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What if the Jonas Brothers had a sister? What if she was Kevin's twin?! What if when she 16 she disappered?! and what if at the age of 20 Kevin finds her one day at a concert? Will she remeber them? Where did she go? Who is Blaine and why do the boys feel odd around their own sister? Maybe it's because she is a vampire?


Kayla Jonas - ME (Known as Raven)

Kevin Jonas

Joe Jonas

Nick Jonas


Frankie Jonas


other vampires

If you want to be a Vampire post a bio:




How you became a Vampire


Once all 3 Jonas Brothers and Blaine are taken we can start. Others can jump in whenever

(INSERT FROM PYRO: The above? Completely and totally disrespecting my forum. Please respect the rules.)

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No starting new threads without clearing it with the mods first. PM pyrolyn.

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I think I'm going to keep this here. To showcase what is not and what never will be, acceptable.

First of all: (And thank you Serendipity for pointing out one of three very, very simple rules I ask you all to follow) I should be notified, or at least ASKED before a new thread shows up. I do not tolerate rule breakers. It makes me semi-pissed.

Secondly: I do not and NEVER will accept a JONAS roleplay on my forum. Completely and totally unacceptable.

Lastly: Vampires? I mean, really? *sigh* I have no idea what that was about...but alrighty then.

In short: Please, please, please follow the rules. I don't ask for too much and if you're unhappy with this forum, I'm sure you'll find peace in either A.) Making your own forum or B.) Joining someone else's.


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