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Welcome, participants, to the 2011 Freestyle Wrting Contest. If you are interested in joining, please reply to this thread so that we will all know who will be submitting entries, and stories will be easier to find when the time to judge them comes around.

The contest has already started (official start date was March 1st) and will end June 30th with the week after the deadline to allow judges time to read, review, and decide the top three. Even if this contest has already started, latecomers are still welcomed, but please post here so that we know you'll be joining!

Rules: Anything goes, but the rating must be kept to T and below (and of course, it has to be a Golden Sun fanfic). One-shots and/or multi-chapter fics are accepted and entries must be submitted with an indication that they are for the competition in the summary *If the judges do not see this indication, your story will not be read and judged!!!*. Entries should be submitted at either or the Temple of Kraden and ALL stories must be completed by the deadline!

Judges: Ultaflame, Dracobolt, Blackraider78

Entrants: Joker's Specter, Rounin, TheNinthCircleofHell, Thorion, Sundancer, Hinoa, Kyarorain, Hyrulian Jedi, The Shadow of Wings (this list will be updated periodically as more people join from both or Temple)

Please help us spread the word around about this contest by announcing this on your profiles (make sure you include the link to this thread as well)! More participants will liven up the competition and give more entries for judges to read and choose from when determining the winners.

Good luck to all participants and remember, quality over quantity! :)

2/28/2011 . Edited 3/2/2011 #1

There are actually a few more entrants.

This is the ToK thread for the competition, and there are a few more entrant's names you could list down.

Also, I've already finished my story, 'cause for the first time in my life I didn't procrastinate~

Hell's Entry: The Final Battle – Alex, the Sixfold Adept

2/28/2011 #2

do multi-chap fics have to be COMPLETED by the deadline?

I plan on entering I just don't know which story I will enter. I have two plans a multi and a one-shot. I just need to know which one I should enter cause the multi will probably not be done in time.

2/28/2011 #3

Yep. If you plan to write a multichapter story, write quick.

Everything needs to be done by the deadline.

2/28/2011 . Edited 2/28/2011 #4

I've updated the list, Ninth. If I'm missing anyone from Temple, let me know.

Wings, how many chapters do you plan for your entry to have? If you can, write up the whole story just to finish and have the entry submitted before the deadline. Then, with the leftover time span, revise your chapters. Judges cannot read the entries until the week after the deadline and you can also get possible feedback from fellow participants and other non-participant authors here on through their reviews.

I hope this resolves any time issues you may have in regards to writing a multichapter story for this contest

3/1/2011 #5

We're judging a week post-deadline? Alright, fine with me. Actually still haven't gotten 'round to reading that story that was already done.

Busy life, busy life.

3/4/2011 #6

Well, I've finished my entry and submitted it to the site.

Broken Promises

4/21/2011 #7
Malik Fairworth Armster

I'm in it. However, I won't put my entry until mid-June or so.

4/29/2011 #8

Yes, same here...too much going on with school at the moment -.-

5/3/2011 #9

Yeah June is probably the time I will post my story, too much going on

5/3/2011 #10

I'm gonna have exactly one month free from school to read everything... Expert timing xD

5/4/2011 #11

I can't say much ever happened with this contest ;P

Anyway, entry times be over mon. Guess we've gotta read 'm now. But uhhh, can someone grab and post me some links? I'm busy preparing for Egypt so I don't have much time, not any to randomly muck about searching anyway.

7/2/2011 #12

/surprised you're actually doing this still

I forgot about this until yesterday :D

7/3/2011 #13

Same. I just so happened to come across a different contest and that made me remember ;_;

7/3/2011 #14

I completely forgot about this, and I think everyone else did too. o_o; The only people I'm aware of that entered were Hell, Kyarorain, and Thorion...

7/5/2011 #15

Did they even complete their fics?

7/5/2011 #16

...Hell and Caz posted links to their fics in this topic, as you can see for yourself. So yes.

7/8/2011 #17

Kyarorain. Hell. You've both written hard (wut?) and long (oh this is going the wrong way). You've duked it out and I've come to my conclusion regarding the best entry of the two.

Kyarorain. You made an amazing story effectively portraying the feelings of Jenna as she is betrayed and abandoned once more. You made an emotional depiction of Felix's leaving and allowed a good deal of creativity surrounding it. However, you seemingly forgot all about Felix's 'wife' after the first half of the story, which seems completely out of place seeing the scenario.

Hell. I said it in the review and I'll say it again, way to make my work look insignificant. The start was shoddy, I was looking for confirmation for things for longer than I deem acceptable in a story. It took me too long to figure out they were on top of the floating Anemos and that there was some kind of tower. It would have been better to open up with a description of the immediate area and the recent ongoings, to give the reader more perspective. Once we got into the tower however, things heated up very nice. All in all, I enjoyed every bit of the fight. I am not so much a fan of people dying but then again it added an enormous deal of effectively delivered drama. I greatly enjoyed everything from Matthew's lone fight on. The story behind the Wise One was exactly what I to this day hope Camelot will make canon.

I enjoyed reading both immensely. However, one shall stand, one shall fall. Okay, excuse my Transformers quote.

Kyarorain. Your story scored an 8.7 in my book. Good job. Hell. Your story scored a 9.2 in my book. You win my vote, Hell.

To reaffirm it, I am voting for Hell as the winners.

Edit: This vote is open to change should a better story arise that was submitted BEFORE the deadline. Zero tolerance on that. I will give you untill the 13th (of july) to make such known. After that, my vote is final.

7/8/2011 . Edited 7/8/2011 #18

Um, what? Since when did Felix have a "wife"? I never gave him one in the story... and nothing in canon suggests he has one.

7/8/2011 #19

*Headdisk* Oh man. I missed the fact that that was Felix's father's, wife, aka the mother. So sorry about that.

Well I suppose the fact that you didn't forget something like that can raise the score a bit but honestly, it's not enough to beat Hell's story. Sorry.

7/8/2011 . Edited 7/8/2011 #20

Uh. You sure you've played Golden Sun, right? :D

Well, I guess I'll take the trophy then. I'd like to thank the academy.

I wish we could have gotten more people involved. We're a lazy bunch, ain't we?

7/10/2011 #21

Shush -.-' I assumed he had gotten married in the meantime for whatever really weird reason. I decided just to roll with it.

Yeah, the Golden Sun spark wasn't quite as revitalized by Dark Dawn as everyone had hoped.

7/11/2011 #22
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