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i think the fourth movie should be about balto seeing his daughter and how her and the pack is doing.
7/17/2007 #1

A fourth movie would bury the movie for good, since I think they already ruined it when the sequel came. Balto was drawn awfully, they had changed all the voices, and what's with the songs all of a sudden?! A sequel should not have songs unless the first movie had, that's my opinion xD

5/12/2008 #3

yeah i have to agree with that! The first one was a true story, so it made more sense then the others. It's not that i don't like Balto ( i loved the first) it's just by making an entire series, it kinda destroys the true story behind Balto. Balto was real, and people just seem to think he's a typical Universial character. Iam sorry if i disapointed some reading this, it's just my strong opinion....

7/5/2008 #4

I loved the first one, I saw it when I was six, I cried at the end. The second was not half as good cause it wasn't a true story. I didn't know there was a third. If there is, then can someone tell me the title please. Even if it is rubbish, I still want to see it.

8/4/2008 #5

I've seen all Balto movies and they're good but if I wanted a fourth movie to come out, I hope it involes Kodi and Aleu together in the same picture. I'm not saying make them into a couple because that's a gross thing to do when they're brother and sister, but what I meant was like showing the two of them on a cool adventure since they ARE Balto's children.

Oh and for your question Moony1995, the answer is simple. The third Balto sequel is called Balto III: Wings of Change (I guess the title sounds better than Wolf Quest if you wanna think about it that way.) and this has Balto's son Kodi feature in this movie too but the third one involes the dog sleds racing against the planes to see who was faster to deliever the mail.

4/10/2009 #6

I think they should make a Balto 4, but add some Kodi/Dusty romance or Ralph/Dusty romance to stop the fighting.

9/1/2009 #7
Justin H.S

Well one thing's for certain, it's going to be a lot challenging to find the right actors Like Kevin Bacon, etc etc. plus how much money they'd have to pay for the material they used :P

yeah a fourth movie wouldn't be so bad, but if there were to be I'd suggest to buy/or rent one on DVD xD Dusty and Kodi however.. that sounds like young love almost a perfect couple :D

9/21/2009 #8
Sonic. Kodiak and Balto fan

Hmmm a Balto four hay, well I think if they do make a Balto 4 it should be about Balto going to visit Aleu, and Kodiak finds out about his wolf heritage and takes it kind of badly but he and Dusty end up going with Balto after finding him in a bad situation.

10/14/2009 #9

Would love a fourth movie, Kodiak&Dusty romance seems like a must here, and though i KINDA agree with those who think a fourth movie would destroy the rest a bit, Ive been able to hold on to the true story and im looking at the sequels as wonderful and epic excavations in the possibility this genre has and i was thourughly (misspell sry) dissapointed when i realized Aleu would not be in the third. A meeting between Aleu and Kodi has a lot of possibility in it, especially if Dusty will be joining them while seing Kodi from a romantic PoV

12/6/2009 #10
Agent Aleu
I think its should be this: Aleu comes back with her pack with a mate and Kodi and dusky have pups. and Aleu has to leave again and she might have pups and Steele comes back or another weird mean dog.
4/17/2010 #11
strong man

I would love to see balto 4 because I want to know about kodi' sexallety.

6/6/2010 #12
strong man

I would like to see some Kodi and kirby action

6/6/2010 . Edited 7/3/2011 #13
strong man

You wish

6/24/2010 #14
strong man

In balto 4 can you make kirby reveal his true feelings for kodi

6/24/2010 #15
strong man

Put a shock in it

6/24/2010 #16
strong man

Ilike thet will happen,I think kodi/kirby should have a love story

6/24/2010 #17

Alright, here's the thing. I am sorry for saying the total opposite of what the majority is saying here, but I am just posting my opinion.

When I was a little kid, Balto was my hero. I would rewind that wolf howling part on the old tape I had until finally it broke! I admired Balto even as a kid because of what he did in real life. That first movie was amazing to me as a child looking at not superman or spiderman as a hero but real-life Balto.

After, they released how many more now. Four!?? I lost track... it's not worth watching them because to me there made up stories with no value left to them like the first one did.

Now, my opinion. Should they make a fourth? Ya, sure why not...but I won't really care. All that matters to me is good ol' Balto #1.

-Thunderwolf7 :)

6/25/2010 #18
strong man

So do do agree on the kodi/kirby thing

9/24/2010 #19
strong man

I think the same way,and I think Kodi and Kirby should be a couple.

5/31/2011 #20
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