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Tazumi Hanako

I decided to start a second rpg u could use the same chracters but were hoping to make it less confusing so enjoy.

8/14/2009 #1
Astrea Xenophon

When does RP start? I haven't been accepted yet to any RP's and can't wait to start! Sooooo, I'm just wondering when?

1/19/2010 #2
Astrea Xenophon

((Time to get this RP started then!))

Luna ran out the door, racing to the bus stop. 'I can't be late again!' Luna reached the bus stop to see the bus driving away in the distance. "YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME!" Luna shouted in frustration. This was the third time this week that she had missed the bus, and she would have to run all the way to school if she was to get there in time. Luna put on a sudden burst of speed and ran towards the woods, 'There should be a shortcut if I remember correctly.' She raced through the trees, her long brown curly hair flying in the wind. 2/21/2010 #3
The Black Wizard Zeref

mean while, morgan was in the woods as usuall, bunking school. she was in her wolf form busy chasing butterflies and fooling about, when she heard someone runing, she turned her head to see luna runing. most likely to school again. so she desided to sneak up on her. morgan snuck around in the bush, following luna through the woods.

2/21/2010 #4

Kassandra walked down the sidewalk, her bag slung over her shoulder casually as she walked to school. She didn't live all that far from it, and she always got an early start. No father at home to say goodbye to today, anyway...

2/21/2010 #5
Astrea Xenophon

((Are we all already mews?))

Shadowe paused, she was feeling un-naturally strong. Luna looked around, spying a girl through the tree's, she seemed to be walking to school, 'She has the same school uniform as me..." Shadowe crept closer to the treeline, curious. 'It's Kassandra.' Luna slunk out of the trees and crept up to her, dragging a hand over her mouth and dragging her over to the wood, laughing as she struggled. "It's me! Luna!" Luna laughed as she let go of Kassandra.

2/21/2010 #6

((I'll assume so.))

Kassandra made a face and straightened up. "I knew that." She tried to play it off. Then she smiled. "Did you miss the bus again, Luna?"

2/21/2010 #7
Astrea Xenophon

"Ha ha... yeah, what about you, you don't seem to be in any rush, do you know a shortcut we can take? I thought that there was one through this wood to the back of the school..." Luna started thinking about what kind of a detention she would get if she was late again.

2/21/2010 #8

"Well, I don't know about the woods..." Kassandra admitted apologetically. "But there is a shortcut through the work lot of the auto shop on the next block. The employees are super nice, and they let me cut through every day." She smiled. "That'll get us to school five minutes faster."

2/21/2010 #9
The Black Wizard Zeref

(well my character is, maybe yours don't have to be yet, or atleast don't know it yet.)

morgan watch the two chatting then head off for school, she sighed and ran back through the woods, till she was out in the park. "I still don't get how everyone can get along so well." she said under her breath before taking off down the street. she ran for a long time, but she didn't jknow where she was going, all she knew is that she was running and couldn't stop. she ran through tokyo and by the time she had reached the beach, she was exaghsted, but kept going,that is until she ran into someone, who grabed her and helped her back up onto all four feet. "are you lost?" came the fimilliar voice of a school friend, and new mew partner. 'thats right! I only got my power this morning, so they don't know about it yet! oh she's gonna freak!' she faced her and then said in her human voice "no. I know where I am ichigo, you should know I don't get lost easily." ichigo practicly jumped out of her skin when she heard morgan speak, so she showed her exactilly why she can talk. when she changed back to human, she waved a hand infrontt of ichigo... frozen stiff... so morgan ran off leaving ichigo stunded, and laughing at her reacsion.

2/21/2010 #10
Astrea Xenophon

((Ok, Luna is a mew but she doesn't know it yet.))

"Five minutes..." Luna looked at her watch, five minutes would make sure that they would get there in time, but only just. "Ok, Lead the way!" Luna brushed herself down and picked up her school bags. "Lets go!" Luna got a strange feeling that today would be different from most days, Luna looked around the wood, it was very beautiful, the large trees drowned out most of the light, but small shafts made there way through the branches, illuminating the leafy floor of the wood.

2/22/2010 #11

Suzuka clutched the application form of a school and held it close to her. Closing her eyes and whispering to herself.

"This is the last school that i haven't tried...maybe this ones different maybe they wont reject it..."

Suzuka opened her eyes and leant her head on the paint scratched wall of the alley, and watched the stray cats and dogs scamper around frightfully.

She then slowly stood up and walked to the school with a nervous crease on her face.

2/22/2010 #12

((I guess Kassandra knows of her powers, but maybe not the Mews?))

"Alright! Follow me!" Kassandra set off at a job toward the auto shop several blocks down. When the two girls reached it, Kassandra cut back down the sidewalk and stopped at a chain-link gate. "Jason!" She called. "Open up!" A tall teenager popped up from behind a dented up car.

"Coming!" He ran around the car and up to the gate, which he opened for them. "Morning, Kassandra."

"Morning Jason!" Kassandra smiled and reached back to grab Luna's hand. "Come on, Luna, this way!"

2/22/2010 . Edited 2/22/2010 #13
Astrea Xenophon

((cool! ok XD Shall we introduce a chirema anima through the gates? Or shall we leave that till later?))

Luna laughed as Kassandra grasped her hand and pulled her through the gate.

2/22/2010 #14

((I dunno. You choose. XD))

The two girls crossed the lot, which ended behind an alley directly across the street from their school. Kassandra shifted a piece of plywood to reveal a large hole in the fence, splitting it almost top to bottom. "Here we go!" She quickly ducked through the gap. "And there's school!"

2/22/2010 #15
Astrea Xenophon

Luna re-checked her watch. 'Yes! Were going to male it!' Luna thought. Luna suddenly got a very bad feeling that some thing was going to happen, Luna looked towards school, her face pale with terror of things to come. She didn't know where the feeling was coming from, she just knew to trust it. Luna felt an impulse to run towards the school, suddenly, she heard a scream, it was coming from the school. Luna shot a look towards Kassandra before rushing towards the scream, something, deep inside her was crying out, waiting to be set free, Luna began picking up more speed as she rushed towards the school, erupting with cries of help. 'What is this feeling?' Luna questioned in her thoughts.

2/22/2010 #16

Kassandra gripped her bag and raced after Luna, her own heart leaping into her throat at the scream.

2/22/2010 #17
Astrea Xenophon

Luna was thrilled, adreneline was coursing through her veins as she raced towards the school. She stopped, looking around the corner of the P.E. block, there, she saw something that made her heart stop. A huge spider like creature was ensnaring school kids in a huge web. She felt a tug in her heart and looked to Kassandra for guidance who was standing beside her. She was suddenly consumed by a black light. Luna opened her eyes to the dark eerie light and saw a wolf race at her, she cried out but the wolf passed strsight through her, and when she looked behind her, the wolf had gone and everyhting had returned to normal again. Except for the huge monster that was attacking her colleages. Luna turned to Kassandra, despairing in what to do. She was torn between attacking the creature (much to her surprise) and running away as fast as possible.

2/22/2010 #18

Kassandra already had her pendant in hand, though it was out of Luna's immediate sight. "We...we need to stop that thing!" She though aloud. "One of us should go for help."

2/22/2010 #19
The Black Wizard Zeref

after morgan had took off in another direction, leaving ichigo standing, she had run to the school. 'what on earth would bring me hear?' she asked herself. morgan was hidding behind a tree and looking out at the school, when she heard someone scream. she looked around for the cause of the scream and noticed two girls in the distance, infront of a kimera anima, she looked closer and saw the were luna and kassandra. morgan ran twards them to join in on fighting the kimera but stayed out of their sight for a while, she looked at the two and noticed kassandra was holding something, 'is that...' she thought to herself 'is that a pendant?' she then turned her gaze back to the kimera and couldn't help but growl, she still wasn't sure why she was still in her wolf form.

2/22/2010 #20
Astrea Xenophon

Luna didn't know what to do. She was frozen to the spot. 'What do I do?' She asked herself as the spider like creature suddenly stopped what it was doing and turned in her direction, Luna knew it had seen her peering round the corner of the P.E. hall, suddenly, from no-where, a little pink flying fluff ball flew right up to her face, before dropping a golden oval on the floor, "Whats this?" Luna questioned, but the furry pink thing, or what ever it was, had dissapeared. Luna picked up the pendant absentmindedly as she heard scuttling, it seemed to be coming closer.

2/23/2010 #21
The Black Wizard Zeref

morgan noticed masha give luna the pendant and turned human then come up to her and put a hand on her shoulder, and said in monotone "you need to fight."

2/23/2010 #22
Astrea Xenophon

"I know..." Luna whispered, not stopping to think where on earth Morgan had come from. Luna acted on impulse and transformed into mew Shadow. She wore a black top and shorts, with long gloves and high, flat soled boots. "Wow..." She said as she looked at herself, her hair was jet black and she saw a tail the same colour. "What now?" She asked.

2/23/2010 #23
The Black Wizard Zeref

"now..." morgan started then transformed into her mew form "we fight." morgan ran at the kimera and jumped up as she shouted for her weapon "faital moon!" a cresant moon shaped weapon with a dimond looking thing in thr middle appeared in front of morgan, she grabed it and pointed it at the kimera "dark spirit blood!" the dimond started to glow red and shot at the kimera, weakening it and draining it's spiritual energy. morgan landed back down on the ground and turned to the other two, "now! shoot it!" she shouted at the two.

2/23/2010 #24
Astrea Xenophon

"Here goes nothing..." Shadow muttered. "Uh... SHADOWE SWORDS!" Shadow saw two short swords appear before her, she grabbed them and charged at the monster. "SHADOWE BLAST!" Shadow raised her swords above her head, and black orb formed slightly above them. Shadow brought her swords down and aimed at the monster before releasing the blast which caught the monster in one of it's eyes. She then charged once more, aiming her swords this time, for the creatures, stomache.

2/23/2010 #25
The Black Wizard Zeref

"shadow! now! shoot it now!" morgan said just before shouting her own attack "dark spirit blood!" and hit the kimera strait in between the eyes.

2/23/2010 #26
Astrea Xenophon

"SHADOWE BLAST!" Shadow thrust her swords into the stomache of the creature and let the orb grow, when she finnaly released it, the monster exploded into nothing, the only thing that was left behind was a small, flying squid like thing. "What is that?" Shadow asked Morgan "... And what the heck is going on?" Shadow said as she caught sight of herself in a reflective window, she had two wolf ears poking through her black hair. "Save it for later... lets release them..." Shadowe pointed towards a web, filled with kids, struggling to get free. She made her way over to the web and started slashing away at it with her swords.

2/23/2010 #27

"Snow whip!" The web suddenly froze, becoming brittle enough to break with ease. Standing behind them was a girl wearing a white, thigh-length dress with white fur around the collar, arms, and hem. Around her neck was a white chocker with black lace, and black fingerless gloves and boots. Around her waist was a black ribbon belt, which held up a white 'cape' that hung down to her knees. Clasped in her hand, still glowing a faint blue, was a long white whip. "Sorry I wasn't able to help with the chimera..."

2/23/2010 #28
Astrea Xenophon

"K...K...Kassandra?" Shadow recognised Kassandra, as she should, they were best friends. Shadowe broke the frozen web with a few more sword slashes and kicks. "Could you tell me whats going on now?"

2/23/2010 #29
Astrea Xenophon

((Byee XD Back on tomorrow XD))

2/23/2010 #30
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