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So, which plots do YOU want to do? Pick up to three choice. Nya.
1 -Body switch!
2 -Legendary Camp
3 -Legendaries working in a human mall
4 -The legendaries are thrown into OUR world
5 -Legendary road trip!
6 -Legendaries being transformed into regular Pokemon
7 -Legendaries forming Exploration Teams
8 -Legendary Club Activities
9 -Legendaries working in a restaurant
10 -Legendaries exploring an island or uncharted land
11 -The legendaries mess up the world
12 -The legendaries during the creation of the world
13 -Rising Evil~ See summary from Shiny Hunter
14 -Legendaries keeping diaries or writing letters to each other
15 -Legendary exams before they became legendaries
16 -The Legendaries being teleported to an island or other dimension because Arceus said so
17 -Legendaries lose their powers
Unique Voters: 11

:D So, wouldn't it be awesome if a group of legendary shippers all worked together to write a fic? That would be something bigger than when Mythbusters did the Shark Week special! :D -shot-

Ok, really though, I think it would be fun. :3 I think using the awesomeness that you awesome shippers have would make an awesome fic, right? :D Just think about it... -Pause-

Alright, I'm done thinking, it WOULD be awesome! :D

So, is anyone out there that wants to form a group to write a fic of legendary shippy awesomeness? Come on, we have cookies! :D

The current writers would be...

-Er, me. I'm Silverumbra(SU) if you didn't know... xD




-I Am Someone I Am No One


-Glory For Sleep

-Shiny Hunter




-Blazing Skeptile

Current Member Number is: 12- Sweet, it's one and then two so, it's... -sighs- You know what? I give up. It's too early to be witty... -_-;

As for the moment, it's really just brainstorming time, so everything is free game. If you don't want to write, but still want to give ideas, that's fine. However, if you do want to join the pack, you gotta follow a few rules...


As followed:

Break these rules and I will... cry. You don't wanna make SU pull the waterworks, do you? :O

-All Forum Rules

-Upon joining the writing parade, you MUST be really into it, so that you don't lose interest.

-When the ideas are shined up and done, the doors will close, meaning that by the time the first chapter is put up, no more people are allowed to join and write for the fic. Sorry, but that's the way it is :D

-Put "chocolate covered laptops" in your post if you are joining, to show that you've read these rules. They'll probably be updated, so keep an eye on them...

So, anyone? If you wanna join, just say so. But make sure you read the rules! :D


Ok. These are the ones we seem to agree on so far. :D

Articuno - Female

Moltres - Female

Zapdos -

Mew -

Mewtwo - Male

Raikou - Male

Entei - Male

Suicune - Female

Ho-oh -

Lugia - Female

Celebi - Female

Registeel - Female

Regirock- Male


Latios - Male

Latias - Female

Kyogre - Female

Groudon - Male

Rayquaza - Male

Jirachi - Male

Deoxys - Female

Uxie - Male

Mesprit- Female

Azelf - Female

Dialga -

Palkia - Female

Cresselia - Female

Darkrai - Male

Manaphy - Male

Regigigas - Male

Heatran -

Shaymin - Female

Giratina - Male

Arceus - Female


Yet to be decided. YET. :D


-Body switch! :D

8/16/2008 . Edited 9/10/2008 #1
Ashlynn Lilacflower

I have an idea! -raises hand-

Maybe they could go to legendary camp or something... We could have them in cabins (they would be HUGE cabins). We could probably stuff six legendaries in one cabin, or four if one of the birds ends up in one. I think they might have to be kept out if we do use this idea, or we might have to think of something outrageous. Like a seven-foot-tall perch in a cabin with a roof that's 15 feet. I don't think that that would work. It'd be kind of awkward if we did that.

I was thinking along the lines of trying not to have counterparts or common pairings in the same cabin (like Suicune and Raikou). So we would have random pairings to try out. Like... Groudon and Celebi. It seems completely weird, but hey, why not give it a try?

The goal would be to get through camp without anybody dying or going insane. We would also end up with a TON of new pairings to try.

So what do you think? Do you like my idea?

8/16/2008 #2

That sounds cool! :D

Okay, here goes one of my ideas: -Duh, duh, duuuuuh-

When the legends start being destructive-because they're bored- Arceus makes them form clubs to keep them entertained! :D Imagine the drama club, or the cooking club... xD

Also, I just realized, to do a fic with a lot of people, we'll have to agree on genders... that's gonna be hard. I suppose we'll burn that bridge when we get there...

8/16/2008 #3
Ashlynn Lilacflower

Or a book club... XD Run while you still can! No, seriously, that sounds cool. I like that idea. We could have the legendaries finally reveal what they like to do. Maybe Shaymin likes soccer, for all we know. And then we could fit the pairings in there with the unexpected interests and ...


Suicune yelled across the ash-filled room, "Uxie, what did you blow up this time?"

We would have interesting, hilarious, and excellent story.

Of course, we're still in brain-storm mode.

8/16/2008 . Edited 8/16/2008 #4
Oh yes, Chocolate Covered Laptops are delicious... yum... ...if you don't know what that mean, I'M JOINING! -glomps SU- Glomping aside, I'll start creating ideas... I may post some later... but I like the idea of some regular ships, some random, and possibly one or two triangles. Latios and Lugia fighting over Ho-oh, anyone? XD
8/16/2008 #5
That Mid Thing

Sounds like fun! :D Oh, and chocolate covered laptops. Maybe.

Er... Ideas, ideas...

8/16/2008 #6
I Am SomeoneI Am No One

Ah yes, chocolate covered laptops....gives me an idea....and I just lost it. XP Anyways, is it okay if I join this? I'll submit any ideas I get. :3

8/16/2008 #7

Chocolate covered laptops with a cherry on top. It's a laptop sundae!

My idea is, Arceus is bored and decides that there are waytoomany legends that need to hook up already. So, she gets Palkia to strand each of them on an island in anoter dimension for a week and we all write about a pairing that we claim. 8D I tried writing this by myself, but it was baaaaaaad. xP

8/17/2008 #8

Chocolate covered laptops with a cherry on top. It's a laptop sundae!

My idea is, Arceus is bored and decides that there are waytoomany legends that need to hook up already. So, she gets Palkia to strand each of them on an island in anoter dimension for a week and we all write about a pairing that we claim. 8D I tried writing this by myself, but it was baaaaaaad. xP

8/17/2008 #9
Ashlynn Lilacflower

Now that sounds like fun. But I still think that there should be a few random pairings thrown in... Hmm.... And maybe a triangle? I definitly like all the ideas.

Keep thinking!

8/17/2008 #10
- laughs insanely - I'VE GOT IT! I have 2 ideas. 1. Something forces the legendaries to work... in a human mall. I can imagine some legends working at things they love. Humor stuff. Then, they find out a robber has been stealing stuff. They find the robber and transform into their pokemon versions. Their jobs, that they had suddenly grown to like, are now in jepordy. They now have to convince people that they love their jobs, as Pokemon or as human. Shippings mixed in. Like... that Latios, Lugia, and Ho-oh triangle. Some crack pairings, some regular shippings. 2. Okay, kinda the same thing, but in a restauraunt. Anybody like them?
8/17/2008 #11
Glory For Sleep

-looks around-

Oh, what the heck?

"Chocolate covered laptops" - and unless the new upcoming year of high school drags me away from writing for the next century, I don't see why I won't be able to have some part in this...

Anywho, ideas? I came up with a story idea a while ago about the first living days of the Legendaries during the construction of the universe and life in general ("The Biggest of Bangs" - the full summary is on my profile). The way I imagined it, it's supposed to be one big pot of mayhem. We can always use that...

First triangle pairing? RegisteelxRegicexRegirock. Regigigas isn't part of it because nobody likes him.

8/17/2008 #12
I Am SomeoneI Am No One

-cackles- IDEA! Besides an idea involving chocolate covered laptops, maybe, just maybe....epic battles....over....cleaniness?

Yes, I have offically gone too far. XD

Yeah, it's somewhat of a stupid idea....WAIT. I JUST GOT ANOTHER ONE. What if all of them were exploring this HUGE uncharted island/forest/volcano/whatever the heck you want it to be...and they get lost? XD And maybe there can be something about bugs....XO Nah, that's one's stupid too. Anyways, about the chocolate covered laptops thing...

"....it's a piece of chocolate. IN THE SHAPE OF A LAPTOP! SWEET!" *reaches out to grab it* "NO, WAIT! DON'T EAT THAT IT'S REALLY ---" Bam!


8/17/2008 #13
Shiny Hunter

-is feeling left out-

.... I'm in xD

It'll be quite interesting to see one story in which every legendary author helps by adding their own ideas. Plus, the new/random pairings sounds awesome ^^ For now, however, I'm quite dry out on them. -glomped-

Mmm... maybe, the legends should (somehow) end up messing with the world or something...? -dodges chairs- (Who threw those!?) Nah... I'll think of something after a while. However, I like SU's ideas with the clubs. Arceus does things like that xD

As with unique pairings, Groudon(M) x Palkia(F) anyone? -is obsessed-

(Chocolate covered laptops ^^)

8/18/2008 . Edited 8/18/2008 #14

CHOCOLATE COVERED LAPTOPS!!! I wanna be in too! ^^

So far, I like the camp and the island ideas! Yes, the gender aggreements as well as the shipping aggreements will be hard to decide. I'm guessing we'll probably keep it at a T rating and the genres will most likely be romance and humor with some angst mixed in huh???

The only idea I have involves alien invaders... I like the ideas we already have better! ^^


8/18/2008 #15

Sah-WEET! I'm joining!!!!!!!!!!!!! -glomps topic- Weeehoo!!

Muhaha, what do you think would happen if the legend were thrown into our world? Muhahaha!! - shoves Darkrai under a rainbow- Weehoo!!!!

8/18/2008 #16
I Am SomeoneI Am No One

....-smacks forehead-

Why didn't I think of that? That is BRILLIANT, oOoLostSouloOo! -cackles madly at the idea- I like all of the ideas... : )

8/18/2008 #17

Little boy: Hey look mama! It's a flying cat and a ghost and a flying duck thingy-

Cresselia: Flying DUCK!?! -explosion-

Little boy: AHH!!!!


8/18/2008 #18
Shiny Hunter


Well, if it's fine with you guys, what about my old, future idea story thingy? Here's the summary, but you can change to whatever you want xD

RISING EVIL-Desperate to get her brother back, Latias goes to an unexpected friend to help. The one who guards the gateway to eternal life himself, Giratina. Even with all the doubts, the gray dragon manages to bring Latios back, breaking all rules of death. Let's just say Arceus won't be happy. Even so, something seems to be wrong with Latios. Why is his color black? Now, every legendary must band together to stop him. That is until Arcues can stop Darkrai and Cresselia from arguing, making Raikou stop singing those songs, stopping Mew from eating all that junk food, getting Kyogre and Groudon to get along, forcing Azelf to finally reveal her feminine side, and many other problems piling up. However, the God Pokemon only has a certain amount of time before Latios destroys the world and with all the ridiculing from Giratina, who knows how long it will be before she has an 'episode.'


It's probably the only idea I have ^^; Plus, it'll be waaay to long for my liking :3

8/18/2008 #19

' episode'?

8/18/2008 #20
Shiny Hunter

lol, you know, kind of what happened in The Reunion xD

Arceus has almost like a tantrum -dodges tomatoes-

8/18/2008 #21

Sweet! :D It's like a small army!

Updating list...

To make this easier- hopefully- maybe everyone could voice the genre that they're most comfortable with? Obviously the first is romance for everyone... but as a secondary? :D

For me, obviously humor.

-Runs off-

8/18/2008 #22

Humor!!!!!! -glomps humor-

8/18/2008 #23
Shiny Hunter

Humor all the way SU ;)

8/18/2008 #24


8/18/2008 #25

So....what is this going to be about?

8/18/2008 #26
If we do my mall idea, we could make it Humor, angst, AND action... Mostly humor, obviously. ...but if not, humor's fine! BTW, SU, I havn't been able to contact you with PMs... are they getting to you?
8/18/2008 #27
Glory For Sleep

I'm fine with humor myself. If we combine all of our senses of humor together, we could become the next Jeff Dunham. :D

8/18/2008 #28

I'm up for randomness!!

* pounces on virtual cookie* COOKIE!!

8/18/2008 #29
Ashlynn Lilacflower

Humor! :D

8/18/2008 #30
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