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7/20/2009 #511


7/21/2009 #512

SA: I just dyed a huge chunk of my hair turquoise. I like it. :)

7/21/2009 #513

SA: I might be getting my ears pierced for a third time. :D

7/21/2009 #514
Anarane Faelivrin

SA: I desperately want to dye my hair for the summer but my parents won't let me. DDD8

7/22/2009 #515

SA: Hi. :D

7/22/2009 #516
Anarane Faelivrin

SA: I absolutely love Sailor Moon. ♥

7/23/2009 #517

SA: Fanmixes = new obsession~

7/23/2009 #518

SA: Do you like waffles?

7/23/2009 #519

SA: Come On Get Higher. ♥

7/23/2009 #520

SA: September. :D

7/23/2009 #521

SA: Jorma Taccone is amazing.

7/24/2009 #522
Anarane Faelivrin

SA: I'm up early because I had a sleepover last night. And we fell asleep at 3am. Don't ask, it just makes sense. Somehow.

7/25/2009 #523

Gaming for Charity:

On Saturday, October 17th, starting at 8:00 AM(participants' local time), there will be a 24-hour gaming marathon for a charity called Extra Life, benefitting Texas Children's Hospital.

From this link, you can either sign up, or donate to someone that already has. You could also join a team, or make your own.

7/25/2009 . Edited 7/25/2009 #524

SA: Holy shit, it's Deb!!!!

You probably don't remember me from the FP. -.-

7/25/2009 #525

SA: I love Steve-O and I'm really proud of him for trying to get his life together! Good for you! I badger my tabloid-magazine-column-writing mother to give me news on you! I'm pulling for you! :D Yayyy.

7/25/2009 #526

SA: Hiya. :D

7/25/2009 #527
Anarane Faelivrin

SA: ... Is it normal to get random scars on your hand that you don't remember getting? o0;

7/26/2009 #528
Engrish Mastar

SA: maybe not scars, bit certainly random bruises and cuts ^_^

7/26/2009 #529

SA: My brother is annoying. :P

7/26/2009 #530

SA: I went a full year being a vegetarian. I caved in last night and made a salami sandwich. Omnomnom... I'm now a flexatarian~

7/26/2009 #531

SA: My iTunes is stuck on mute, my LJ post hasn't been approved, and my physics professor just sent an angry email. But at least TrueBlood comes on soon!

7/26/2009 #532
Bethany C. MacKenzie

SA: Looks like someone in our class got H1N1.

I hope he turns into a pig. 8K

7/27/2009 #533
Anarane Faelivrin

SA: Well, I'm going shopping with a friend today and I told her to pick my up at my house... whether she remembers that and remembers where my house is, is another story. D:

7/27/2009 #534
Cerulean City

SA: We totally talked about bacon and Brave New World today in Ethics.

In the same context.


7/27/2009 #535

SA: What kind of name is FoodTheftShipping?

I mean, seriously?

7/27/2009 #536

SA: Broke my glasses last night. Don't know if this is a sign that I should finally get contacts or just a sign that I should be more careful with my glasses.

7/28/2009 #537
Ice-Eagle Y'siri

SA: I'm a beta!

SAII: I joined this forum (technically at two am, but whatever)

SAIII: I'm going to go see HP6 today!



7/28/2009 #538

SA: Good acting is hard! D:

7/28/2009 #539

SA: Furbs needs to get her ass on AIM so I can talk about teh fic. 8DD

7/28/2009 #540
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