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Oh. -nod- That makes sense. Wait, do you have half days on Wednesdays or no because you don't have half days on Saturdays?

Also, is it worth it for me to go to bed if I have to get up at ten...?

4/18/2012 #5,671

We have half days on Wednesdays anyway. :D Also, go the fuck to bed sleep is good for you jesus christ.

4/18/2012 #5,672

To play along with our Valentine's theme, I got with Armas on February 12th.

4/18/2012 #5,673

I would sleep, it's just I had papers and shit. -handwave-

The Boy and I became a thing on February 3! That's close enough, right? [/I'M A COOL KID TOO YOU GUYS D;]

4/18/2012 #5,674

Okay, I'm gonna go sleep for an hour. 'Night...or...'morning~

4/18/2012 #5,675


And night. :)

4/18/2012 #5,676
Beautiful Thief

Kids can't beat the real deal Valentines anniversary. ;)

4/18/2012 #5,677

Ehhh, I've never been fond of Valentine's Day, and neither's Armas, sooo...

4/18/2012 #5,678
Beautiful Thief

I don't care either, really. It just was incidentally the first day I saw Nat again after I'd made the decision that I would DEFINITELY have to ask her out the next time I saw her.

4/18/2012 #5,679

N'awwww. :)

Ours was kinda a mutual agreement thing. I brought it up.

"We're acting rather couple-y, don't you think?"

"Yeah, I was thinking that."

"Well, it's a yes from me, if you want to."

"It's a yes from me, too."


4/18/2012 #5,680

Nice penname, Lei-la~

4/18/2012 #5,681


Oh my God Max Brenner's. ♥

That, and the Strand. That part of Broadway from 12th to 14th is like the best stretch ever, for that reason.

Come next fall and we can hang out with Jenny!

Come hell or high water I am getting my ass to Boston for y'all, even if it is 12 hours from Virginia.

4/18/2012 . Edited 4/18/2012 #5,682

Thanks. :D

4/18/2012 #5,683


How're you?

4/18/2012 #5,684

Great! Just texting Armas and playing L.A. Noire. You?

4/18/2012 #5,685

Oh, I've heard a lot about that game. Mixed, though. Like excellent graphics but Rane didn't like the storyline much.

I have to leave for class in like, five minutes so I'm twiddling my thumbs till then. xD

4/18/2012 #5,686

Gotta run~

4/18/2012 #5,687

G'morning all.

How is everyone?

Oh, and on the topic of romance, I've managed to ask a total of three girls out in my life.

One rejected me brutally.

One was a lesbian.

And the last one someone interrupted me while trying to ask them out. To ask them out. They said yes.

4/18/2012 #5,688

Good job! :D See? You're not forever alone~

I've never asked anyone out. |D One time I told a guy I liked him, and Well. I guess it was a good experience or something. -handwave-

...Registering for classes at 12:15; obsessively stalking my classes to make sure they don't fill up. -armflail-

4/18/2012 #5,689

Wait, what?

And oh, OK.

lol. When were you supposed to register?

4/18/2012 #5,690

You were all "people don't like me" but you got a date, so clearly they do. -nod-

In four minutes!

4/18/2012 #5,691

No, I didn't. The guy that interrupted did. And I'm pretty sure he knew exactly what I was trying to do.

4/18/2012 #5,692

Oh-h. Well, that was a bad story. You should fight him for her. :D

4/18/2012 #5,693

Um...No? This was three years ago in high school. That would be completely pointless.

4/18/2012 #5,694


4/18/2012 #5,695

...Come to think of it, I haven't really asked anyone out since I graduated form high school...

And I wouldn't fight. My policy is peace love and baby ducks.

4/18/2012 #5,696

Generally I'm the same, but David's brother and I have gotten into several fistfights and wrestling matches so I have evidence stacked against me that I'm a bit of a fighter.

4/18/2012 #5,697

Ah, OK.

If for some odd reason I would have to fight, I wouldn't really be able to do anything without a sword :/ Fisticuffs are not something I know.

...Yes, I know how to use a sword.

4/18/2012 #5,698

I don't think a lot of people really 'know' how to fight.

It's mostly just whoever lands the most punches until the other person can't get back up wins.

4/18/2012 #5,699

...Fair enough.

Anyway, how are you doing today?

4/18/2012 . Edited 4/18/2012 #5,700
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