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The Domain was originally created as a place for old friends to regroup after the deletion of their original home forum, Tainted's Domain/Acrasia. Over the course of a year, the forum has grown and developed into a relatively large community. Its members have remained close while still allowing new people in, resulting in a tightly-knit home for those who have decided to stay here.

This thread is hopefully not very hard to understand. It's a list of all the "regular" members of The Domain, or those who have been around for a while and are part of the family. Whatever is bolded and underlined is a person's username; after that, their ID number is in [brackets], their common nicknames in italics, and the date of their first post at Tainted's/The Domain is underlined. The underlined text after their description is their name/location, which can be taken out upon request.

The idea of a regs thread was first thought up by one of the forum's moderators, How to Train Your Moosie. Since its creation in the spring of 2008 at Tainted's Domain, it has spread to many forums throughout FFN. If you would like to take this idea into a forum of yours, we request that you first check with us, either by PM or by posting in the chat thread. Nine times out of ten, we won't care as long as you cite T/D as the original source, either with a link or with a note that credits the forum with the idea. However, if you create a regs thread, we ask that you do not take the format that is used on this one, as it was created specifically for this forum's anniversary.



Moderators, or mods, are trusted forum members who have been around for a long time. Mods can pin/unpin and lock/unlock threads, and they can also edit and delete posts if needed. Listed in order of their moderation--starting with the admin and working its way down to the most recent mods--moderators are members who are generally very responsible and should be treated with respect.

» Jon Stewart [1026076]; Tawny, Jacob - November 3, 2007 - Despite the nickname, "Jacob" is, in fact, a girl. Tawny's interests include posting pictures of dancing bacon, watching Red vs. Blue (also known as RvB), and Stephen Colbert. She's amazing at grammar, so if you have any questions, she's probably the one to go to. Tawny is also a hardcore Red, and even though her penname may say otherwise, she maintains that Blue Simmons is really a Red. Really. Though she can be sarcastic and "dense" at times--and sometimes destroys the innocence of our younger members--Tawny is a great friend who usually brightens up whatever conversation is going on at the time. USA.

» How to Train Your Moosie [1414435]; Annie, Moosie - December 11, 2007 - Annie used to be known as the forum's psychic Canadian. Now, however, while she's still psychic and still very Canadian, her old title seems to have been dropped in favor of being the forum's rabid Canadian moose. Annie is the founder and maintainer of The Domain's Archive, has recently gotten into RvB, and lives in an igloo. Annie runs track and takes martial arts lessons, but don't let that intimidate you; she's a compassionate person and a great listener. Canada.

» Qzil [1328116]; QQ, Qzzy, Chelle - April 6, 2008 - Qzzy has been nicknamed the Destroyer of Innocence for good reason. Known for her sixty-nine song, which can be found on the sixty-ninth page of almost all of our chat threads, Qzzy can be considered to be one of the most perverted members of the forum. However, she's also a great person to get advice from, and she has a unique outlook on life. Qzzy was voted Best Nicknamer during the T/D Awards, as she's come up with gems like "Pip/Pippermint," "Kingdom," and "Newspaper." Michelle. New Jersey, USA.

» Ky-lassassin [1109637]; Ky, Ky-la, One - March 8, 2008 - Before Blake, it was usually thought that Kyota had the most wives at the forum. She's happily married to Blaire, Jenny, Aly, Cass, and Silver, and she is divorced from Paige. Kyota can usually be found in a conversation with Beth about Digis and throwing random song lyrics into conversation. She's also Cindrea's twinsie, the mod who usually deals with all things concerning the regs thread, and a bit of a grammar freak. Ky is also very mysterious, preferring to keep all things about her personal life and name, location, etc. on the down low, causing some people to believe that she is really a forty-year-old man named Patrick. USA.

» Beautiful Thief [1314991]; Cass, Sao - June 9, 2008 - Music is a huge part of Cass's life; her favorite bands include AFI, Kill Hannah, and Three Days Grace. Cass was voted Most Likely to Have Kids First during the second T/D Awards. However, Cass claims to hate young children. Despite this, she's a kind and caring presence in the forum who takes care of the people she loves. Fiercely loyal, Cass is willing to help those who need it, selflessly putting others before herself. She's also a great listener and an empath, which contributes to her personality. Cass is married to Silver, Ky, and Blake, who is her favorite husband. Cassandra. Melbourne, Australia.

» Peeta the Frosting Prince [1406711]; Casa, Toph - June/July 2008 - As can be concluded from the nickname "Toph," Casa is a fan of the show Avatar: The Last Airbender. Toph is her favorite character and her namesake, and she will defend her to anyone. Casa is very interested in history, particularly that of Europe and the Holocaust, which she is currently writing a novel on. Casa is interested in religion and would like to convert to Judaism in the near future. Also, she has five socks; because of her love for RvB, most of them have RvB-related names and avs. New Jersey, USA.

» eliska [872384]; Beth - February 8, 2009 - As the first T/Der to live in (a place that is not USA, Canada, Australia or the UK), Beth brings a certain worldliness to the forum. Beth loves petsites; she has accounts on Digis, Wajas, and Aywas, and she was the one who started the Digis craze at T/D. Fandom-wise, she is an active writer of both stories and poetry for the South Park (now Hetalia) fandom. Beth also posts frequently on many of the side threads and enjoys bubble tea. Beth is also fluent in (a language) and English and has a sweet and polite demeanor, causing her to get along with most people. Anne. USA.



Regulars, also known as "regs," are people who log on most days to chat at the forum. They are listed by the date of their first chat thread post at either forum, with the regs who have been around the longest closer to the top. Regulars have been around for a minimum of about two months and are well-liked and have been accepted by the other members of T/D. Regs are next in line for modship, as they are all trusted and show a certain level of maturity.

» Lost-Blue-Phantom [1038328]; Losteh, Bluey - December 15, 2007 - As her name states, Losteh is usually...well, lost. Recently, though, she was voted Most Deceiving. The reasoning behind this? It's been claimed that she's not nearly as lost as she seems. AD even found her once, and for two Apocalypse bringing weeks, she stayed found. Once upon a time, Bluey was one of the oldest members of the forum. Even though this isn't true anymore, she's still a very mature and kind presence here. Bluey likes Lost, the color blue, and Phantom of the Opera (hence the penname). Less obviously, she also likes Heroes (and Syelle), Les Miserables, and 24. Blaire. New Jersey, USA.

» Signel-chan [1318841]; Sig, Signel - January 2008 - Despite the fact that she has been around since January, Signel's sporadic posting prevented her from becoming a reg for a long time. In real life, Sig is a cheerleader who loves to write and draw. She loves Naruto and Total Drama Island, which she will defend to the death, and also writes for the Pokémon and Warriors fandoms. Signel also loves NASCAR, though many people her age don't, and can sometimes be found speaking in third person. Amanda. Colorado, USA.

» Satanasaurus [1600268]; George - June 11, 2008 - We took one year, six months, and twenty-nine days to add George here, but it's nothing personal. (It's only because nobody likes him.) George, similarly to AD, is almost always in it for the lulz. His hobbies include sexy-dancing, Twister, and flaming, and he's not afraid to speak his mind. Although some people think George can be a jerk, he's a loyal friend to those he's close to. George changes his penname fairly often but can always be recognized by the -asaurus suffix. George recently did an experiment in being nice--and giving con-crit to awful fics on Christmas Day--which caused him to get sick. George. Britian.

» Magnos Callidon [1480256]; AD - June 20, 2008 - As a member of T/D's older crowd, AD is also definitely one of T/D's more perverted regulars. As his nickname--which stands for "Army Dude"--says, AD is in the army. AD was the second male member of T/D who stayed despite the fact that everyone was yelling at him on his first day and Jeremy hated him. He can usually be found in the debate thread telling you that your post doesn't say what you think it does. AD is the kind of person who will slap you in the face when you need it. He tells the truth as he sees it and is always in it for the lulz (and Twister). Robert. Alabama, USA.

» Anarane Faelivrin [1416488]; Ana - October 7, 2008 - Although Ana first posted in October of 2008, she disappeared for a while after that, lurking and posting in the forum's side threads. However, since her chat thread reappearance in the spring of '09, she has gotten over her hesitance and chats with us regularly (though she admits to being intimidated when asked anything ending in "right?"). Ana is our forum's second Brit, and, unlike Lei, she is not a British Piece of Shit; she was nicknamed "Captain Crumpets" by Lei when she first arrived, but the nickname didn't stick. Ana likes Panic! at the Disco, Harry Potter, and Greek guys. London, Britain.

» Aeikon Devleon [1650619]; Kingdom, Acorn, Akon - November 24, 2008 - Acorn used to be more of a lurker than a poster, but lately, he's been chatting more. When he does chat, Acorn is fun and has been described as "cheeky and sometimes a bit hesitant." He loves video games, roleplaying, and used to be a huge spammer, resulting in a spamming competition between him and Ky. Acorn is also involved in a five-way marriage with Tawny, Furby (Yellowfur), and some others. Although he sometimes trolls other sites, Acorn is really a nice guy who's great to talk to. Scott. Florida, USA.

» Rising Dusk [1734813]; Natz, Zalie, Stan - December 11, 2008 - Natz is an incredibly forgiving person who came to T/D during a rather rough period of time. However, she stuck it out and is now happily a part of the family. Natz was originally invited to the forum by Annie. Natz hates conflicts and usually likes to lurk during arguments. She also plays the flute and piccolo and loves music. Natz is Lance's sistah and Kyota's sister's cousin on the father's side twice removed. Nathalie. Pennsylvania, USA.

» Cerulean City [1433025]; Blake, Shoe - February 17, 2009 - Blake has set out to marry everyone at T/D, and he has many wives to show for it. Blake is a kind person who gets along with most that he comes into contact with, and he usually prefers to stay out of arguments and such. Blake is a huge Pokémon and Heroes fan and likes tea-but-not-coffee, which is why Kyota refuses to marry him. Upon watching RvB, Blake also decided that he was a Blue. A member of the Cryptkeepers' Club, Blake is one of T/D's oldest regs. Texas, USA.

» Want a Chance to Finally Shine [1736603]; Shine, Shimmy - May 23, 2009 - A music-obsessed girl, Shimmy is a songwriter and instrument-player. She loves anything that has to do with music, especially country, and would like to work in said industry eventually. Shimmer is now the youngest T/Der. However, this does not mean that she is immature, because she definitely isn't. Shimmy is quiet and kind, plays the euphonium in the beginning band, and is one of Blake's fellow Pokéfreaks. She's also known for her pennames, all of which have the word "shine" (or some derivative of it) in them. Brooke. Texas, USA.

» soundless.dissonance [1546379]; Two, Emery - December 28, 2009 - Known for being eerily similar to Ky, Emery was soon nicknamed "Ky II" (or Thing Two) after arriving here, which was eventually just shortened to Two. She and Ky share the same speech habits and tastes in almost everything. A total sweetheart, Emery is always willing to listen to people and loves to make them happy. She adores pasta, playing the violin, and her favorite song is Two is Better than One (even though it's not true) due to the double meaning the song now has. Two is also Breeze's cousin and a totally cool person to talk to. Emery. USA.



Forevers are people who have all once been a part of The Domain or Tainted's Domain (or both). Some of them have left for personal reasons or simply disappeared over time; for others, there are specific events that led up to their departure. Whatever the reason, these people remain within the memories of other T/Ders. Each person listed here, whether they left on good terms or bad, has played an important role in shaping The Domain/Tainted's Domain, and they should not be forgotten.

» Balverine [1281544]; Aly, Tainted - November 3, 2007 - Aly was the creator and admin of the old forum, Tainted's Domain (Ta/D). A grudge-holder with epilepsy, Aly used to start forum-wide flame wars that were usually fun for all. Aly is also known for her fic "Welcome to Warrior High" (WTWH), of which two roleplays were done. In the end, Aly deleted her forum, and opinions of her now are mixed. Aly is extremely loyal to those she considers close friends, though obtaining that rank can sometimes prove to be difficult. Alyson. Louisiana, USA.

» The Thrush That Can't Fly [1334513]; Lia - November 3, 2007 - One of the first mods at Tainted's Domain, Lia was renowned as the forum's spam queen, and Amber was her deputy. Lia was also well-known for confusing people's genders, most commonly Julia's. She often referred to Flameh as "he," resulting in a thread about whether or not Lia would ever realize that Flameh was a girl and not a boy. Lia eventually disappeared for a long period of time, resulting in her demotion, though she does pop in occasionally. Lia. Nebraska, USA.

» ms.illegality [1480899]; Atom - November 3, 2007 - True to her ex-penname of "WajasFanatic," Atom is an avid player of Wajas. She was the first one from T/D to join the site, therefore starting the Wajas craze that has recently hit the forum. Atom used to be a good little Christian girl who didn't curse; now, though, she's got a mouth that could rival Kelly's. Atom likes the manga Bleach; her twin, Topaz; and changing the pennames on her two accounts, which always frustrates Ky. Atom has also become a fan of My Chemical Romance (thanks to Kelly), Panic! at the Disco (thanks to Rayne), and bandslash (thanks to Kelly and Rayne). Bailey. Virginia, USA.

» Butterfly Romance [1402925]; Kelly - November 3, 2007 - Kelly was the original My Chemical Romance fan(girl) of the forum, and, as such, was once known for spazzing over her "Gar-Gar." She mainly reads Warriors and Redwall fics, which shows her love of animals and other living creatures. Kelly is very loyal and is the kind of person who doesn't give up on things and people that she loves--which, as it turns out, means Aly. Recently, Kelly has expressed her dislike for T/D, insulting former friends and eventually being banned for stirring up trouble. However, she'll still pop in on a sock account every once in a while, so keep an eye out. Kelly. California, USA.

» painted.inkblot [1319796]; Flameh, Inky, Julie-wa - November 3, 2007 - Julia has been around T/D longer than anyone else here, and despite her old reputation of being intimidating, Julia really isn't scary at all. It's been joked that she's a hippie, though, since she lives in California and loves peace. Julia is more of a lurker, preferring to stay quiet unless needed. Unfortunately, Julia's been lurking a bit too much lately. She likes art, the Beatles, and Discworld, and although she's one of the forum's youngest members, she's also one of the most responsible ones. Julia. California, USA.

» Amber Jae [1426449]; Amber - November 2007 - Amber used to be the forum's Nickname Mistress. However, lately she hasn't been around much to give nicknames to new people, so Qzzy seems to have taken up the role. Amber is the proud owner of eleven or more forums and many side accounts, which she uses to rig the occasional poll or invade forums. Amber tends to avoid conflicts that occur when she's on, preferring to simply lurk or go do something else when tensions are high. Jacquelyn. New Jersey, USA.

» Queen Rahna the Snarky [1322931]; Rayne, Layne, -bucket - November 14, 2007 - Rayne is someone who could be considered a music junkie. She loves My Chemical Romance (thanks to Kelly), Fall Out Boy, Tokio Hotel, and Panic at the Disco, to name a few. Rayne's other love is slash, which she enjoys reading both on FFN (Harry Potter) and LiveJournal (for bandslash). Rayne is also one of our more sarcastic and snarky members, but once she warms up to you, she's a great friend and person to talk to. Elizabeth. Michigan, USA.

» MusicDefinesUsAll [1223395]; Jay, Jayde, Jahda - Jayde and Rayne are currently T/D's only pair of real life best friends. Jayde was the one who introduced Rayne to Tokio Hotel, and she shares her love of My Chemical Romance. Jay loves Frank Iero, MCR's rhythm guitarist/backup vocalist. She also loves Green Day and gets asplode-out-of-your-seat-excited when she thinks about going to one of their concerts. Jayde also likes baseball and the Detroit Tigers, her favorite team. Her lucky number is seven, and she used to be known for her pennames that always included said number in them. Rose. Michigan, USA.

» T0M Serv0 [346926]; Snuffie, Snuff - Snuffie also used to be a mod at Tainted's Domain, but, like Lia, she was demoted for inactivity. Snuffie is a sarcastic, blunt concritter. She can be harsh when she wants to be, and that's generally something about her that many people love. Snuff doesn't give a damn what anyone thinks about her and is one of the few who will tell you the truth no matter what. Snuffie writes for House, Warriors, and Pokémon, to name a few fandoms, but she plans to delete all of her stories and eventually focus on writing original works. Christina. Nevada, USA.

» CinderDreams [1363383]; Cyn, Cindrea, Cin - January 2008 - Cin is a great person to talk to. Sympathetic and kind, she's always willing to lend an ear to those who need it, though she hasn't been on much lately. Cin is known for her (self-proclaimed) sexiness--though she isn't at all conceited, actually--and for her two sexy hats that she shares with Kyota, her twin. Cin also used to speak in third-person and hide in her cardboard box when she was upset. Hannah. New Jersey, USA.

» Smart Aleckette [1426215]; Alette, Aleck - February 23, 2008 - Alette's Internet has a bad habit of dying. However, said Internet connection is now well-known around T/D, and references to it can occasionally be found in the chat thread. Alette loves debates and would love to become a lawyer someday. However, Alette avoids pointless arguments and remains calm when she does get involved. She has a level head and loves the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney games. Alette's house is currently undergoing renovations, leaving her without Internet access for a while, which is why she hasn't been around in a while. Monica. Newfoundland, Canada.

» Song of the Wild [1483438]; Paige, Wild - February 23, 2008 - Paige and Alette arrived on the same day, a rarity in T/D. Paige is Jewish, just like Julia, and her religion is very important to her. She's also Canadian and proud, which was shown when she changed her penname to "Canada Day Paige" in 2008. Paige used to write for Warriors, but she took down her stories and favorites a bit before Ta/D was deleted. Paige has since left the site and the forum to reclaim her life. Dara Paige. British Columbia, Canada.

» Breezeh [1255043]; Breeze, Breezie - March 21, 2008 - Breeze was once a songfic writer named Swanfeather. Since then, she has outgrown the name--and xx-The Breeze-xx--and become simply Breezeh. Breeze has been taking French for a long time and is almost fluent in the language. She is strong-willed and opinionated and was always up for a good flame war. Hope is also her magician...or she is Hope's magician. Breeze also wishes that she had Hope's straight hair. She has recently moved on from T/D and plans to enjoy life outside the Internet. Bianca. USA.

» Streameh [1051558]; Stream, Rin - March 22, 2008 - Rin has a reputation as T/D's perverted lurker. A longtime member who now prefers to lurk rather than chat, Rin loves Lost (and, more specifically, Suliet and Charladay). If you'd like to talk to her, the best way to get her attention is to say something slightly perverted, which causes her to pop out of the shadows and comment. Rin is also a gymnast, an Obama-loving Democrat, and a person who hates hearing others whine about their lives. Lately, Rin has been lurking a little too much, which is why she can't really be counted as a chatting reg anymore. Corinne. Pennsylvania, USA.

» Ciboulette [1510578]; Rave - The most common thing that is said about Rave when she's brought up in conversation is that no, she does not rant and rave. Still, the nickname--given by Tawny and derived from her old penname, "Raven's Rain"--stuck surprisingly well. Rave is a Lost fan and a Suliet shipper who returned after the deletion of Tainted's but has since stopped posting. Rave is also a Warriors writer and was a regular poster in the spring of 2008. Holly. Ontario, Canada.

» Silent Memento [1412825]; Mem, Jer - April 12, 2008 - Jeremy was once a feminine regular-turned-mod of Ta/D and the first male to join the forum. Jeremy was an avid curser, flamer, and n00b-hater. He claimed to be in love with Aly, though his moods would change frequently (further shown by the number of times he'd left and returned to T/D). Jeremy also claimed that many bad things had happened in his life: He attempted suicide, got beaten by his parents, and was sentenced to life in jail. However, he later confessed to "exaggerating" about this, which leads many to believe that he lied about the whole thing. Jeremy. Missouri, USA.

» Broken Gold [1388557]; Golde, Jamie-wa - April 26, 2008 - With her great sense of humor and cheerful disposition, Golde is always a great person to talk to. She loves acting, dancing, and singing, and she goes to an arts school for that. She also has a black belt in Tae Kwan Do, so she says that it's no use stalking her, because she'll just beat you up. Golde, like most of us, also loves to write and read, particularly for Warriors and Harry Potter, and, thanks to Jenny and Lei, is a fan or RvB; as such, she can usually be found posting in said thread, the games, or the chat. Jamie. Ontario, Canada.

» Hope- Suddenly I See [1428279]; Hope, Hoop-la, Hopia - April 26, 2008 - Another former mod of Tainted's Domain, Hope was always a sweet person to talk to and someone who loved to make others smile. Hope was also Jeremy's twinsie, influenced by the power of Lei's suns, and had something to do with Breeze and a magician. Unfortunately, Hope's parents caught her chatting with us on T/D and AIM and banned her from FanFiction. She still tries to get on when she can, but, sadly, that doesn't happen very often. USA.

» Topaz in the Meadow [1262815]; 'Paz, Topaz - May 18, 2008 - Topaz is a writer for the Twilight fandom and a cofounder of its top forum, Twilightdom. However, she respects those with differing opinions on the books. She loves her friends and her boyfriend dearly, though she tends to stress out over school a lot. Topaz is kind and an easy person to talk to and get along with. She's a huge fan of country music, such as the band Sugarland, and she's one of the few people capable of writing a challenge fic in a day. Angela. Texas, USA.

» Silver-hair Angel [393854]; Silver, Dani, Quarry - May 18, 2008 - Silver, who is fondly known as the Cryptkeeper, is one of the oldest members of the forum. She was also the first person to come to Tainted's after the forum switched to General, popping in almost as soon as the switch had been made. Though it has been proven that she's capable of a clean conversation, Silver likes to play "Twister" and is known as the Twister Master. However, Silver is also extremely responsible and is a great listener. Danielle. Florida, USA.

» Loz'93 [1486273]; Loz, Streak - May 27, 2008 - The forum's first Aussie, Streak is a fun-loving girl who's always up for a good time and some laughs. She also loves dancing and photography, and she can be found constantly out and about taking pictures of things. Streak tries to cheer people up and seems to always have a positive attitude. A girl who always tries to give her friends valid advice, Streak is friendly with nearly everyone and is always warmly welcomed when she posts. Because she's Australian, she might be on at odd hours, which makes the times when we do get to see her even more valuable. Laurie-Anne. Sydney, Australia.

» Blue Sigma [1457118]; Lance, Lei, British - May 31, 2008 - A longtime member and former mod of T/D, Lei preferred to be demoted and re-promoted every time a new mod was added so that she could be next to Tawny. This has resulted in some hilarious penname wars and the like between the two, who often make sentences out of their pennames such as "Sir Stephen Hates Jacob." Lance is as Blue as Tawny is Red, has the power of a thousand suns (and is Tawny's solar-powered lover), and has been given the (very endearing) title of T/D's British Piece of Shit. Lei always speaks her mind and is a close friend to many, who see her as an older sister-figure. Jessica. Liverpool, Britain.

» SCREAMINGwhispers [805472]; Whispy, Screamo - June/July 2008 - Despite being around since the summer of '08, Whispy is a rather recent (fall '09) regular due to her sporadic appearances at both T/D and Tainted's Domain. However, over time, Whispy has become a familiar face around the chat thread. She loves the Beatles--all of them--and will defend them to the death. Whispy also loves musicals like Rent and Phantom of the Opera and is currently co-writing a Twilight fic with Viv, a close friend of hers. USA.

» Feigning My Innocence [1622319]; Faynobirdie, Feign, Inno - July 14, 2008 - When Faynobirdie first arrived, many people thought that she was Aly in disguise. However, she eventually convinced us that she wasn't and stayed despite the initial less-than-warm welcome that she was given. Inno likes sports, like basketball, cross-country, and soccer, and is the opposite of superstitious. The nickname "Faynobirdie" is possibly the best nickname that any T/Der has ever been blessed to have and has won many awards here. Inno is also Leilah's bitch when she's around, which hasn't been often lately. This may (or may not) be due to the fact that her parents are very overprotective of her. USA.

» pippermint [1020540]; Pip, Bany - August 1, 2008 - Bany, or "basically anything," was a nickname given to Pip by Lei and Natz. Pip was originally called UltimateProcrastinator, a penname that returned after Tawny was named the forum's biggest procrastinator. Pip is usually a calm, quiet girl who enjoys lurking. She usually feeds Ky's Heroes obsession with Peter-related links, avatars, fics, and the like. She loves Regina Spektor, The Fall of Troy, and making icons in her spare time. A happy cynic, Pip is very down-to-earth and a friendly person to talk to. USA.

» nuttx [751069]; Nutt, Peanut, Nuttpea - August 9, 2008 - Peanut has recently gotten into the show Merlin and was surprised and disappointed to find out that Merlin fever had not yet hit T/D. Peanut is an incredibly sweet and likable person; when she first came to T/D, even those who were normally harsh on newbies liked her. Peanut is a fan of Panic at the Disco and the Death Note series and is Kyota's fiancée and Silver's triplet. Peanut was also convinced to join the Red team after being tempted by coffee and chocolate. Lately, she hasn't been on much due to issues with her parents and the fact that her computer has been moved out of her room; hopefully, the situation will change soon. Australia.

»Apocali [809908]; Apo - April 22, 2009 - Prior to being a T/Der, Apo was a long time member of the Fireplace before it shut down; he is now T/D's resident ninja. He talks about ninjas--a lot. When he's not sneaking around in the shadows, Apo is a great guy with vast knowledge of video games and various anime and manga series; if you want a good recommendation, he's your go-to guy. Even though he's under the (false) impression that every female at T/D wants to jump his bones, he's quite the gentleman if you open up to him. Just ask Cass if you need further proof of his awesomeness--she's engaged to him. James. Illinois, USA.

» Altevriel [1415238]; Alt, Jon - July 28, 2009 - When Alt first came to T/D, he would often greet people with "Bliggity!" which, according to him, is equivalent to a greeting. Super-friendly and kind to everyone--though a bit shy at first--Alt, like Blake, is a fellow Texan and a Heroes fan. He also likes the anime shows Dragonball Z and Bleach, as well as the Zelda video games. Alt generally dislikes conflicts and tries to avoid taking sides when dramaz go down, though he will speak up if he feels his opinion needs to be heard. Jonathan. Texas, USA.

» Corrupted Lament [1848894]; Icy - November 19, 2009 - Like many other T/Ders, Icy is a fan of RvB--and, like Jenny, is a die-hard Red who can often be found arguing with Blues. He often throws out random bits of German in conversation, as he loves the language and practicing it. Icy is also a fan of Hetalia, and although some people (read: n00bs) think he's harsh because he flames, Icy is a nice person as long as you don't piss him off. Some people, because of T/D's population, wrongly assume that Icy is a girl. He isn't, but thankfully, he won't hold it against you if you do so. Ryan. Florida, USA.

» Singulus Immorta [2103902]; Si, Sing, Thief - December 22, 2009 - Thief (a nickname given to her from Ky to spite Cass) is, like many other T/Ders, a girl who loves music; her favorite bands are My Chemical Romance and Paramore. She also loves the show House, although she has to stay up until four in the morning to watch it. When Thief first arrived at T/D, Lei (our British Piece of Shit) insulted British people on purpose to test Thief, who remained totally cool throughout. Thief can usually be found listening to music and playing Digis, but sometimes she'll admit to doing something out of the ordinary (like giving a llama a bath). Also, her favorite color is purple. Britain.

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