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i've had this idea for a fanfic for awhile and since i cant really put my thoughts on paper very well i was wondering if someone else could do it. It's an Edmund/OC. The OC is from the 21st century and is sort of small in stature and loud and outgoing. She's scene and if you dont know what that is then you could look it up on google. She has black hair and Blue eyes. she can come in anytime in the book or movie or even after all that when they are ruling. Thats the story of how they fall in love. As for when they go back to there own worlds i was thinking either Aslan could give dmund this magic mirror so he could see her in her world when he wants or when they die in the final book Aslan could send them to her world and they could be with her until she has her accident in which she dies and then they fight the war or just go to Aslans country together.

There's also this other idea she could have a twin and older sister and brother and the siblings fall for the pevensies and they have kids together. then when its time to go home peter and Susans kid (they each have one) could go with the 21st century parents and Edmunds and Lucy's kids could go with them and then a year or so later they return to Narnia and be reunited.

So what do u guys think?

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