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Yes. That's what the title says. This is when you can ramble on and on about how much a character sucks, or how certain generalizations of a character is making them suck, you don't like the way the character is being portrayed anymore.

The thread is what the title implies. Enjoy.

12/13/2008 #1

I've heard about Bella in Twilight, but never read the books.

12/13/2008 . Edited 12/13/2008 #2

It's Bella, Si.

Anyway. This isn't really a rant, but on the topic of Twilight, I like to tell people that it sucks. My friend was like, "You're the only person who's ever told me that," which figures. XDD But it's fun to watch people's reactions when you tell them how awful it is~

12/13/2008 #3

That's not a rant. This is a rant:. Actually, it's a mini rant, but whatever:

For those of you who watch the show, you know that Sylar is cold hearted, manipulative, and above all, genuinely evil. But what about the dorky man that once preceded him, Gabriel Gray? The dork with the freakishly large glasses, that messed around with other peoples' watches, and had a crush on his 'neighbor' Elle, who fed him peach pie. To say that Sylar has been 'OOC' out of late, is wrong and an absolute FAIL. Around Elle, Sylar is not that evil man that slices peoples' heads open. He is the dork again.

We never really explore Sylar's personality as Gabriel, and the moments we have seen Sylar as Gabriel don't last very long. Perhaps, with Elle and the temporary loss of his powers, Sylar no longer existed, and Gabriel came back into play. So, Sylar was not OOC. He was perfectly IC! You people are honestly idiots. Sylar is not always blatantly evil. That would be boring.

He's saved Claire, Angela, Peter, I'm sure Nathan at one point and Elle. And you know what? If Bennet hadn't told Elle to follow orders in the first place, none of this would've happened. Elle and Sylar could've had hot babies by now. BUT NO. Bennet has to be morally gray all the time. -sigh- By the way, if you're a Sylar fan, and you're happy about Elle's death, you should honestly be ashamed of yourself. Elle was his one shot at redemption. AND THEY MADE OUT ALL THE TIME. Even if you don't care about Sylar being saved, you could at least watch him make out with Elle all the time.

Now she's dead, and no one will love him anymore. I hope you're happy with yourselves.

12/13/2008 #4

I know we're supposed to rant, but I have to comment on Sylar. I liked it when Peter traveled forward in time and saw good Sylar, who was serving pancakes. The whole 'Villain mellows out and becomes a nice guy' idea never fails to entertain me, especially when it's a villain who is estabilished as 'Merciless badass who hates everyone'. Peter's mom (Right? She's the strange one with a real hidden agenda that manipulates Peter and his brother.) is the villain on the show who gives me the creeps. If she's not evil, then I'm a smurf.

12/13/2008 #5

Then you're a smurf. Angela Petrelli is not evil, to the normal standards of evil. She's manipulative. There's a huge difference. Yes, she has her own hidden agenda that may turn out to be for the greater good, but that doesn't make her evil. Although it certainly sounds like she's evil. And if she was evil, wouldn't she be rallying with her husband, who was definitely evil? Maybe not because she feared retribution from her hubsand, but hey, you never know.

And I'm tired of seeing Sylar as the main bad guy. You know, he does often show bits of remorse here and there. Especially around Elle. And that also in exposed future where Elle could've not been dead. Mmmm. Elle as the mother of Noah Gray. I'm going to close my eyes and savour that for a moment because she's dead now.

Did you not see how adorable Sylar's kid was? SERIOUSLY THAT KID WAS ADORABLE. If Sylar got together with Claire to have Noah, that's just ewwww.

I just wrote three seperate mini rants.

12/14/2008 #6
Silent Memento

Ugh. I hate Pendragon with a passion. The guy acts like he's so fucking tough. He gets the shit kicked out of him in almost every book. Fortunately for him, the competent characters (Press, Osa, Loor, Alder, Gunny, Kasha, Spader early on), are always there to bail his ass out. Unfortunately, Osa dies for him, Gunny and Spader get trapped because of his incompetence, Kasha and Alder die (they were my favorites) because he "can't save them", and he chooses to revive Loor when he is otherwise unable to prevent her death (but the rant for her is another story). The dude always gets the women and makes friends with all of the guys. WTF, man? I don't know of a single male that can get every woman's love and respect and, at the same time, be a friend to all of the guys. That's, like, fucking impossible.

He can barely kill a fucking quig. Do you know how easy it is to kill those things in shark form with a speargun? Spader and Press wasted those things, and yet all that the great Bobby Pendragon can do is nearly get himself killed? Tch. He can't even save his friends when they really matter. In the third book, Spader ran off to save those people in the Hindenburg because he didn't know what would happen. Pendragon knew what would happen, and he still tried to kick the rocket away. You ass. You're going to sacrifice the lives of your friends and your whole fucking world (billions upon billions) for thirty-eight people you don't know? I understand his incompetence in the earlier times, but how the hell does he keep on messing up?

I'd say that he's a Stu in terms of personality and looks, but this blatant incompetence is just....

12/14/2008 #7
Jon Stewart

Anyway. This isn't really a rant, but on the topic of Twilight, I like to tell people that it sucks. My friend was like, "You're the only person who's ever told me that," which figures. XDD But it's fun to watch people's reactions when you tell them how awful it is~

-grin- My mother's school has a Twilight club. One day, when I have a snow day and they don't . . . well, it'll be fun.


I'd rant, but...I have the RvB and Book Spoilers thread for that.

12/14/2008 #8




Rant over. :D

12/14/2008 #9

Now, you all know how I've recently become obsessed with the Kingdom Hearts games, right? Well, my rant here today is about Riku, the boy who needs a haircut.

Now, everyone knows that Riku is an awesome character, the best in all the games. Really. He just is. He's much cooler than Sora. He's hotter. He should be stronger. He has a better taste in clothes. Better hair. More mature. Hell, he's just better.

Now, why does he always get the shit end of the stick, in everything? Well, I'm going to separate my rant into three parts.

KHI: In Kingdom Hearts Riku is the only one who really works on the float while you and the Moronic Readhead giggle. Okay, so you do a bit. But Riku does most. Next, he states that he'll share the fruit with Moronic Redhead if he beats you. Which, since I kinda suck, he did. Next, he goes to the Darkness and Moronic Readhead somehow becomes a doddering and drooling husk since she loses her heart as Riku goes around trying to find Sora and Kairi. Sora, on the other hand, is gallivanting everyotherplace trying to find them, but mostly Riku. Then, somehow, Riku becomes Ansem and they fight. Turns out the Moron's heart is inside Sora's, so he stabs himself.

KHCoM: Chain of Memories Riku isn't *really* there, but Repliku gets the shit end anyway. He's nothing but a puppet created by Vexen with false memories. Like in KHI how Riku is devoted to Moronic Readhead, Repliku is devoted to Namine. He's in love with her. Like, really. It's kinda scary. Turns out Namine kinda likes Sora, and Repliku dies. Yeah.

KHII: Now Riku isn't in this game up until the end. He's still in the form of Ansem, then in that blindfold getup. He needs a haircut and Sora cries while Moronic Readhead is acting like she does all happyhappyhappy. Sora cries when he sees Riku, happy, and is all like, "Oh, hi...what's-your-name!" to Moron. She has to hug him. Not only that, but once he gets his actual clothes back, Riku's clothes are left out of the Zippers-and-Buckles Clique that seems to be going on with the other two. And, at last, when they go back to the Islands, Sora holds Moron's hand at the end.

...Poor Riku.

12/14/2008 . Edited 12/25/2008 #10


Dear Leafpool,

Would you terribly mind if I stabbed your pretty-little-she-cat face with your son Lionblaze's claws (don't worry, I will have painfully removed them at a slow and torturous rate beforehand. I wouldn't be quite cruel enough to have your son endure your suffering, he'd have much more fun watching Hollyleaf's)? I understand that you happen to be a Mary-Sue and of course an all important MC, but this is dreadfully important to me and I hope you consider my request.

I would also like to inform you that your little romance with Crowfeather was extremely ridiculous.

"Hi, I'm Crowfeather."

"Oh, cool, I'm Leafpool."

"Wanna' have a steamy, cliché, and forbidden romance?"


Congratulations. You can scrapbook those moments and take them to StarClan with you when you die.

Also, WHY DO NONE OF YOUR PATIENTS DIE? Godammit, woman! Millie was so close to death! Could you at least have let her slip away into the greedy little monster that is death? It would have been realistic (though I'm sure you don't care).

With greath and undisputable hate,


You know what, this is fun!

12/17/2008 #11


12/18/2008 #12
Jon Stewart


I hope he's not, or those books are raising some interesting questions now....

That's what they all say. =OOOOOOOOOOOO

...Do you have to be smacked?

[/this is totally on-topic]

12/19/2008 . Edited 12/19/2008 #13

...Do you have to be smacked?Perhaps. xD

12/19/2008 #14
Jon Stewart

Perhaps. xD


Can I rant about the Julia character in this thread? :K

12/19/2008 #15

-is smacked-


Can I rant about the Julia character in this thread? :KPerhaps. =P

12/22/2008 #16

I sort of assume you've decided not to rant about the Julia character? =P

12/24/2008 #17

Quick rant about how the Erins are stupid.

Yellowfang: Awesome medicine cat. When she had kits, two of them died, leaving her with Brokenkit, one of the evilest things ever.

Leafpool: Sue medicine cat. When she has kits, all three of them live, and become part of a prophecy that will save the entire forest.

Fair? I don't think so.

12/24/2008 #18
Silent Memento

I agree. Yellowfang was fucking awesome, and I'm glad that Cinderpelt learned from her instead of Spottedshit.

12/24/2008 #19

Yellowfang was the best medicine cat evar. ♥

And she didn't have a cutesy medicine cat name, either. Opposite of cutesy. 8D

12/24/2008 #20
Silver-hair Angel

Going on about what Q said, Riku really did get a lot of flack for what he did. I couldn't be mad at him, though.

And what's this shit with Riku having to be the abusive one in relationships on this site, eh? My God, the kid takes a little trip into darkness, and all of the sudden, he's Ike Turner and beating the shit out of everyone.

Fuck, what's wrong with you authors??

12/25/2008 #21
Silent Memento

I want to rant about an entire family in Guardians of Ga'Hoole.

Of all of Soren's family, I only liked one character: Kludd, and that was for merely a second. Let's face it: his parents were only good for one or two chapters, Eglantine was a fucking annoyance in nearly every chapter, I hated Soren himself (Gary-Stu), and I hated Coryn (MOAR Gary-Stu). Nyra never had a face in my opinion. Kludd's hatred towards his family was awesome, and that's the only reason why I liked him for just a mere second. As for Soren's mate? She was just there. It's like Lasky decided to add her in for the pure fun of it. Soren, do us all a favor: take your entire family with you, and just die in a hole. Please?

12/26/2008 #22

I liked Soren when he was little. Kludd was boring standard villain. And Coryn was better when he was Nyroc. -nod-

12/26/2008 #23
Silent Memento

Soren was below-average when he was little. I only read the series for Twilight, Phillip, and occasionally Digger.

12/26/2008 #24

He was so cute. I have to say, I still love the first book. I suppose I enjoyed reading about little owls suffering. =P

12/26/2008 #25
Silent Memento

I only liked Digger, Twilight, and Phillip. I thought that Primrose had potential, but I didn't see it.

12/27/2008 #26

Which was your favorite book?

Wait, that's off-topic, dammit. xD

12/27/2008 . Edited 12/27/2008 #27
Silent Memento

Which was your favorite book?

The sixth. It was the only book with Digger, Twilight, and Phillip at the same time.

12/28/2008 #28
Jon Stewart

I sort of assume you've decided not to rant about the Julia character? =P

Yeah. XD

Yellowfang: Awesome medicine cat.

While I love her as a character, I'm not sure if/when we ever get to see her being more than average, and she probably wasn't awesome. She knew her shit, sure, but she had kits, one of whom she allowed to frame her in a crime. She let herself get kicked out of her Clan; she cared more for her son or for herself than for ShadowClan. If she'd put her Clan first, she would have either never had kits or never allowed Brokenstar to act as he did.

Of course, it's not like she could do much. What were her options: say, "No; you're killing ShadowClan, so I'm not getting kicked out," say, "You know, killing kits is a bad thing," or let herself leave as a traitor and let ShadowClan live without her? She was screwed if she did anything. Maybe that's why she wanted Firepaw to kill her: what did she have left, anyway?

...I'm just rambling now.

When she had kits, two of them died, leaving her with Brokenkit, one of the evilest things ever.

That's a matter of perspective. His father was Raggedstar, who would either let him get away with things or try and run him into the ground (I can't see him going halfway on anything), and his mother was Yellowfang, who obviously cared about him too much to think clearly. If he had power from the very beginning, he would be accustomed to it; lifespan and injury might become things of which he heard but that he never faced. Morals, perhaps, were inconsequential. The goal was being the best--having that strength, pull.

If he was kept in check by his father, he'd want to rebel. He would work at being better and being different (which would hardly work; if he was watching his father for weakness, he might end up unconsciously mimicking him). He would be trying to prove his worth to himself--as the one being brought down--and to his father, who perhaps viewed him as a sign of disloyalty (forcing another to break the warrior code and bring down the Clan that he led).

What was he supposed to do: evolve into a sweet, caring leader with the occasional moment of calculated bad-assery?

Leafpool: Sue medicine cat.

She's a Sue, sure. She had a mental connection with her sister. She fell into a forbidden love. Her reactions were anything but ordinary. A Sue medicine cat, though? She broke the warrior code by falling in love; she abandoned her Clan; she could only stand by as her mentor received a prophecy (which she couldn't see); she got herself caught by Twolegs. She's a Sue character, but, as a medicine cat, she sucks.

When she has kits, all three of them live, and become part of a prophecy that will save the entire forest.

Well, yeah. She's a Sue. She's Firestar's daughter. She gets away with shit.

Fair? I don't think so.

Yellowfang, a dynamic character, far from perfect, a leaver of her own Clan, does not have a perfect life and does not always make the right decisions. She is not brilliant in every way. Leafpool, a predictable character, great at serving her Clan in ways that we don't understand (maybe because she abandoned them, which should but didn't get her kicked out), lifeline to the questing cats in NP, apparently some sort of asset to ThunderClan, has a life that's fucked up just enough for her to be pitied and connected with. She is a tailor-made Mary-Sue. Her kits follow in her footsteps.

Of course it's fair.

12/28/2008 #29

but, as a medicine cat, she sucks.As a medicine cat in the warrior code, she sucks. Yet, somehow, almost no one (can anybody name anyone besides Molekit who she doesn't manage to heal? Anyone?) ever dies when she's treating them, and everyone thinks she's super-skilled.

12/28/2008 #30
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