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RPG. Some new kids stumble into Narnia. Make your own character, and RP them in Narnia! Members needed!
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OK. Here, you submit characters to be in the RPG. Use the form below:



Race: (Human, Fawn, Centaur ect.)

Age (If your character is one of the kids that come into Narnia, then he/she cannot be younger than 6, and not older than 18):


Side (good or bad):

Appearance (What he/she looks like):






6/27/2008 . Edited 7/7/2008 #1

Name: Jasmine

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Age: 14

Nationality: She used to live in America, but she ran away to Narnia.

Side: Neutral.

Appearence: Black blouse and jeans. She has a sword strapped to her back and a bag on her shoulder. She has another one strapped to a belt full of ninja stars. She also wears dark brown boots without the pointed heel (flat soles).

Personality: Likes to fight, explore, etc. (has a bad temper.)

Interests/hobbies: Art and swordfighting.

Hates: People making fun of her and making her mad. etc.

Other: Has dark brown hair and eyes.

7/12/2008 #2

I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I've been neglecting this forum! I forgot to post the plot! I'll post it in a second, so I'm really sorry, but you might have to change your character to fit the plot, sorry...

7/13/2008 #3

My character...

Name: Cassandra Northwood

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Age: 12

Nationality: English

Side: good

Appearance: Has brown hair and green eyes. Has a couple freckles, and her hair is almost always messy, since she likes to oversleep.


Personality:Preppy and creative, but is also hot-tempered with loads of mood swings. Has inspiration at the best, and worst, times. Loves reading, writing and drawing. Likes being the center of attention, but doesn't crave it. Hates to be ignored,has an open mind. Is usually a bit of a loner, but is also comfortable with small groups of close friends. She is a good leader if she tries, but is usually too scared and shy to take the lead. She is quite naive and trusting, which makes her very gullible (easy to trick) as well.

Family: Luke Northwood (father), Francis Northwood (mother)and Laela Northwood (younger sister)

Interests/Hobbies: Music, reading, writing, drawing, imaginating and daydreaming

Hates: bullies, spoiled brats, traitors, being forced to do things, and most sports

Other: Not very good at fighting, would rather be a healer on the battlefield

7/13/2008 #4
Seeker Lyson

Name: Leo Scar

Gender: Male

Race: Werewolf

Age: 190

Nationailty: Umm I guess he hails from wolfs.

Side: bad

Appearence: when in wolf form when in human form he wears a black coat, a black shirt, black boots, red gloves, and a red chain around his neck.

Personailty: Normal dark and sadstic, but when he first meets some one he'll pretend to be nice, and kind, only to betray them later on.

Family: N/A

Interests/hobbies: Stalking around, hunting.

Dislikes: He really dislikes all other things.

Other: He has become cold and cruel since his clan was killed in front of him.

8/9/2008 #5


8/9/2008 #6
Seeker Lyson

OK can we rp now?

8/10/2008 #7


8/21/2008 #8
Piano Man 101

Name:Garphen Hesentell


Race: (Human, Fawn, Centaur ect.)Elf

Age (If your character is one of the kids that come into Narnia, then he/she cannot be younger than 6, and not older than 18):200


Side (good or bad):Good

Appearance (What he/she looks like):tall blonde hair medium length

Personality:Gentle most of the time

Interests/Hobbies:studying Humans

Hates:The white witch and her army

9/12/2008 . Edited 9/12/2008 #9


9/17/2008 #10

Name: Aronfire

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Age: 16

Nationality: Shalidorian

Side: Mostly good

Appearance: He looks a lot like a younger Tom Cruise with a bit of Viggo in him.

Personality: Abrasive, Stoic

Family: None

Interests/Hobbies: Fighting

Hates: Injustice, Bad cooking, Darkness(a fancy way of saying evil), annoying people, Iniquity(a fancy way of saying Injustice).


11/15/2008 #11

Name: Serina

Gender: Female

Race: Human/witch (Like Jadis the white witch)


Nationality: American

Side: good

Appearance: Long blond hair, always up in a braid, with a crown of leaves around it. She has perfect blue eyes, and is very tall for her age. Most of the time, she wears shorts and a tank top.

Personality: Spunky. She can be over protective, and she stands up for what she beleives in. She is considered adventurous, but also incredibly intelligent

Hobbies: Running, reading, swimming, fighting

Hates: Girly girls, Drama

Other: Serina is an only child.

2/16/2009 . Edited 4/3/2009 #12

Name: Luciana Griffiths

Gender: Female

Race: Human/Wolf

Age: 13

Nationality: Wolf/Human-ish (from England)

Side: Good/ Bad (only when fighting in war with countries against Narnia; this is when I turn into a wolf)

Appearance: Shoulder-length black/brown hair, shiny brown eyes (golden when wolf), sort of pale skin, about a few inches smaller (1 or 2) than Ed, and i'm pretty.when human, i wear denim jeans, pink converses, a black jumper with stars on, and a baby-blue tee. When wolf, i'm pretty much the same appearance as when human, but my face,hair,and hands are changed. my face turns paler, and i develop this habit to growl when uncomfortable or annoyed by someone, i grow sharp canines, and my eyes turn golden. my ears turn all pixie-like, sharp, and my sense of hearing is 10x better than when i am human. my hair becomes short and spiky (like alice cullen's in the twilight saga or if you've seen the movie) and my skin becomes rougher; i am invincible to all enemies. but the only thing that destroys me is pain. i mean that in battle if i see any ppl i know that are in pain or suffering (about to die), i howl as if i am feeling it myself.

Personality: kind, fun to be with, shy at first, playful, adventurous, quick-thinking, brave, smart, all that stuff.

Family: -

Hobbies: hunting, with my mates, battles, etc.

Hates: ENEMIES!!!

that's it.

4/6/2009 #13

Wow, that's really cool! I hate to see this forum go to waste, so I guess I'll take over until the real moderator comes back. Uh, I guess you're accepted!

4/6/2009 #14

ok, thanks!

4/6/2009 #15

Name: Ark Crossings

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Age: Around 17

Nationality: He is American with hints of Japense blood mixed in him.

Side: Good, though he sometimes turns to the darkside

Appereance: He has black hair that covers most of his face, he is blind in his left eye his right eye is blue, he has a small vest that he wears over his black shirt, a pair of cargo shorts that puff out in the middle but are scrunched up below the knee, he wears a gothic cross on a tarnished silver chain, he has a pair of black gloves that reach up to his ellbows, also on his neck are a pair of goggles that hug his neck.

He is very toned and has taned skin, he has a few scars on his face, that travel down his back from when he was hit with debre from the car reck.

Personality: He is very defensive in what he believes and will not take anyone, even adults, that challenge him, which often gets him in trouble. He doesn't really perfure people, he'll wrap himself in a good book when people annoy him, besides this he is known for sneaking out an nights.

Family: His family was killed in a car crash.

Interests/Hobbies: He loves to play with action figures as well as read books (as mentioned above).

Hates: People, small children

Other: None really.

{I can't really remember whats the timeline during Narnia (for the kids) but I hope this is alright.}

4/8/2009 #16

Yeah, it's great! You're accepted!

4/8/2009 #17

Cool where shall I go?

4/8/2009 #18

You will want to start in the human world, but find a way to move him to Narnia, cause that's where we are ;-D.

4/8/2009 #19

Alright, but just until I can get him in there, I'm going to make another character for Narnia.

4/8/2009 #20


4/8/2009 #21

Name: Trather Ironblade

Gender: Male

Race: Dwarf

Age: Probably around 50

Nationality: Dwarfanite...

Side: He was bad at one point, but he is now fightning for Aslan.

Appereance: Like most drawf's Trather is stalk and gruff he has bulgy arm muscules, and legs that don't seem like they can support his rather heavty frame, he has neatly combed hair that is tied into a tight and respective pony tail, his facial hair is also trimmed into a trinagular fasion very bushy eyebrows that pretty much cover his eyes but he has golden eyes under the massive amount of eyebrow hair, he wears a slim fitting leather shirt that hugs his plump belly died brown in color, he wears fitting leggings also brown, brown hunting boots as well as a hooded cloak with a iron belt, as well as heavy chainmail gloves, and a metalic helmet.

Personality: When he was with the White Witch, he wsa cunning and ruthless, he killed an entire family once. But after the war between Aslan and the Witch he decided to give Aslan's side a try. Since then transformation he has become quite calm, and loves to kick back and relaxe every now and then. Though if he doesn't know a person he can be quite hostal towards them.

Family:(optional): He has none.

Interests/Hobbies: He enjoys fighing with a large battle axe, he has two daggers tucked into his hunting boots as well as a bow in which he pratices with targets, he loves to hunt wild game (animals that don't talk).

Hates: Evil people and stuff that reminds him of his old ways of life. Though he does hunt, he loves peace and hates it when people fight with each other.

Other: None really.


(EDIT: Finished the rest of the profile, gave him a new name.)

4/8/2009 . Edited 4/8/2009 #22


4/8/2009 #23

Alright he's done being edited!

4/8/2009 #24
Oh Nathalie

Is it to late to RP?? I hope not...

Name: Danny Owens

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Age: 14

Nationality: English

Side: Good

Appearance: Hazel brown eyes, tall-ish, pale, black meduim length hair (his hair looks like this:

Personality: friendly to the max, but can mask his emotions to let no one see what he really is feeling. Nice to everybody, no matter who or what they are. Brave and has an inquisitive, smart mind.

Family: He has a mother and father. He's the only child^^

Interests/Hobbies: Fencing, music(he plays french horn), and different types of sports.

Hates: Losing to another person, traitors, and people who think they're "all that"

Other: hm... Oh! I know! Parents sent him to boarding school because they didn't want to have their own kid with them. They want him to grow up to become famous and wealthy. That's why they put him in boarding school.

6/9/2009 . Edited 6/9/2009 #25
Oh Nathalie

Is anybody here?

6/17/2009 #26
Oh Nathalie

heeeelllllllooooo?! Is this forum dead :/

S***, and I really wanted to RP in this one!

6/22/2009 #27

...Um... I'm here... but I'm not a mod...

6/23/2009 #28
Oh Nathalie

ooh, but it's nice to know that this forum isn't COMPLETLY dead.

6/23/2009 #29


6/23/2009 #30
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