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Jon Stewart

I: Conduct

While The Domain began as a place for us to regroup and relearn our friendships, it's obviously evolved past that. It is our place, and it will always be our place, but it's not closed-off. We are not an exclusive club. No one has to do tricks, prove themselves flawless, or be subject to abuse to be welcome here. While you are of course allowed to tell someone exactly what you think about them, making their stay here more hurtful than enjoyable is inexcusable. No harassment is allowed.

I guess the rule here is "No one's going to put up with your shit, so fucking deal with it. Newbies happen, and they're good." It's not exactly classy, and it's not supposed to be. It's honest. I'm not trying for the Newbery Medal here. Do not subject someone to bullshit just because they're new.

v.2.2 -- If you are new to The Domain, your first post should be in the Introductions thread. After you've posted there, feel free to skim the other pinned threads and visit the side threads and/or the chat--this is where you'll meet the regular posters of the forum. While it is generally encouraged that you jump right into a conversation, few people (if any) will tolerate someone simply barging in and expecting to be accepted. In your first week or so, many people will probably ask you who you are simply because they've never seen you around before; as this is a large forum, do not take this personally. When posting, keep in mind (and follow) the forum's rules. Treat the regulars with respect and they, in turn, will respect you.

II: Rule-breakers

We really don't have the time for you if you're not going to respect our rules. Depending on what you've done, a mod will ban you for a few days or well into the future. A block will probably not be immediately permanent (unless you're trolling).

While it may seem unfair, you are probably going to have to walk on eggshells for a while following a block. If regs and mods get snappy with you or ignore your posts, don't be surprised; you've proven that you don't have much respect for us, and we're not going to be inclined to give you much respect in return (though, if it turns to harassment, please report it to one of the mods or the admin).

III: Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation, etc.

Please exercise proper use to the best of your ability. Minor chatspeak ("lol," "fxt," "ORLY," etc.) and smileys are fine, but there is no excuse for blatant misuse of the language.

Minor errors are excusable. Nobody expects perfection every time. However, your posts should at least be intelligible. Listen when you're corrected and do what you can to improve your English. ((Using another language is not prohibited, but I'm fairly certain most of us only speak English. If there's a long post in a foreign language that we can't translate, your post may be deleted, as we can't be certain if the content is within FFnet's guidelines.))

IV: Respect

There are people who've been here for months on end, people whom we love and trust. They have earned respect, and deserve to be listened to. A "regular" will probably know what they're talking about, so don't hesitate to take their word for something. Moderators have the final word on an issue; no mod has authority over any other mod, however. If no agreement on a matter can be reached, use your judgment. If you found this place, you must have some sense of right and wrong.

Our regs and mods, though, also have to respect the newbies; I went into this in great detail in the first part of these rules.

V: Privacy

If someone asks you not to press an issue further, heed their word and respect their privacy. Don't fish for personal information if your probing is unwelcome.

VI: Moderators

While you are allowed to ask, please do not request modship unless you know you deserve it. If you're unsure, it's easier if you don't bother.

Mods are generally older T/Ders, those of us who know this place, that place, and one another inside and out. If you don't qualify, you don't qualify.

If you believe you deserve modship but are not receiving a code, do not take it personally. Too many moderators can be a forum's downfall, and we've had one too many downfalls as is.

VII: Blocking

A last resort in most cases. If you refuse to obey the rules and succeed in stirring up a bad reputation, you will find yourself unable to post. The length of the block varies with the severity of the transgression and the likelihood of its repetition and is entirely up to the mods, although you may naturally talk to them about it if you think you've been treated unfairly.

VIII: Posts to Be Avoided

Please avoid any of the following:

-Advertisements, for forums or otherwise;


-Trolling (intentionally causing arguments and general discontent);

-Bashing (seriously insulting someone for race, religion, political affiliation, and the like);

-Off-topic (not just "Hey, by the way..." but bringing arguments and such from other forums/sites).

-- Similarly, asking anyone who is clearly a troll or who is obvious flamebait for the other regs (someone with whom any conversation will obviously be negative and perhaps border on/invite harassment) to come to the forum is not allowed. It, too, is bringing an unwanted argument to T/D. If you want to flame someone, fine. If you want to argue with someone at their forum, fine. Simply do not involve The Domain in that. Outside of The Domain, our moderators and regular posters are not acting as representatives for the forum; they are acting of their own volition. Thus, any interaction had with those individuals outside of The Domain has nothing to do with The Domain.

-Bumping (posting nonsense or "Bumping!" just to raise the thread above others);

-Porn or other mature content (seriously, guys; it's against FFnet's rules, not just mine - this should be understood);

-Page-stretching (anything that causes the horizontal scrollbar to appear across an 800x600 screen; use judgment here, guys).

Such will be edited and/or deleted, with occasional exception.

IX: Free Speech

This whole forum sort of got its beginning with free speech. We all felt suppressed at "Ta/D"; this new home gave us a chance to say whatever we wanted to. We didn't have to hide anything.

While we do encourage speaking one's mind, we of course can't have complete free speech. As nice as it would be, FFnet itself bans certain content, and these rules must always be followed. It's also wrong to allow harassment or the creation of intolerable conditions for a poster, so that's against our rules.

Yes, we're all about freedom and getting over the old ways, but abusing our lenience for the sake of chasing newbies away or incessantly needling someone you don't like is unacceptable, and you will be dealt with accordingly.

X: Exceptions

Every case is unique, and exceptions can always be made, but do not plead your case constantly. It's annoying, and it's not going to make anyone want to help you. Do contact the mods about it, but don't become obsessive about it; if no one else at the forum is on your side, it's unlikely that you deserve another chance.

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