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Thats cool! He also sings in "Hello Goodbye" for a tiny bit.

12/29/2008 #61

I know!!! And in Mandy and Australia and you can hear him in Just Friends and Sorry!! There are others but not enough that you can hear him a lot.

12/29/2008 #62

Yeah. He has an AMAZING voice so I don't know why he doesn't sing.

12/29/2008 #63

maybe he just doesn't like to. But he should sing lead at least once.

12/30/2008 #64

Yeah, I definatly agree with you there.

12/30/2008 #65

I feel so bad for him though. He steps up on stage with his brothers and all he hears are screams for Joe and Nick. All he sees are posters fro Joe and Nick. It is so rare that he gets love.

12/30/2008 #66

I know! Whenever I get to go to a JB concert I'm making a sign that says "I heart Kevin"

12/30/2008 #67

If I go I'm thinking of making one that says "Kevin is my Guitar Hero!" I think it might be too hard to read though

12/30/2008 #68

yeah. Thats is if u arent up close enough

12/30/2008 #69

I probably will do something like "I 3 Kevin". Nice and simple. Have you ever been to a concert?

12/30/2008 #70

Not yet. I really want to though. The only concerts I've been to are Barney (I was 4), Aaron Carter, Everlife/Hannah Montana/Cheetah Girls, and Metro Station.

Metro Station was awesome. Even more awesome then a normal concert because it was at The House Of Blues

12/30/2008 #71

I haven't been to any at all. :( It sucks

12/30/2008 #72

That does.

12/30/2008 #73

Yea. I really wanna go to a JB concert but I can't unless they come to Canada or a city near the border. Maybe during their world tour...

12/30/2008 #74

yeah. I live in the USA so they have concerts here a lot but not close enough for me to buy tickets and drive there.

12/30/2008 #75

I think JB came to Canada all of once. At least I live near the Detriot, Michigan border so if they come there again, I could maybe get tickets. I'm not old enough to drive though.

12/30/2008 #76

I'm 18. I can drive but I rarely do because a.) I'm not the best driver and b.) gas helps with Global Warming. I'm a huge nature freek.

12/30/2008 #77

I'm 15 so... I'm a pretty big nature freak too.

12/30/2008 #78


Ur a maximum ride fan right?

well, my cousin has an account on Maximum-X and I go on there a lot. Do u have one?

12/30/2008 #79

No, what is it?

12/30/2008 #80

It's the place where fang posts his blog now. Also, there are forums and a whole bunch of other stuff. check out

maximum-x . com

12/30/2008 #81

cool. I will. Do you know if there is going to be a movie?

12/30/2008 #82

I don't know. I hope they make it into a movie. That'd be so cool!

12/30/2008 #83

Some people are saying that there is, but I can't find anywhere that says it.

12/30/2008 #84

I've heard that too. But idk

12/30/2008 #85

They should make a movie. But they need good actors. And they shouldn't do it with Disney. I love Disney but people would think that it is a kids movie

12/30/2008 #86

Yeah. I mean, i love Disney and all but Max Ride is soooooooooo not a kids movie

12/30/2008 #87

definately not. They need cute actors to play the guys

12/30/2008 #88


12/30/2008 #89

Make that twice now that I've seen Camp Rock. I bought the dvd for the kids, and they enjoyed it immensely. :)

3/1/2009 #90
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