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did a little digging for episodes of season one to make sense the series would have to be set in 2007 since there were no total lunar eclipses in 2005 or 2006.

the eclipse that happened in the final episode of season 1 could only be the one that happened on Aug 28, 2007

we know also from episodes it is one year from season 1 episode 1 - season 2 episode 18.

As for miss Chatham is she became mermaid 1955 only lunar eclipse she could know effect from is Nov 7 1957 if you assume max Hamilton knew about it when he did his research on Maco Island in 1957

As for planet alignment with moon cause different effect seen episode still working on that. just for fun.

9/25/2011 #1

Wow, you really looked into this! lol

3/6/2012 #2
Death Account 13

Ya you did

8/3/2012 #3
Flaming Man of Iron

What did the lunar eclipse do again? Man I need to rewatch this series at some point.

8/24/2012 #4
Death Account 13

It can take a mermaids' powers like the water movement power and the tail for 12 hours OK you got it

8/24/2012 . Edited 8/24/2012 #5
Michelle the Editor

Did anyone else notice how strange the lunar eclipse looked? Real lunar eclipses are when the Earth's shadow passes between the moon and the sun: I've seen them. The moon turns red, it isn't blacked out by something passing in front of it like a solar eclipse. Is there a second moon/natural satellite in the H2O universe?

8/30/2012 #6

I am not sure. BTW, did anyone see how unrealistically fast it was? Besides, maybe it was only a partial lunar eclipse, which could explain why it took away their powers for 12 hours. Maybe a full lunar eclipse, with a red moon, would take away their powers for a full day. I'm surprised that nobody has brought up the subject of what a solar eclipse would do. Would it do the opposite and upgrade/give powers for 12 hours to a day? Or would the solar eclipse be the one to take away the powers for a day.

Plus, how are the planetary alignment that took away Charlotte's powers "forever" related to the lunar eclipse? I'd think they would be similar in one way other than the full moon to both have the same effect?

8/31/2012 #7

the eclipses in question for the date posted about above was a sunset eclipse in AU

10/23/2012 #8

the reason for the research i posted in op of this is part of a story i am working on.

10/23/2012 #9
Sorry about reviving this, but I'm curious about what a blue moon would do. You know two full moons in one month?
11/3/2013 #10
Flaming Man of Iron

I don't think it would do anything special. A "blue" moon is just the 13th moon of the calender year, it actually has no astrological significance.

Good thoughts though!

11/11/2013 #11
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