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This is kind of like the Advertising thread, but if you want reviews, you have to review, too. :K Basically, you have to send a review to the person above you. =O And no one-liner crap reviews, mmkay? I guess it'd have to start with me, even though my stories are crap. :K Anyway, for those of you who haven't played this game before, here's how it works:

The next person to post will link the story they reviewed and its chapter. So, for example, if Annie was the next to post, say something like, "I reviewed His Butterfly by Kyota." And then the next person who, say, read TNS, would post saying, "Read and reviewed chapter one of Things Not Seen by Annie." And so on.

...Does that make sense? o.0; OKAY GO. :D


Review the person who posted right before you did. NOT any random person in the thread. Most people have eyes, so this shouldn't be a problem either...except it is. -.-

4/13/2009 . Edited by Bethany C. MacKenzie, 1/12/2011 #1

Read and Reviewed the only chapter of His Butterfly by Ky-wa.

4/13/2009 #2

Reviewed Affection by Blaire. (:

4/13/2009 #3

...You totally stole this from the Reviews Lounge. =P

But I'm not complaining. xDD


4/13/2009 #4

They have this at the Reviews Lounge? =O [/fake!surprise]

...Stop spamming this thread, Julie-wa. );

4/13/2009 #5

Read and Reviewed chapter 1 of The Greatest Time of Year.

4/13/2009 #6
Bethany C. MacKenzie

Read and reviewed Blaire's 'Love'~

[And by the way, what exactly constitutes as a none-crappy review? D; I think mine's a little too short...]

4/14/2009 . Edited 4/14/2009 #7

Read and Reviewed the only chapter of Beth's 'Cyanide Dreams'.

4/14/2009 #8
Bethany C. MacKenzie

Read and Reviewed Darkie's The Last Dance~

4/15/2009 #9
Cerulean City

R&R'd Bluey's Love, because I said I would. About to hit up whoever's above me...Beth, I think. Yup. :D

4/16/2009 . Edited 4/16/2009 #10

Badly R&Red Blake's Naive~

4/18/2009 #11

Reviewed Blake's DISCARDED and Beth's Shakey.

EDIT: Oh, crap. Hold on; going to hit up one of Golde's next~

4/18/2009 . Edited 4/18/2009 #12

Reviewed chapter one of Golde's 101 Rejections~

4/18/2009 . Edited 4/18/2009 #13
Bethany C. MacKenzie

Read and Reviewed Ky's His Butterfly~

4/18/2009 #14

Reviewed Betha's Seven Sins.

4/22/2009 #15
Bethany C. MacKenzie

Reviewed Bluey's One Day More~

4/25/2009 #16

Reviewed Beth's The Cottage~

4/26/2009 #17
Bethany C. MacKenzie

Reviewed the first chapter of Lei's AI~

4/27/2009 #18

Read and reviewed Polaris by Beth. ^^

4/28/2009 #19
Bethany C. MacKenzie

Reviewed Ky's A Dozen Roses~

4/29/2009 #20
Cerulean City

Also R&R'd Polaris by Bethbeth~

5/6/2009 #21
Silver Symphony

Reviewed Blake's Naive.

5/9/2009 #22
Bethany C. MacKenzie

Reviewed Silver's Repentance~

5/11/2009 #23

I reviewed Shakey by Bethany C. MacKenzie

(I laughed so bad ;))

5/11/2009 #24

Reviewed Wildhawk's Wings. :)

5/11/2009 #25
Bethany C. MacKenzie

Reviewed Pip's Dancing Lessons~

5/12/2009 #26

Read and Reviewed Betha's Maelstorm.

5/12/2009 #27
Silver Symphony

Reviewed Bluey's Reflection.

5/12/2009 #28
Bethany C. MacKenzie

Reviewed Silver's Subtraction.

5/13/2009 #29
Silver Symphony

Reviewed Beth's Empty Spaces. :)

((Thank you so much for the lovely reviews, by the way.))

5/13/2009 #30
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