring form, but first I see them as bitter rivals. Feelings could emerge from there hatred for each other, definately.

7/23/2008 #8

umm really internet about them and i really agree with goldenraptor

12/28/2008 #9


"Are you... entirely sure they're fighting?"

"Of course they're fighting! What else would they be doooh my God!"


10/11/2010 #10
DB the Unknown


10/11/2010 #11
The Dragon Lover

...oh my god that was awesome.

10/12/2010 #12






PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT XDDD *dies chocking on laughter*

10/13/2010 #13

What fanfic is that?

8/12/2013 #14

I like Orbshipping, but I've always seen Kyogre as a male, sooo... xD

7/17/2014 #15
The Dragon Lover

I used to write them both as sisters, so I don't ship them myself. But, with the remakes announced, this pairing might be so retro that it's in style again!

7/17/2014 #16

Many a year later I still see them as rivals hand males haha. But I agree with DL on siblings, I see them as widely different twin brothers who fight a lot, and then Rayquaza is the older brother who comes in like 'No! Stahp! SHAME on you!'

8/4/2014 #17
The Dragon Lover

That isn't to say that someone can't find some awesome inspiration with the upcoming games and write some Orbshippy stuff...


8/5/2014 #18
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