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perfect oblivion

Ok, I have mixed feelings about this. Generation six has been officialy announced. The gamer in me is throwing a party, the game will be fully 3D, pokemon will actually enact the moves they perform. The three new starters look ok (I'm definately getting the fire type), The two legendaries shown look interesting (though the flying one does look better.), And the new region looks like an interesting place. The fanfiction writer in me however, is starting a riot. We're still working on everything generation five has given us. There are pairings yet to be explored, ideas yet to be written, legendary pair ups that have yet to be realized, and above all, hilarious legendary get together fics to be written. Seriously people, I thought you guys would have written something like that already, or at least DL, Attila, or GR at the very least. While as a gamer I'm pumped that the game is coming this october, as a writer I feel this is coming way too fast.

1/8/2013 #1
The Dragon Lover


I guess we have to kick our butts into gear, then.

-cracks knuckles-

1/8/2013 #2
Black Twilight Wolf

There's a new Generation of Pokemon coming out?

1/14/2013 #3

Yes there is! :D Check it out, you can watch the trailer for it on YouTube, or Pokemon dot com.

I gotta say, I'm really excited about this gen. The water-type starter is a little disappointing, so I'll definitely pick the grass or fire type. And I'm also disappointed with the legendary pokemon of Pokemon X. I think it's just...too many deer pokemon. D:

1/27/2013 #4
Black Twilight Wolf

I was able too see it.

Those new pokemon creatures look really cool. :D

1/30/2013 #5
Blazing Sceptile

Overrated currently, IMO. Only the battle animations look nice. The rest is a mix of meh and w**, especially pixellated trainer sprites.

1/30/2013 #6

FENNEKIN!!!! *coos*

2/2/2013 #7
Black Twilight Wolf

It sure is. :)

2/8/2013 #8
DB the Unknown

Pfft, Froakie 4 lyfe *shot*

2/8/2013 #9

I...I got a mention in a post? I haven't even been on here in forever... I'm touched guys. //; Anyway, it will be a long while before I write anything involving the new legendary pokemon. Honestly, I think Gen5 piled it on a bit too thick. I mean, it won't be long before the Legendary count will be rivaling the amount of legends in The Apprenticeship... and I had doubles! XD


3/28/2013 #10
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