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7/6/2008 #1

Hi. I have a new Aladdin story called "The True Confessions of Aladdin" and I would appreciate any reviews. Thank you.

9/5/2008 #2

Be glad to take a look at it :)

9/5/2008 #3
Incy Little Spider

I've written a lil creepy Iago/Jafar story if anyone is interested...yeah

12/5/2008 #4

Read it, it was cool :)

12/5/2008 #5

Hiya! I'm writing my first Aladdin story called "Aladdin: Revenge of Narsira". I only have two chapters so far, but I hope you like it:)

8/15/2010 #6
Elyon Kultings

I have this story I've been writing called "The Genie In Her" It's main character is an OC I made up, Genie's daughter, Aria. Reveiws are greatly appreciated and I hope ya'll like it. :)

9/17/2010 #7
Invader BeckyandClad

I'm working on this story that takes place five years after the movie, it mainly focuses on Sadira and trust as well as love.

5/18/2011 #8

I've been writing a Mozenrath fanfic called "Vulpem Ingis".

8/26/2011 #9

It's not a story...but I made a video inspired by Aladdin & Jasmine :)

10/5/2014 #10
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