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The pairing of Ichigo and Tatsuki has been nestled far into a corner away from any and all other major pairings, probably being the staple example of a minor pairing in the Bleach fandom, completely unaffected by the shipping wars. As an IchiTatsu fan myself, I want to ask you what you think of this pairing.

6/6/2010 #1
Black Sun Upon An Icy Sky

Well, I for one don't really mind it. It's cute :3 *still likes Keigo more with Tatsuki and doesn't have a clue why*

6/6/2010 #2
Theresa Crane

I don't think Ichigo looks at Tatsuki in that way, and I do agree, Tatsuki and Keigo have a weird chemistry that works, IMO :)

6/6/2010 #3
Black Sun Upon An Icy Sky

Me neither, but nothing speaks against options for little pre-story fictions, right? XD


6/7/2010 #4

Tatsuki and...Keigo...?


Those two are complete opposites! Their personalities could balance each other out, while Tatsuki could help Keigo become a man ie. teach him to fight.

6/7/2010 #5
Theresa Crane

LOL I can see Tatsuki making Keigo her b!tch :)

6/7/2010 #6

XD I can pretty much see Tatsuki doing that to anyone.

I don't hate the idea of IchiTats...I don't ship it or anything but as far as Ichigo pairings go it doesn't fill me with rage lol. It just hasn't really been developed past them being childhood friends.

6/7/2010 #7
Black Sun Upon An Icy Sky

Yeah, it's a shame Tatsuki is so underrated in the manga...

6/8/2010 #8

KEIGO x Tatsuki??


No girl deserves Keigo...ESPECIALLY not an INSANELY AWESOME PERSON LIKE TATSUKI! Give her somebody sexy and manly like Renji or Ichigo :D

I mean, come on, I don't mean to hate on the guy, cause he's a good person but I just don't see any depth to him beyond comic relief. At least right now in his state of total and complete immaturity and general spazz-like demeanor. Can you imagine kissing Keigo? Good God have mercy.

As for IchiTats...I LOVE IT! At first I was unsure about this pairing but in recently months I've seen the light and realised how adorable it is! Imagine if TATSUKI had been the one to be kidnapped instead of Orihime? Then Rukia would have a REAL rival for Ichigo's heart because Tatsuki understands Ichigo waaaaay better than Orihime and he's way more comfortable around him.

Gosh, RukiIchiTats would be a godly love triangle. I'd kill to see a Tatsuki vs. Rukia catfight over Ichigo.

Of course, obviously Ichigo prefers Rukia but if Rukia never existed I would have rooted for that pairing.

6/23/2010 #9
allan calderini

i think that tatsuki would do a great pairing with renji even if they dont know each other and for the keigo part for me he is disgusting but he will do great pairing with the nasty chizuru or even better mizuiru

6/23/2010 #10
Black Sun Upon An Icy Sky

Well, I for my part hate Renji (please, don't ask why, I just do. Period.)

Anyways, I really don't mind RenTat, I just don't like it that much. And I think Keigo has his moments (rare as they may be). There were times when he was serious, and if he'd stay like that I think Tatsuki and him would make a good pairing (don't you dare bother me with MizuiroxKeigo, EW)

6/24/2010 #11

I use to be shipping the crack pairing that is ChadTatsuki! XD (I still love it :P)

But....Dang you Amy! XD

Amy got me into the pairing that is RenTats!

Even though I can't say the idea of TatsukixKeigo excites me and think-THAT COULD WORK....I must say the imagery IZ LULZY! XD

Tatsuki would obviously make that boy her slave! :P

But I KeigoTats for me....nope Gimme RenTats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8D

6/24/2010 #12
Black Sun Upon An Icy Sky

I LOVE the crack-ness about keiTat, and thus shipp it XD CRACK RULES!!

6/24/2010 #13

I think Tatsu x Kei departed from being a crack ship ever since chapter 412.

7/11/2010 #14
Black Sun Upon An Icy Sky

Lol, yup :D Loved that moment, my inner fangirl swooned in delight XD

7/11/2010 #15

I can't get over my disgust with Keigo x Tatsuki...I just can't ship Keigo with anyone...but I'd say Tatsuki's jealousy regarding Ichigo's "pretty friend" in these latest chapter made me swoon in delight. Oh the angsty possibilities of Ichigo x Tatsuki. If only she knew the extent of Ichigo's attachment to Rukia...perhaps we'd have ourselves a love rival situation.

Oh Tatsuki, poor Tatsuki, you're certainly deserving of a place amongst the nakama- you're deserving of super powers and plenty more screentime than you've been given.

As I was telling Erin last night- her feelings towards Ichigo trump Orihime's easily. I can definitely see this girl giving her life to protect Ichigo instead of begging him to save her.

7/30/2010 #16
Black Sun Upon An Icy Sky

Why are people giving Keigo so little credit? I think in the latest Chapters he did proof his worth and thought pretty logical and even tried to find them some weapon to defend themselves (you can't expect him to know he would likely turn to dust when touching Aizen). The one I can't pair up with anybody is Chad -.- Why is he making it so difficult??

... I kinda feel like an IchiHime shipper amongst IchiRukis with my KeiTat issue xD Both are pretty much crack XD

And the issue with her jealousy: why not have Keigo be serious and help her out? xD (CAN'T. FUCKING. HELP. IT.)

And yes: Tatsuki pawns Inoue's 'love' anytime Dx At least they are actually FRIENDS. Ichigo and Inoue are only allies by chance Dx

7/31/2010 #17

Nah, it's me who's really the odd ball here, not you. There's not many IchiTats fans out there, except me and Saiyan, lol. KeiTats is growing in popularity now.

I just cannot, for the life of me get over my image of silly!pervert!Keigo. It's kinda like trying to take Don Kanonji seriously for me.

7/31/2010 #18
Black Sun Upon An Icy Sky

I can see in almost every character something honest and serious.

That's why many people don't get why I am portraying Ichigo with a complex character in my stories because they only see the teen slashing at everything in hopes to kill it. Did they ever read the bleach wiki? Even they say he is analytic and stuff -.-

8/1/2010 #19

have to admit it wasn't one i expected but it does kinda work. no offence to orihime or anything but i think things would be better in their universe if tatsuki had the powers instead of her. they have been friends for a long time and she does get upset whem ichigo snubs her and its not like we have really seen a lot of her since the first arc so who knows how she feels.

8/2/2010 #20
Black Sun Upon An Icy Sky

At least Tatsuki wouldn't p!ss her pants when faced with Arrancar -.-

8/2/2010 #21

this is true not to imagine the trouble ulquirra would have trying to kidnap her.

8/2/2010 #22
Black Sun Upon An Icy Sky

I bet he would've been brought to tears XD Just kidding^^

8/2/2010 #23

it would be funny to see if nothing else. i bet she would get some emotion from the guy. even if it is anger and annoyance

8/2/2010 #24
Black Sun Upon An Icy Sky

It would probably end in a squarrel with Ulquiorra throwing her over his shoulder nad her kicking, punching and yelling... and him ending with bruises all over XD


this sounded kinda familiar to me o.O

8/2/2010 #25

ichigo and rukia maybe...but she is still female and i doubt that she would be above kicking in the manhood if all else fails.

8/2/2010 #26
Black Sun Upon An Icy Sky

True xD

8/2/2010 #27

I guess they're ok and she could kick his butt if he's out of line like Rukia... But for some reason I kinda like Tatsuki and Chad together ;)

8/7/2010 #28

If it weren't for Rukia, some would pair him with Orihime. As for me, even without Rukia I couldn't see him with Orihime at all....So, I would pair him up with Tatsuki. :D

I think they'd be awesome really, though IchiRuki still beats it in awesomeness, but you cannot say they would be dull together. Tatsuki also understands Ichigo very well. She could tell there was something going on with him long before discovering he was a shinigami. In one occasion, she even pushed him against a wall and demanded an answer from him, seeing as he was somewhat down. She worries for him and I thought that was sweet (in the roughest possible way. XD)

I agree with Lithium Rukia. i can see Tatsuki saving Ichigo. I like that she's strong too. ^^ Ichigo can also be natural with her, although of course he cannot tell her about his powers, but, perhaps I'm being biased but, I think part of him felt guilty about hiding that fact from her (and his family too...) He thinks of her at the very least as a friend, he does have a relation to her.

8/16/2010 #29

I agree with that you said about Tatsuki, sayume214. I also agree that it would be nice to see Tatsuki save Ichigo at least once.

9/2/2010 #30
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