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Luna Tiger

There comes a time in any authenticator's life when one should stop cleaning up after others. Formally introducing myself: I'm LT. I currently the one in charge of updating BMGf's list of shipping names, meaning the list most of you get your names from (where some of you somehow miss the point, but I'll get to that in a minute).

Every time I come here, there's always some new legendary (or other) 'ship someone's come up with; that's cool. I tag it and bag it like I call it, cart them away, and make them official, under the idea that hopefully no one elsesomewhere elsebeat you to it. This is a hassle, because while many are new, some that already have names are being called something else. This is where life gets confusing, because when I search for 'midnightshipping' I should not be getting 'Darkrai/Cresselia' where I should be getting 'Umbreon/Weavile/Houndoom', because it was named LunarEclipseshipping long before it got popular. Anyway.

That's not the point, this is the point: you want things like IceTablet and LionKing official? I can make that happen. I can put your shiny on the list, and you should never have to worry about other people calling it something different again (unless, they, yanno, don't read the list, which is a problem on everyone's part). You just need to do two things.

1) Make sure it's not called something else first. Some of you are awesome, and actually know the list exists and use it, saving me from painful migraines of sirius bizness intarwebs splodeding synapses.

2) Either leave it on this very thread, saying this is the 'ship (you didn't find on the list) with this name (that wasn't on the list) OR on the list's guestbook. We get quite the number of people using that as a submission form, and that's cool.

This way, I'm not tempted to ignore what might be genuine, because when I think something might already be taken, it's one thing to check. It's a whole new ballgame when I need to search for a bulk-load, like some of the time I find here.


9/14/2008 . Edited 3/8/2012 #1

Ah, so someone actually runs that list. Very well, can I submit a few?

IceTabletShipping - Uxie & Froslass

PsychicSandShipping - Flygon & Latios

ShineStarShipping - Jirachi & Mew

I have a few others that aren't yet official, but I can't think of a good name. ^^;

9/14/2008 #2
Shiny Hunter


Um... let's see...

Entei x Dialga- FeiryTimeShipping

Uxie x Mew- PlayfulKnowledgeShipping

Ho-oh x Rayquaza- ConceitedFeathersShipping

Shaymin x Manaphy- ChildlikeShipping

I'll think of some more xD Please forgive me if there are already names for these pairing! I made a list of all the legendary pairings at that said website, but I might have missed these!

Thanks for everything!


9/14/2008 . Edited 9/14/2008 #3
The Dragon Lover

Ah, I believe that Ho-oh/Cresselia is called Radianceshipping.

9/14/2008 . Edited 9/14/2008 #4
Shiny Hunter

Thanks DL :3 Crossed that one of then... do you see anything wrong with my list? ^^;


9/14/2008 #5
Luna Tiger

Mesprit/Jirachi is WishfulThinking Ho-oh/Raquaza is Radiance Giratina/Latios is Verimyn

DeathWish is Giratina/Jirachi

And this is why you should double check, always, just in case.

So I can take FieryTime, PlayfulKnowledge, ConceitedFeathers, Childlike, IceTablet, PsychicSand, and ShineStar. ...Though, for future reference, when it comes to FFN, you may wish to think in terms of shorter names. Or single words. Just a tip.

9/14/2008 #6
Shiny Hunter

Hehe, sorry about that Luna ^^; I'll try to make them shorter. I was actually through my shipping list right now and I was about to edit it xD I'll do it anyway.


9/14/2008 #7

CellShipping - Mew & Deoxys

9/14/2008 #8

PrimalScreamshipping- Primal DialgaXHero in PMD2

HysteriaMagmashipping- MewXGroudon

I'll create more XD

9/14/2008 #9
The Dragon Lover

Hey, wait, about the pairings that look like Person, Guy and Dude or whatever, with three people, I was just wondering what that meant. It always confuses me. :/ I hate getting confused. XP

9/14/2008 #10
Luna Tiger

It means threesomes/moresomes. Polyamorous 'ships, not love triangles. Comakarishipping isn't Ash and Paul fighting over Dawn; they're in some form of doable relationship 'tween the three. It makes Flexibleshipping all the more frightening. ^_^

9/14/2008 #11
The Dragon Lover

Ah, okay, that clears everything up. Thank you!

9/14/2008 #12

Just LionKingshipping, please, LuxrayxRaikou, as you mentioned it. That ship's the only one I really want on there. xP

9/14/2008 #13

Oh, and I just got this one; Creatorshipping, MewxArceus.

9/15/2008 #14
Shiny Hunter

I think it's already called that Draco xD CreationShipping

9/15/2008 #15

Yes, that's the official name for Arceus x Mew.

ResponsibilityShipping- Latios x Arceus

AngelShipping- Latias x Arceus

FatherTimeShipping- Uxie x Celebi


9/17/2008 #16
The Dragon Lover

Alright, I finally got over being lazy and decided to post mine. I checked and double-checked, but I could still get some of these wrong. 3: Sorry ahead of time!

RippedSoulshipping - Latios and Scyther

ValiantSoulshipping - Giratina and Gallade

NightFallshipping - Darkrai and Suicune

GodPhoenixshipping - Arceus and Moltres

IciclesInTheForestshipping - Articuno and Celebi

StubbornBoltshipping - Azelf and Zapdos

SpacialCheershipping - Deoxys and Latias

PolitelyLovelyshipping - Latias and Gallade

DracoJudgementshipping - Arceus and Salamence

DeadOzoneshipping - Rayquaza and Latios

AncientSilvershipping - Aerodactyl and Lugia

AncientGoldshipping - Aerodactyl and Ho-oh

GhostLightningshipping - Rotom and Zapdos

Whoa...that's a lot. Sorry for the long names! ;_; I should have thought ahead of time...

9/19/2008 . Edited 10/19/2008 #17
Luna Tiger

BlueGuardian is already SilverLight.

PhantomKitty is already LightInDarkness.

DNAStrand is already Transmutation.

Otherwise, I can take the rest. FatherTime/Angel/Responsibility are up for this update. Dragon's, yours will be next time.

9/20/2008 #18

Okay, thanks for telling me, guys. ;D

-gets idea- -goes to write Creationshipping oneshot-

How about FutureFriendshipping, PMD2 HeroxGrovyle? Sorry about the name, couldn't think of anything better. ^^;

9/20/2008 #19
Kaze Tsukai Kagura

Sorry, it's already called CessationShipping.

Can anyone think of a name for Dusknoir/Primal Dialga? I'm obsessed with that shipping now and WANTZ A NAME BADLY!

P.s. Contrary to the given gender in the game, I refer to Primal Dialga as a female. It's so much fun! :DDD

10/3/2008 #20

Woot, mine are there! 8D

Here are a few more:

WarpPowerShipping - Celebi & Azelf

OceanGemShipping - Phione (M) & Phione (F). Because there are multiple Phione.

HiddenJoyShipping - Togekiss (F) & Latios

10/5/2008 #21

Alright, I have just a few. I hope I'm not repeating any of the shippings, I mean... I did check the super king kong komayamaya list on bulbagardens but man! There's so many shippings I think my eyes started bleeding!

Either Graveyard or Cemetaryshipping, I prefer cemetary. Garatina X Marowak

AngelEonshipping Altaria X Latios

Latios X Garchomp (looks around... what?) Mach-5shipping

Suicune X Garchomp JetSpeedshipping

Latios X Dialga RaceAgainstTimeshipping

Altaria X Jigglypuff SingAlongshipping

Alright, that's all for now. I know I'll come up with more... I just now it, hey!

Oh yeah, I guess I could think of a few for P Dialga and Duskinior KTK.





That's all I got...hope it helps.

10/9/2008 . Edited 10/9/2008 #22
Luna Tiger

Ctrl+F'ing for word prefixes makes life easier.

Cemetary and Graveyard are both taken. I suggest Sepulcher (or Sepulchre):

The rest, I can take.

10/10/2008 #23
Luna Tiger

...Except I can't take OceanGem, because we don't take same species 'ships unless they're specific. Kay's Raichu/Surge's Raichu, for example.

10/10/2008 #24

Why? Can't a male and female of the same species be together? Humans do it all the time.

10/10/2008 #25

Sepulchershipping, fair enough! CD

Oh can I add like a few more real quick? Here's where it gets reeeeeeeally random and crazy. Get ready.

JurassicJungleShipping Tropius X Rampardos

MonkeyLovesBananaShipping Chimchar X Tropius

MonkeyKingBananaShipping Infernape X Tropius

SantasReindeerShipping Delibird X Stantler

ChristmasPresentShipping Pikachu X Delibird

MerryChristmasShipping Delibird X Togetic

SilverSongShipping Altaria X Lugia

FlashCannonShipping Flaffy X Blastoise

Okay, I'm done. XD

No no wait, WishingStarShipping Jirachi X Clefairy... okay NOW I'm done

10/10/2008 . Edited 10/11/2008 #26
Luna Tiger

It has nothing to do with if they can or can't be together. The list just doesn't accept names for things like Phione/Phione, Gardevoir/Gardevoir, etc. There's little point in having a name for something that isn't unique. And by unique, I don't mean special. I mean tailored specifically, one-of-a-kind, yadda yadda. Now, we do have 'ships with Lance/Lance and Giovanni/Giovanni, but two are from the anime, one Lance is from the Special manga, and one Giovanni is from the game. That casts uniqueness, because they're specific people in specific universes. And we have Surge's Raichu and Kay's Raichu, because they're under unique ownership, and none will be confused with who is what.

Wes' Umbreon and Gary's Umbreon? Cool. Ash's Pikachu and Red's Pikachu? Generic pair of Ninetales? Doesn't fly.

If they don't belong to someone, we simply don't take names for like species. Otherwise, that's 490+ more names we don't need, on top of everything else in the mix'n'match bag.

And what's more, the list will always be gender neutral (unless it's a Nidoran, or single-sex only species, obviously). Your hetero SilverLightshipping might be someone else's h*** SilverLightshipping, and there will be no distinction.

10/10/2008 #27

Okay, I have a few more!

Zapdos/Rayquaza- AngerShipping

Suicune/Deoxys- PureAuroraShipping

Lugia/Kyogre- OceanDeepShipping

Ho-oh/Charizard- RainbowDragonShipping

Latias/Togekiss- TriangleShipping

Latias/Mewtwo- LossShipping

Mesprit/Manaphy- ReggaeShipping

Uxie/Shaymin- WiseShamanShipping

Heatran/Rhyhorn- RhinoToadShipping

Deoxys/Giratina- TerminalIllnessShipping

Deoxys/Latias- SiblingShipping

Registeel/Regirock- IronMiningShipping


10/11/2008 #28

Yay Attila Lugia/Kyogre- OceanDeepShipping weeeee!!!!!

Okay... remember when I said I was done making shippings? I lied.

ContinentShipping Groudon X Torterra

Cubone X Cranidos SkullBashShipping

Rampardos X Cubone HeadSmashShipping

Abra X Kadabra AbrakadabraShipping

Abra X Lucario AbraAuraShipping

Latios X Cubone OrphanShipping

CharChompShipping Totodile X Charmander

Rampardos X Rhydon RhinoDinoShipping

Rhydon X Nidoking DrillShipping

Donphan X Rampardos RockNRollShipping (ya know, since Rampardos is rock type and Donphan likes to roll, lol)

GorgeousGatrShipping Feraligatr X Milotic

Lanturn X Limineon LuminousShipping

Alright... I can't promise... but I think that's all.....

10/12/2008 #29
The Dragon Lover

Ooh, I finally have some!

MoltenRoarshipping - Heatran & Entei

BlackInfernoshipping - Moltres & Darkrai

PsychicScrapshipping - Mewtwo & Heatran

PowerBondshipping - Arceus & Celebi

GlacierTitanshipping - Regice & Articuno

Everlastingshipping - Arceus & Kyogre

Wow, I'm surprised I was the first to name those! :/ And also, I feel so proud to look at that incomplete pairings list and see some pairings I named there! (tears to eye)

EDIT: Thought of more! (hears groans) What?

Clumsyshipping - Regice & Arceus

LandSteamshipping - Articuno & Groudon

Sensitivityshipping - Articuno & Mesprit

NaturalIceshipping - Articuno & Shaymin

InYourDreamsshipping - Darkrai & Azelf

How could NO ONE have used Clumsy before? O.o No WAY!

10/19/2008 . Edited 10/19/2008 #30
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