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I learned that there's a band called Annie Goes Rawr. o.0;...


8/5/2009 #331
Engrish Mastar

I learned that there's a band called Annie Goes Rawr.

8/6/2009 #332

I learned that the band 3oh!3 is named after the area code 303, which is one of the ones in the Denver metro area, the other being 720.

(Okay, I actually realized that when I learned that the band was from Colorado. -shrug-)

8/6/2009 #333

I don't like Annie Goes Rawr's music. :K

8/6/2009 #334

I learned not to read your friend's blog about visiting the UK. You will get very jealous very quickly.

8/6/2009 #335

Julia is left-handed. o.0;

8/7/2009 #336

Drawing fifteen people is challenging. -nod-

8/9/2009 #337
Bethany C. MacKenzie

In Taiwan, where schools were closed ahead of the typhoon, Morakot caused landslides, severe floods, blew down trees and billboards, and stripped roofs from buildings. In a positive impact, Morakot brought much-needed rain to Taiwan, ending a month-long drought, and replenished reservoirs enough to warrant an end to water rationing.[20] However, on the island, eighteen people were killed, 35 were injured and 131 are missing.[21] Almost the entire southern region of Taiwan (Chiayi, Tainan, Kaohsiung, and Pingtung counties) and parts of Taitung County were flooded by record-breaking heavy rain. The rainfall in Pingtung County exceeded 2,500 millimetres (98 in), breaking all rainfall records of any single place in Taiwan induced by a single typhoon.[22] Airlines in Taiwan have held some flights in and out of the airport, and seaports are closed. Electricity has been lost to approximately 25,000 homes.[23]


8/10/2009 #338
Huor Spinks

Ouch... poor Taiwanese people...

Today, I learnt that instead of England and Scotland, we would be going to Italy, Switzerland and France instead for our holiday.

8/10/2009 #339

I learned what causes the infamous ghost page.

8/10/2009 #340

I learned that most people don't know shit about networking.

8/11/2009 #341

I learned what "Go for your life" means. -nod-

8/11/2009 #342
Huor Spinks

I learnt that phototherapy causes tanning and sunburns. *is annoyed*

8/12/2009 #343

I learned that at the turn of the century, when photography was new, people used to take pictures of their dead relatives. Like, pose them and stuff. It's really fucked up.


8/15/2009 #344

I learned that Buffy was one of the first shows to have a lesbian sex scene on TV.

8/16/2009 #345
Bethany C. MacKenzie

I learned that anime cons in Asian countries are really fucking scary. And tiring. I woke up at five PM today because of it. -headdesk-

8/17/2009 #346

I learned to never go to an anime con in Asian countries.

8/18/2009 #347

Today I learned that my mom has met the guy who produced American Idiot and that he lives in a neighborhood about five minutes away from me. o_o

8/18/2009 #348

I learned, actually a few days ago, a method to help with my OCD.

8/18/2009 #349

Today I learned that France is anti-Semitic and that England is always coming up with these ways to boycott Israel and be anti-Zionist (well...duh, considering they were pro-Palestinian).

8/18/2009 #350

I lerned that my name starts with an "a".

8/21/2009 #351
Engrish Mastar

I learned that 'nevermind' is a word. :D

[Edited to sound (slightly) less stupid.]

8/22/2009 . Edited 8/22/2009 #352
Rising Dusk

I learned that 'never mind' is two words. XD

8/22/2009 #353
Engrish Mastar

You know what I mean -hmph!-

It's hard to explain properly without stating the obvious.


8/22/2009 #354

I learned that my brother can get really jealous. -nod-

8/23/2009 #355

I learned that learning two songs (plus dance routines) for musical theatre class is not easy. I have newfound respect for the actor kids.

8/23/2009 #356

Today, I learned that there is at least one person out there who thinks the height 5'12'' exists.

(Okay, well, it does...but not in that form. -_-;;)

8/23/2009 #357
Jon Stewart

Today, I learned that there is at least one person out there who thinks the height 5'12'' exists.


8/24/2009 #358
Rising Dusk

I learned there are people who don't know the difference between reducing and stopping all together.

8/24/2009 #359

I learned that "playa" is in the dictionary. It's an area of dried-up land.

8/25/2009 #360
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