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I like this pairing. If I can't find a way to make Giratina/Latias work (which is likelier than I want it to be, wah), I'll ship this.

Well, in the Pokéverse I write about, Giratina's a guy whereas Arceus is a girl. Their personalities are confusing. You see, all the legendaries think that Arceus is God except for Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf. Arceus... lets them believe this, mostly, unless they directly ask her. Because of this, she is overcome by guilt most of the time, and just wanders the world depressed. She does not particularly like the current state of the world.

Giratina, is dark, sullen, not emotionless, although that just makes him creepier (you do not want to walk into a dark, foggy cave, find a giant dragon... and have him laugh at you), not depressed, but not a very cheerful person, utterly hates it when people attempt to capture legendaries (and thus the events of Pokémon Platinum) and is very distant (gosh, and I even try pairing him with Latias? He's the creepiest person on the planet!). He suspects that Arceus is not what she seems. What will happen when they meet, I don't know.

So. Yeah. I give them somewhat different personalities than everyone else, but it's how I see them.

1/1/2009 #31

Well, IMO, this is my OTP (Own True Pairing) AKA my favorite shipping of all time. If you've read Don't Go, then you would know that.

RAWR! -more bullets ping off Varia Suit-


1/1/2009 #32

Pika, i read your ff Don't go, it cool

1/2/2009 #33

GodModeShipping is always a popular one, a little overrated, but cute. The genders could pretty much go any which way for me, even though I'd make em both guys. Male Acreus, female Giratina, male Giratina, female Arceus, both males, both females, whatever. I like this pairing though. :p

1/9/2009 #34
The Soul of Light and Dark

How exactly did this die again?

4/5/2009 #35

I love this shipping too. XD At first I thought it was weird, but now that I think of it, its awesome.

4/5/2009 #36

Well since I'm an absolute lover of Giratina and Arceus, I Really Love this shipping! XD

4/5/2009 #37

@Zero + Tricky: Well, then I guess we'll be great friends, huh? xD


4/5/2009 #38

Wow, all of the other popular shipping topic are dead, even after DL bumped up a bunch of topics. Of course, I don't particularly mind that the Orbshipping topic is buried, but LunarEclipseshipping? Or maybe I just missed something? Whatever.

In the meantime, I tried to write this once. It deteriorated into GodComplexshipping (Cyrus x Arceus for the ignorant. *shot* Hey, what was that– *shot*). I simply like that pairing too much. That said, this could happen. I'm writing a fiction that takes place nearly a thousand years in the future, and a whole lot of weird stuff happens then. I could try to stick this pairing in, but it will be one-sided.

...I really do have an aversion to the popular ships. o.O

4/5/2009 #39

@Zero & Pika: Maybe we will. XD Hi five!! 8D -destroyed-

@Matty: Cyrus X Arceus? XD -destroyed- ... that guy scares me.. -killed-

4/6/2009 . Edited 4/6/2009 #40

@Tricky & Pika: We just might be!

@Tricky: Oh you are SOOOO right....Cyrus scares me, ESPECIALLY after fighting him the last time in platinum.....O_O;

4/6/2009 #41
The Soul of Light and Dark

Cyrus = evil.

Which I rather like, actually. It means I can take him seriously. But he's creepy.

And I adore this shipping. It just works, and it's going to be a bit of a theme in The Wind and the Rain 2: Rise of the Missingno. Army.

That's right. I'm already planning the sequel. You may comence drooling.

4/6/2009 #42
The Dragon Lover

@ Matty+Tricky+Sero+Soul: Actually, to be honest, I don't find him that creepy.


Okay, let me rephrase that:

He is creepy, but I disregard it to hug him anyways. XD Like Darkrai! *shotshotshot*

You get what I mean, right?

4/7/2009 #43
The Soul of Light and Dark

*looks at DL* Hug me, and I will eat your soul as you sleep.

4/9/2009 #44
The Dragon Lover

See? That's what I mean! He's creepy but still huggable! (You do know I'm referring to Cyrus, right?)

4/9/2009 #45
The Soul of Light and Dark

You said you'd also hug me. I said don't.

4/9/2009 #46
The Dragon Lover

...how about I do and say I didn't?

4/9/2009 #47

Arceus will always be to me a male!!! Giratina always saw her as a female ever in life I could see her as a male!!!

Giratina is violent I'm much more violent and I'm girl!!! DialgaVSGiratina bunch of c*** eheheh

To tell the truth the more violent is arceus...

11/24/2010 #48

Despite seeing them both as male, for shipping purposes, Giratina is male and Arceus is female.

Mainly because I cannot see a gay ArceusXGiratina. Note that I made Giratina male because black, grey, gold and red strike me as rather masculine colors.

11/28/2010 #49

i made one called deathflame shipping with giratinaxgroudon tell me wat u think k

12/16/2010 #50

@Shadowtikal: Well, firstly, it's CaronaShipping, I should know since it's one of my favorites *Slain*

Also, this doesn't go here. If you want to talk about other shippings you have to make a new topic, but since you haven't signed up that's not really an option.

12/17/2010 #51
The Dragon Lover

Maybe I should clarify on what GoldenRaptor was trying to say:

The rules on this forum (in the thread called "Basic Rules- Read Before Posting") state that

8. After reviewing these rules, sign up to post on the forum in the sign up topic.

Said topic is called "Read After Rules-The Sign Up Topic," and what you do there is post one post there with any information you'd wish for us to know, even if that's nothing other than your username. We're trying to keep track of who posts here for fun events such as the Legendary Muses' Awards Night by yours truly or the Holiday Draw Game of Randomness by Rayshia.

Not only will you be unable to participate in these events, but you won't be allowed to suggest threads to be made, such as one talking about shipping Giratina and Groudon.


If you didn't feel like reading that, I'll paraphrase: Read the rules, post in the Sign-Up topic, and then talk to a Mod (such as myself) via PM or the Chat Topic about making a thread for GiratinaxGroudon.

12/21/2010 #52

so sorry wont hapin agian

12/28/2010 #53
The Dragon Lover

It's alright, shadowxtikal lover. I'm sure most people nowadays don't bother with reading rules, or at least reading them thoroughly. You could just go to the Sign-Up topic, introduce yourself, and ask if you want a thread for your beloved pairing. *nods* It's no problem, really.

12/28/2010 #54

Huh. I usually write Giratina as female and Arceus as male, because I just can't for the life of me see them any other way. Ever since I first saw them, I thought those two genders would fit them the best. Besides, it works better with the personalities I've given them through my perspective.

I know a lot of people portray Arceus as stressed or perhaps unhappy with his/her/whatever-gender-you-give him duties, but my characterization of him goes beyond that. My Arceus feels the need to constantly be in control, because that's the one thing he's known ever since he came to exist. Any situation outside of his control terrifies him, because he's constantly afraid of what will happen if he can't manipulate his future somehow.

He's almost omniphobic, actually - everything has some kind of quality that he can't change without consequences, but some are more threatening than others, and these spawn a lot of personal conflict. This usually brings him to be informal and almost cold with the other legendaries, which he sometimes can't help but view as inanimate objects just to reassure himself that he'll be able to stop them from doing anything destructive if it ever comes to it, or otherwise manipulate them. Of course, that's not the way things work. The most ironic part of this is that his obsession causes him to lose control of himself a lot of the time. He essentially can't trust anything, and it takes a serious toll on his sanity.

Giratina is somewhat more confident. At the very least, she understands that worrying about certain situations isn't going to keep them from happening, so she's more accepting of sudden change. I usually portray her as not extremely serious, but not a complete goofball, either - a blend of the two, I guess, but the former is more prominent. She isn't really as aggressive as I've seen her in most stories, either, because I've always seen a god(dess) of death as more peaceful than violent; besides, the way I see it, she progressively teaches herself not to overreact after being banished. She's still irritable, though, and her temper flares easily in some situations, especially those involving Arceus.

The funny thing about this pairing for me is that among Arceus' fears, one of his most prominent is Giratina herself, because she's already proved to him that she's further outside of his control than most legendaries are. But after catching Arceus break down more than once out of fear and stress (at least, this is how I imagine it happening in-story), she can't help but take some pity on him, and seeing as she's the only one who's ever actually seen him experience a panic attack, she feels obligated to be around if he ever needs company. The relationship grows from there.

At least, that's the way I see them, and it's the way they're going to be written in the story I'm working on. It's definitely interesting to see other interpretations, though. Sometimes I think mine is a little over the top... xD

8/1/2012 #55
Artemis Queen of the Night

I usually read fanfiction that have Giratina as a female and Arceus as a male. I actually have no problem with the genders, but I prefer Giratina as the female and Arceus as a male.

8/8/2012 #56

Really? ArceusXGiratina IS one of my favorite shipping, but not my OTP (That would belong to Colorless aka ReshiramXZekrom).

I'm vice versa. I see Arceus as female and Giratina as male. I can imagine Arceus as male, but I simply can't see Giratina as female. Whatsoever. Cool if you prefer that, though.

11/4/2012 #57
Camusian Absurdity

Um....? Some seem plain weird (PLEASE EXPLAIN WHY HEY THERE DELILAH IS ON?!!) but others somehow fit. Imo...

7/12/2013 #58
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