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Weskers Assisstant

Um I'm sorry fandom? Whats that sorry I'm still getting use to the terms.

I'm probably going to feel really stupid after you tell me and that probably is the problem.

3/24/2009 #211
Cerulean City

A fandom is a term for the category of fanfiction that you're writing for.

For example, you write for the Resident Evil fandom.

I write for the Pokemon fandom.

And etc.

...I suspect that is what your problem was. I found your story listed under the M rating, at number 62 in the archive on the third page (at the time of this writing).

3/24/2009 #212

I'm hoping this is the right place to post this. Does anyone remember when this site was under a different name and allowed both fan fiction and fiction? I remember that it split off in to and I'm trying to remember what the other site was. Help me remember...someone!


3/25/2009 #213

You're probably looking for FictionPress, which can be found at fictionpress dot com.

3/25/2009 #214

Wonderful! Thanks for your help!

3/25/2009 #215

Hi again... I just wanted to ask, what exactly do you do as the manager of a thread/topic/forum thing?

I'm asking because I want to start one about translating stuff from English to Japanese (for jutsu names, zanpakuto, phrases, names, locations, etc.) in the Naruto forums...

So, uh, if I started that, what responsibilities, duties, etc. would I have?

3/30/2009 #216

You mean forum admins?

Basically you just keep your own forum in order, and that's about it. You can ban people, appoint moderators to help keep the forum in check, ban people, unban people, create topics, delete or edit threads/post, and delete the forum, if you wish.

3/31/2009 #217

Another question:

If you are writing a crossover (say, a Naruto and Elfen Lied Xover), would it be better to place it in the crossover section where it belongs, or would it be acceptable to put it in the Naruto section, where it is more likely to be read (as there are fewer visitors to the Xover section, and a story there would be less likely to be read than one in a more popular section).

Also, I don't think the places you put stories are supposed to be called "sections", so what is their actual name?

Thank you.

4/6/2009 #218

Well, putting it in the Xover category is technically the right thing to do, but I've seen plenty of stories in certain fandoms where the author will just say "Xover with [insert name here]". I'm not sure of the response they get, though, so you might want to browse through some of those reviews first.

To answer your other question, the word might be "categories".

4/7/2009 #219

Thank you.

4/7/2009 #220
How to Train Your Moosie

To answer your other question, the word might be "categories".

Or "fandoms," but I think there might be an exception here, since Xovers aren't really...yeah. ^^

4/8/2009 #221

If we see someone copy someone else's story (even the story name!) and claim it as their own, are we supposed to report them or something? And if so, how?

4/13/2009 #222

Yes, you should always report plagiarism. How to report is to click on the copycat story, scroll down past the review button to that little purple bar on the left hand side. Click on it, and you should see a list of sorts. Click 'Report Possible Abuse'. A new window will open up, allowing you to tell the FFN staff about the plagiarized story.

4/13/2009 #223

Thank you... story reported.

4/13/2009 #224

I'm having a bit of a problem - how do I view the communities I'm a part of? Whenever I join a new one, the site transports me to a page that lists all of mine, but I can't seem to find it any other way.

4/22/2009 #225

Luminescence: Go to login and select Story Stats under Traffic. It will list all the stories and allow youu to view the C2s they're in.

4/22/2009 #226

Do I really have to agree to the guidelines every time I want to begin with a new story?

4/22/2009 #227

Do I really have to agree to the guidelines every time I want to begin with a new story?


4/22/2009 #228

sigh Thanks...

4/22/2009 #229

Broken Gold, no, that shows my stories. I want to see the communities I've subscribed to.

4/23/2009 #230

I want to see the communities I've subscribed to.

On your profile, go to "Alerts".

The communities that you've subscribed to will be under "Community Alerts".

4/23/2009 #231

That works, Arbites, thanks!

4/24/2009 #232

Not a problem.

4/24/2009 #233

Well, what I would reccommend doing is just leaving it alone. Abandoning your account, and just let it sit there.

4/26/2009 #235

I hope I am doing this correctly. I was wondering (since I did this once upon a time, but long enough ago where I cannot remember how to do it again) . How do I go and edit a chapter, a.i. I have seen some grammar mistakes. I was told how to do it once, was able to fix something the site had done to my chapter, I was actually able to delete some sentences. Now, when I look at the edit option, it only brings up "replace this chapter with another" type of editing. Is the other option no longer available?

Another possibility I was thinking of, is when it holds a newly uploaded document for that limited time, that only then it can be edited for things like that. It is past their time and have been deleted. If necessary I will just fix it in Word and just replace the chapter with the new one. I just thought I'd ask here first so that if this happens again I will not have to go through that whole tedious process of uploading and replacing chapters.

Also, when uploading a chapter that is replacing another current chapter, will the readers be alerted to it? I just don't want to irritate them by doing it, since I remembered that I had to do it quite a few times previously.

Thank you, and I hope to hear from you,


4/29/2009 #237

Are there any rules for formatting a fanfic story before uploading it?

4/30/2009 #238

@Dante: If you want to fix mistakes in a chapter, edit the document, save it, and then replace the chapter with the same document. If that doesn't work, then you'd probably have to find the original document on your computer; this would be the same scenario if the site had deleted your first upload. As far as I know, readers don't get updated when you replace the content of a chapter.

@Lumination: Besides correct grammar and spelling? Not really. Oh, you should double space between paragraphs, but it seems like you're already doing that.

4/30/2009 #239

@Lumination: Also, writing can't be in a script format. That's basically it, though.

4/30/2009 #240
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