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Jon Stewart

We're going to miss T/D. It's been a home to me, at least, for six months--six months of checking in every day, finding my true's been so amazing. I'm amazed and flattered to find myself head mod of The Domain--not just a place for one person and their minions, but a place for this whole family.

Now, I believe we were having a nervous, anxiety-filled discussion about this new place. Let's continue it.

7/12/2008 . Edited 7/12/2008 #1

Yeah! Go, Jenny! Let's make this place as special as T/D was to us--and it doesn't matter where or how we chat; it's that we're a family and we always will be.

7/12/2008 #2

-hugs Jenny- Thank you.

7/12/2008 #3

Better than anyone else could say it. 8DD

7/12/2008 #4
Jon Stewart

It's not where we are; it's who we're with.

7/12/2008 #5
Jon Stewart

-laugh- I am so floored by the mod bar; it's crazy.

So. Kyota, you have the regs thread, right?

7/12/2008 #6

Yeah, Jenny. D'you want it?

7/12/2008 #7
Silver-hair Angel

It's not where we are; it's who we're with.

I couldn't have said it better myself.

7/12/2008 #8
Jon Stewart

Did anyone get the rules? They'd be a good base to work with, but we're all going to work on them this time. This is our place.

7/12/2008 #9

I have the rules, too. -nod-

7/12/2008 #10
Jon Stewart

Yeah, Jenny. D'you want it?

-nod- We should start setting up all of the threads we want now, so that there's no flood of requests later.

7/12/2008 #11
Jon Stewart

Quarry: Thanks~!

I have the rules, too. -nod-

-sigh- Oh, I love you, Kyota. XD

7/12/2008 #12

That's a good idea, Jenny. -nodnod-

7/12/2008 #13

Spam thread, of course~

7/12/2008 #14

"Meet Us, the Totally PWNSOME T/D Regulars"

For all you new people, welcome to Tainted's Domain! Read this along with the rules to get to know some of the high-status members. First are the mods in order of their moderation; they have the highest respect-levels, so obey them. Not all of the regular members are up here yet; yes, I am quite aware that there are loads more...don't be offended if you don't appear here yet. They're coming.

Fellow mods, please feel free to edit and add in anything you think would be good...keep in mind that, unlike Tawny's "Meet Us!" thread, this is serious, okay? Other members, if there's something you'd like put into your short bio here, or something that's already up and you'd like to be taken out, contact one of the mods and they'd *happily* oblige.

Moving on...the bolded text is their username, while whatever's in the [brackets] and italics is what they're most commonly called. Nearly everyone has several other nicknames, though. Stuff that is underlined is their real name and state/country. If there isn't a name or place, then they haven't said it.

With no further ado:

Moderators/Mods:Mods are the highest-ranking members, who can create, delete, lock, or pin topics. The only thing that separates them from the 'head mod' is the fact that the head mod can block people, delete the forum, create & organize stuff in categories, make people mods, demote mods, and mess around with the settings of the forum. Aly has done this once; don't make her do it again, 'kay?

::NOTE:: Moderators are listed in order of seniority; whoever is the oldest mod holds the most respect, while newer ones are less respected.

Tainted Lullaby [Aly, Tainted, Aly-san] Tainted is the life and soul of the forum. Seriously; don't fuck with her. She's the Supah-Mod and creator of this awesome place, and has the power to block you. She can also make you a mod, but don't ever ask for that. 'Nuff said on that subject. Once she is pissed off and/or argues with you, she never forgets. She also holds grudges and has epilepsy.

Anyway, once you get past the intimidating fear she gives off at first, Aly's a really great person to talk to. Although Aly can come off as arrogant, she's fun and likes to joke around, and isn't afraid to say what she thinks; don't be offended if she says something, as she probably doesn't mean it in a harsh way, unless she says otherwise. Alyson. Louisiana.

Painted Inkblot [Flameh, Inkblot, Flamia (sadly; Tawny's to blame), EGTU, F - l - a - m - i - a] She's been a mod the longest, so respect Flameh. She's often online, but is more of a lurker, and only posts when she has something important to say. Still, I can think of several times when her disciplined demeanor has slipped and she's replied more than fifteen times a page. (ZOMG FIFTEEN TIMES. Flameh knows she's posted more than that on a page. Especially during the gold ol' days, when the taking-over conspiracy first originated.) When you get to know her, she's cool, a great person to share opinions with. She jokes around, but often comes off as a very serious person; she's level-headed and experienced, and taking her advice is always a good idea.

Flameh herself thinks some of this doesn't sound like her, but, as she is probably one of the most peaceful mods, she won't complain...unless they say she's a conspiracist. Then she complains. Which reminds us:

Flameh is also a conspiracist who wants to take over T/D. Tawny will be her deputy, and Bluey will be Tawny's deputy. This first originated back in the good ol' days of November/December when somehow, a conspiracy unearthed, the [now locked] Conspiracy Thread was made, there were many debates and polls (one asking if Lia would ever realize Flameh was a girl and not a boy), and Flameh's inbox filled with far too many emails. (Don't worry; she disabled forum thread alert a long time ago.)

Now, at this point you might be wondering why this section on Flameh is still not done yet and why it's so much longer than any other. Answer: Sadly, there is still more to be known about Flameh, and it is our goal to reveal it to the world. Besides being a conspiracist, Flameh is also a gay druggie hippie. Why, you ask? Because she is a Californian, of course! Yes, Tawny is definitely to blame. Unfortunately, her being a druggie hippie has caught on, and now everybody refers to her as "hippie," asks her "WTF [she's] on" (usually pot or crack, they say), leaves her out of things because she is a hippie, and heaps hippie stereotypes on her. However, Flameh sadly has to admit some of it is true: she loves peace (as evidenced by a post where she once said: "I like calm. Calm is nice.") and is not homophobic by any means. This does not give newbies license to start prancing about and calling her hippie, though. That's just not nice. Julia. California.

.Lost-Blue-Phantom. [Losteh, Bluey, Phantom] A totally cool person to be around, Bluey is a very welcoming person. You can tell her about your problems, and she'll listen and give you advice, as she's one of the older members (aged 15). She has lots of experience in many different topics; don't be afraid to ask her about anything. She gives a very adult dimension to the forum. She also has a knack for writing long-winded diplomatic letters to the people we flame when they end up insulting us in ways they shouldn't. Hence the penname; Losteh's often very lost about what we're talking about - bear with her. She is also Piglet's internet twin and is very territorial when it comes down to that rank. Blaire. New York.

Rahna [Rayne, Rahnabucket, -bucket] Rayne's one of the people who've been on the forum longest; respect her. She's a totally fun person to talk to, and is often online with which to do so. I'm not going to say too much about it here, but, several months back, poor Rayne was involved in a huge conspiracy that has got to be one of the most hilarious things you've ever heard...ask an older member on the chat board if you want to know more. Feel free to ask her, too, as she regards the thing as a very good joke.

Admittedly, she's often angry at someone/something, but don't let that keep you from thinking that she's nice. Rayne tries to cover up her feelings so that she doesn't annoy others. She considers Aly and a couple other people to be her honourable older sisters (and wishes that they really were) and spells words like 'colour' and 'honour' in the Canadian way because she likes Canada. Elizabeth. Michigan.

Demoiselle Kyota [Kyota, Ky, KyKy, Ky-la, KONY] One of the few people who came over during the 'Harry Potter Transplant,' Kyota is very mature and fluent in the culture of Japan. An avid Harry Potter fan with no knowledge of Warriors, Kyota doesn't seem to care as long as we Kyota seems to brighten up the conversation and is a 'calm arguer,' who uses logic when she DOES argue. Though rather calm at first (which she still is, actually), it is thought that she "broke down" or "gained impeccable taste" April 19th, the date on which she asked Tawny to marry her. They never did get married, but Kyota got hooked to Paige instead. This is just one of the few oddities of Tainted's Domain.

Ky eventually divorced Paige, only to get hitched to Bluey, Tawny, and Aly. She does, however, refer to Aly as her "adulterous lover." Ky's twinsie is Cindrea. Ky is pretty much a grammar nazi, and she won't hesitate to correct you. Kyota.

Silent Memento [Mem, Gemma, Bi, Jer] Memo is our one and only male regular here at T/D, which means he gets tortured by us. A lot. When he first came, everybody who was there at the time (there, happy, Snuff, Ferny, etc.?) except for Flameh wanted to "marry" him. This caused the almost-marriage between Kyota and Tawny, and the marriage between Kyota and Paige. And Kelly developed a near fanatical love for him, too. It's still lasting.

He also thinks anyone who doesn't know who Mark Twain is and considers themselves a writer is not a writer and never will be one; he is also proud to be a Missourian (sing that to the tune of the lyric I'm proud to be an American in the song God Bless the USA). Oh, yeah, he also apologizes for everything that happens, claiming to have been taught always to be polite, and especially so to the opposite gender; don't mind him. Jeremy. St. Louis, Missouri.

Leilah Aswad-Seif [Lei, Leilah, BPoS, Magical Cockroach Person] Lei earned the title of "British piece of shit" (or "BPoS") from Tawny soon after she arrived. Lei had been invited to T/D by Aly herself, posted a few times, and then mysteriously vanished. It was later learned that her computer had nasty temper tantrums when coming in contact with forums. Aly had given Lei con-crit a while ago, and Lei was one of the few people who didn't hate her for it, and, instead, took Aly's advice. Lei is also funny and loyal, has the power of a thousand suns, and knows nothing about Warriors. Larina. Britain.

-Hope- In the Name of Love [Hope, Abby] Another recent regular, Hope was one of those people who had heard the rumors about T/D - that we're nasty, mean, vicious, flaming, people. Enter your unappealing words of choice anywhere before people. It's not really known what prompted her to come here - perhaps it was because of those rumors, or maybe because Flameh gave her some concrit on her fanfiction For Real and after a few chapters gave up. In any event, she came here, saw the rumors weren't true, and has now happily acclimatized to our lovely atmosphere. Oh, and she's rewriting For Real, too. She would like to let everyone know that she is Memo's twin (even though the noticable age difference might seem to vehemently deny that.) Since she saw this lovely article, she told me the other reasons she came. In her words, here they are:

"And... I came here to see if Kelly was Longtail Luv, because I stalked her story. XDD Also, I came here because I was curious about Aly after reading WTWH, and I found this place. I monitored it, I suppose you could say, just in case one of my fics would show up on a board like 'Look how awful this is, what was that author thinking?' so I would be prepared. And I finally figured out how to post when I replied to Kelly on the thread about Outcast. Long explanation!"

She also gets her awesome magician powers from the influence of chocolate and Lei's thousand suns. Abby. Indiana.

Regulars: Regulars are people who have been here since the beginning or have been here for months and show a certain level of maturity. Right below Mods, Regs are next on the 'Chain of Respect' and take control of the forum when a mod is gone or not here. Regs usually are a close-knit 'family-like' group, and hold strong connections with each other--including the mods. They are always next in line for modship, assuming they don't have a forum in the General category.

Oh-Dark-Hundred [Tawny, Piggeh, Jenny, Jenn] Tawny...what can I say? She's a grammar freak--ask her if you have any questions. She stereotypes herself as "dense," as she apparently forgets things easily and doesn't know what she's talking about half of the time. Though if Tawny's being dense is a stereotype or true is still being debated. Is one of the most perverted people you'll ever meet; something to keep in mind when she's online is to watch your never know what and how she'll manage to twist a phrase. She's also very blunt and sarcastic, and likes to argue. Don't mind her if she says something offensive; she doesn't really mean it. Promise. Well, unless you're certain trolls...but let's not get into that.

Tawny has taken it upon herself to, along with Snuff, destroy the innocence of all T/Ders by defining several "inappropriate" terms. If that's not enough, when prompted for gifts from recently "married" T/Ders, she has suggested such gems as "myself being an asshole."

Still, she's a fantastic person to talk to when you're bored, and can put a spark in a bad day. Believe it or not, yes, she can be sympathetic, and can always manage to put a spin into the forum whenever she's on. She considers Rayne to be her honorable little sister (and her conscience, which is a longer story). All in all, she has had some bad times and many hilarious times. Jenny Lynne. Maine.

Queen Annie-Ferny Cullen [Annie, Ferny] Ferny is a run-of-the-mill, usually cheerful person who adds a special spark to most conversations. Annie is what we could call the 'sane' one, who never gets yelled at. Most probably the friendliest out of all of us, Ferny is usually the one who will pick up on any errors and is least likely to jump into a fight unless she feels the need or wants to. Besides being Canadian, she is frickin' awesome. Of course, Canada is just as awesome as her. Well, maybe a bit less, because Annie's just that cool, and Canada's not all that great, anyway.

In Aly's opinion, Ferny is like her sistah. Tawny views her as more of an authority figure, but Tawny's just strange like that. Andrea. Ontario, ("Pussy") Canada.

Butterfly Romance [Kelly, Longtailia] Most probably the rudest of all of us, Kelly is filled with questions and curiosity. If you're new and she insults you, shrug it off and continue chatting. However, besides being obsessed with Gerard Way and My Chemical Romance (MCR), Kelly is usually always on late at night since she's on the West Coast and is sometimes annoying because of her questions. Kelly is "quite skilled" at insulting people, although her vocabulary needs work...if you want to curse someone out, ask her do it for you, although she's not terribly excellent at explaining why.

Nonetheless, we still love this little bundle of, joy, despite the amount of times she's overreacted (which is quite often). Don't bother asking her about why she loves Gerard Way, either, because you won't get a straight answer most of the time. Kelly. California.

CinderDreams [Cin, Cyd, Cindrea] Cinders has a very cheerful disposition and loves to chat when she is on. Even though she usually has to leave while she IS chatting, some of us anticipate her return. Cinders often brings up topics of conversation that deal with emotions, as she often seems to be grappling with these problems herself. When Cinders is sad, she can usually be found residing in a cardboard box. On happier terms, Cyd has recently picked up the habit of talking (on the forum) using third-person dialect. Also, she would like to note that, no, there's nothing wrong with her mind. She would also like to let people know that she is Kyota's twinsie. Hannah. New Jersey.

Breezeh [Breeze, Breezy, Breezella] Brezella used to be a rabid poster like the rest of us. Now, however, she mainly sticks to lurking. Once she was an FFNet member named Swanfeather who wrote songfics; now she is Breezeh, a girl with strong opinions of the Warriors fandom and the series like the rest of us. She has multiple accounts (you can always recognize them because of the word 'breeze' in each and every one) and is just a nice person like the rest of us (or, rather, not so nice, if you're a n00b). Bianca.

-Canada Day Paige- [Paige, Wild] Wild arrived here at almost the exact same time as Alette. She is Jewish, like Flameh, which she made known the first day she was here. She acclimated easily to the wonderful atmosphere here at T/D (read: Kelly called her a bitch and said she'd disappear after a week or so, while everyone else sighed, shook their heads, and converted Wild to strong opinions on Warriors and its fandom and bad fanfics and so on) and become a regular quickly. Because Flameh can't describe things well unless it's something in a story, we shall just say Wild is cool and friendly and nice and all that. Dara Paige. British Columbia, Canada.

Qzil Vulpix-chan [QQ, Zilla, Qzzy, Myth] Our first action upon Qzil's arrival was to tear apart her profile. It has since been edited. Before you ask if the Q and the Z are typos because there is no vowel between them, no; it is intentional. Qzil is pronounced Cue (as in the word)-zil (rhyming with ill). Very straightforward. Anyway. Qzil is just your typical T/D member - nice, cool, appreciates good writing, and will not hesitate to give harsh concrit or flame. Also, Qzzy apparently wants to write every type of writing (for want of a better word) at least once. For example, she is currently writing her first rape scene. Some think this is going a bit too far; others disagree. QQ is a pervert. Michelle. New Jersey, USA.

Streameh [Stream, Streameh] Stream has been posting sporadically for more than two months but has only recently been considered a regular at Tainted's Domain. She is an expert gymnast (hey, level seven is probably considered to be top competition, right?) and she also adds a side of maturity that balances out the core of youth that mostly makes up a lot of the regulars. Stream is also a frequent lurker; she posts only when she has a comment on the subject. She was, at first, thought to be rather calm and quiet, but her true nature was revealed when she made a perverted joke at the expense of Kelly (and Mem). Stream can also do the impossible (lick her elbow), has a fake tooth on her retainer, and hates Republicans. She also gets annoyed when people complain about their lives, because let's face it: We live better than most people in the world. Corinne. Pennsylvania, USA.

Goldenfeather [Gold, Golde, Goldeh] Golde joined when we were still in Warriors. She's quite mysterious, actually; no one really knows that much about her. From what we gather, Golde is Canadian and hates self-help groups. Golde writes for Warriors, Harry Potter, and on fictionpress. Unless you catch her on a bad day, her con-crit to n00bs is usually, in her own words, "WAY too nice." Golde is a first-degree black-belt in karate. Jamie. Canada.

Loz'93 [Streak, Loz] Laurie-Anne. Sydney, Australia.

Silver-hair Angel [Silver, Silv, Quarantine] Danielle. Florida, USA.

Orniejir [AD, Army, Fork] Robert. Alabama, USA.

xXx My-Jayde7-Romance xXx [Jayde, Jay] Rose. Michigan, USA.

SaoirseWaveglow [Sao, Cass] Cassandra. Australia.

7/12/2008 #15

Are the rules up yet? Because we should make some adjustments to them, like taking out the asterisk, so on.

7/12/2008 #16

We'll have to edit that one too, Kyota. Keep the regulars who haven't heard yet off and put them back on when they come back, maybe?

7/12/2008 #17
Jon Stewart

Are the rules up yet? Because we should make some adjustments to them, like taking out the asterisk, so on.

Up yet? XD I was thinking we could make a thread and talk about them between ourselves. We all need to provide input on this.

7/12/2008 #18

We can change them however we want, I guess.

7/12/2008 #19
Jon Stewart

I'll set up a thread for discussion of the rules and regs. -nod-

7/12/2008 #20

We could just use this thread for that.

7/12/2008 #21

Right, Julia. And take Aly off. =\

"Ze Rules"

All Newcomers

Welcome to Tainted's Domain (T/D). Please introduce yourself at the Introductions thread before you post; otherwise, you will be bitched at until you do so. To start off with, please read the rules below.

I: Noobs, Trolls, & Whiners

We like to fuck around with people like you. Seriously, we will tear apart your replies, point out mistakes within them, and, if I get bored with you, you will be blocked. Got that, Amberstar and Riverstripes? 11 year-olds aren't supposed to be on this site, so just leave. Read the warning thread that is pinned and locked above the 'Meet Us!' thread for more information on how I run things around here. Also, if you don't like swearing, this is not the place for you, dearie. If you don't like a thread we have, too bad.

If it insults your race, homeland, etc., don't even worry about it. We have reasons behind it, and they're all jokes. If you can't take a joke, then get the hell out of here.

II: Religion, Race, & Politics

Keep these discussions out. I don't mind if you just TALK about them, I mean bashing. Ex: "Cathlics n33d t0 d13 u suk!!11." You will be blocked. Racism can be understandable, seeing as everybody has an opinion, but if it gets too extreme, you will be warned and blocked afterward.

III: Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation, etc.

Use it correctly. I don't mind some chatspeak, like 'lol,' 'XD,' etc. But don't talk like this: "wat r u doing this week/nd?"

Minor grammar errors are okay but, if it is so bad that we can't read the first three letters, you will be asked to leave. With spelling, minor errors (i.e., misspelling 'criticism,' 'shield,' etc. are okay. If you can't even spell the word 'hi,' then...something is wrong, dear.

Bitch at us all you want for being 'Grammar Nazis' and whatnot and that we have strict rules, but, seriously, get over it. We have a lot of regulars who don't have 'OMFGPERFECT' grammar, but they at least try to speak correctly. You will be constantly reminded of your mistakes, so learn to accept criticism or get the hell out.

Seriously, if your speech rapes the English language, just leave before we have to ask it of you. -sigh-

IV: Respect

We have an "IN" crowd. They are respected, and YOU should respect them, too. Note that just coming in here for the first time and asking to be a mod will not cut it. I already have an "IN" crowd member to be next. I, being the "top dog" around here, have the most respect. Next, we have the moderators. On the mod list, those who have been mods the longest have more seniority over others. Then, regulars are next. Original regulars are next, and they are the ones who have been here since before December 31st, 2007. Nobody can ever join their ranks, since they've been here since the beginning. Regulars are next on the 'Respected People' chain. They've been here for months and months and control the forum when a moderator or administrator isn't here.

Lastly, newbies, n00bs, and trolls are never respected. Don't listen to them.

Another thing: I am Supah-Mod, Head Mod, etc., around here. That means I have the power to make people mods, block people, and mess around with the forum's settings. I, along with the other mods, can delete posts and threads, lock threads, pin threads, etc. In other words: We have more authority over you.

V: Be Mindful

If somebody asks you not to question why they've been gone, don't pry into their life: i.e., leave them alone. I know what it is like, so, please, mind them and treat them like you would anyone else.*

If a newbie comes, don't jump on their case for every little mistake they make. Give them time to get accustomed, and before they start chatting, direct them to the 'Meet Us!' thread.

VI: Moderators

Do not ask to join their elite ranks. I choose whomever I wish.

To maintain your status as moderator, you must post at least three times every two days. You may not disappear without notice, although, if you inform me beforehand of your whereabouts, you will keep your position.

VII: Blocking

I rarely have to block people. In fact, at the current time, only two have been blocked and it is about to be three (we're only letting her post because she's fun to fuck around with). Sometimes, if you get blocked, it might just be a suspension. Suspensions vary in length. Blocks are enacted if, at any time, the rules are broken by an individual. The severity of the transgression determines the severity of punishment. Just because you are new or my friend doesn't mean it stops you from being blocked.

VIII: Posts to Be Avoided

Spamming, trolling, and the like is to be avoided at all costs. There is a thread specifically for spam; please make use of it if the urge to post relentlessly overcomes you.

IX: Final Word

Anything I say/tell you is the final word on the subject. I am head mod around here. Just keep in mind that I can block you and we'll have no problems. :)

X: Exceptions

There are none. Rules are to be followed in every instance.

*Yes, the one who yells a lot is Kelly. Excuse her.

7/12/2008 #22
Jon Stewart

And a history thread. We should talk about what we remember happening, about T/D...all of it.

7/12/2008 #23

Up yet? XD I was thinking we could make a thread and talk about them between ourselves. We all need to provide input on this.Oh, okay. xD Well, we'll need Ky to post them on this thread first...

7/12/2008 #24
Jon Stewart

We could just use this thread for that.

True, but newcomers might find it hard to tell. I'll change this one's name and call a T/D remembrance "In Memoriam." -nod-

7/12/2008 #25

...I knew those rules would be up by the time I posted my previous post.

7/12/2008 #26

Good idea, Jenny.

7/12/2008 #27

Right, Jen-la. -nod-

I'd give it to you, of course, but then Rayne, Annie, would feel like cheating. But I trust you, and you're here right now.

-stare- Not to nag or anything, but...what does that mean?

7/12/2008 #28

Well, we'll have to change the rules so people will get more of a sense of 'our forum', and the name, of course.

7/12/2008 #29


7/12/2008 #30
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