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Idk wat my name is

Something about Garchomp falling into a volcano?

Pffffffft~ XD I'm sorry, but something about that sentence struck me as epically funny.


Drifloon x Raikou? *Has no idea where that one came from, but still finds it cute*

1/30/2010 #151
Blazing Sceptile

@DRG: Well, since Entei lives in volcanoes, I'd figured that Garchomp should drop in. XD

Hmm... Drifloon floating into a thunderstorm?

1/30/2010 #152
The Dragon Lover

xD Nice, Blazing.

Hm...maybe...err...Trainer battle? *shrugs* I dunno.

As for Drifloon/Raikou...I like what Blazing said.


Edit: WHOA. I posted exactly 12 hours after Blazing's last post. *finds that creepy*

Also, I randomly like Meowth/Buneary now. It's called Cabbitshipping. xD

1/31/2010 . Edited 1/31/2010 #153
Blazing Sceptile


For SeviperxSuicune, either Seviper falling into a lake or Suicune saving Seviper from some Zangoose.

2/1/2010 . Edited 2/1/2010 #154
Idk wat my name is

Hmm... Drifloon floating into a thunderstorm?

Yeah, I figured as much.

*Pictures Raikou walking around w/ a drifloon ballon tied to one of his paws* Aww... =3

2/1/2010 #155

Where did the discussion float off to?

2/1/2010 #156

Um... the discussion is right here? *has no idea what Expika is talking about*

Well, CabbitShipping actually sounds cute besides the fact that I hate Buneary. *killed* Its like a alt to Pika X Buneary!!! :D *mauled*

*likes Seviper X Suicune* :3 Cute~

*throws in Lugia X Natu even though this is normal poke ships*

2/1/2010 #157
The Dragon Lover

Yeah, post PokemonxPokemon and PokemonxLegendary here, not pure Legendary ships. I'd like to see what everyone gets. 8D

You aren't breaking any rules, GR. :D Plus it's adorable.

2/1/2010 #158

I have recently fallen in love with the yaoi pairings of Grovyle x Pikachu (not Ash's) and Ekans x Rattata. I plan to write a fanfic of the former... ^^


9/14/2010 #159
Black Twilight Wolf

Azelf(M) x Celebi(F)

Azelf(M) X Mesprit(F)

Weavile(m) X Celebi(f)

Victini(M) x Celebi(f)

There's some more I like:

Umbreon x Delcatty

Weavile x Roserade

Riolu x Lopunny

Riolu x Shiny Celebi

Umbreon x Ninetales

Absol X Celebi

Vaporeon x Espeon

11/5/2010 #160
The Dragon Lover

Yeah, post PokemonxPokemon and PokemonxLegendary here, not pure Legendary ships. I'd like to see what everyone gets. 8D

*points at Legendary-pairings*

Just sayin'. Try to read the "rules" (or guidelines) of a thread before you post. (Edit: It's also a little disconcerting to not see that I quoted the rules only a few posts above yours...)

11/8/2010 . Edited 11/8/2010 #161

Vitini x Crononeko :3

11/8/2010 #162
Black Twilight Wolf

Mesprit x Riolu

11/19/2010 #163

*Pops in*

Wargle X Nidoking is a little something I like to refer to as WIN.*Smacked*

Also, the world needs MOAR crack.

Doredia *WHO SHOULD HAVE MALES* X Medicham HAHAHAH *Slapped*

11/20/2010 #164
Black Twilight Wolf


Since Celebi can tell Absol what will happened in the future.

12/17/2010 #165
An Anime Fangirl

Glaceon x Snorunt

FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And, Gardevoir x Cacturne is epic as well.

12/30/2010 #166
Black Twilight Wolf


They're special for something.

1/24/2011 #167
An Anime Fangirl


Liepard x Raikou! *Moves eyebrows* I feel a new shipping name for these... Spots&StripesShipping anyone?

2/28/2011 #168
Black Twilight Wolf

Victini x Riolu

Have to try something once in a while

(Throws football)

3/5/2011 #169

Haxorus and Samurott are probably my two favorite Pokemon of this region.:D I tend to pair them extensively.

Haxorus X Flygon

Haxorus X Milotic

Samurott X Lucario

Haxorus X Rampardos

3/7/2011 #170
An Anime Fangirl

Haxorus is made of WIN. But, I am LOVING this shipping.

Dragonair x Serperior

You got to love it. I mean, come on! It's two epic snakes, what more do you need?

3/7/2011 #171

Oooh I do like that one. :D

Personally I prefer Arbok X Dragonair, since Arbok still remains my favorite snake,

But there's no doupt that Seviper is awesome, with his blade tail thigny.

3/7/2011 #172
An Anime Fangirl

I know! Arbok x Dragonair is great also!

3/7/2011 #173
Glory For Sleep


I am in love. :D

3/9/2011 #174
Black Twilight Wolf

Haxorus and Garchomp; okay, never heard of haxorus?

Anyway, SneaselxCelebi, is what I like

Because Sneasel can be Celebi partner, because, if Celebi ever got lonely or was depressed, then Sneasel would be right their for her.

So many things in life are a mystery!?

4/5/2011 #175
Yuukei Yesterday

I like a lot of shippings

tranfremansionshipping= mewxZoura

thunderfoxshipping= EeveexLuxray

dragonseelveesshipping= Garchompxmeinshao

sleevesandpantsshipping= ScraftyxMeinshao

mushroomspikeshipping= Breloomxcucturne

gunsparkparring= Vileplumexpikachu( ask me for details)

flyingdrgonshipping= vibravaxswablu or flygonxaltaria

8/4/2011 #176

Is Dayshipping really the official name for Lucario x Espeon?

3/3/2015 #177
The Dragon Lover
Is Dayshipping really the official name for Lucario x Espeon?

Yep, looks like!

3/17/2015 #178

I kinda like

Absol x Gallade

Talonflame x Altaria(random idea)

Gallade x Gardevoir

2/24/2016 #179
Black Twilight Wolf
I like WeavilexLopunny GardevoirxWeavile I even like SylveonxRiolu
5/22/2016 #180
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