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On those days where you just want to cry, or bite someone's freakin' head off, this is your place to vent, and have people go, "Aww." Because, you know you want to hear that when you're not feeling so great. That's a sign that people care about you.

7/12/2008 #1
Jon Stewart

First post, and first bad thing: T/D got deleted. Um, trés suck.

7/12/2008 #2

T/D is gone... Forever... and EVER... Like, seriously gone... Gone even farther than my sanity.

7/12/2008 #3

-bumps thread up-

I have a feeling some people need this thread.

7/13/2008 #4

Okay, I need this thread. I got disqualified in my 200 backstroke because apparently, I was moving. Like, when the officials say, "Take your mark", you're not allowed to move. But the officials are SO OLD that they're going senile, and said that I moved. And I know I didn't. And it was just SO upsetting.

7/13/2008 #5

*steals the senile ones' false teeth and throws them into the deep end of the pool tied to rocks and guarded by sharks with lasers attached to their heads*


7/13/2008 #6

Ugh. I hate that kind of thing. I swim, too, and the officials cut me all the time for doing stuff that I didn't even do.

7/13/2008 #7

It was a best time swim on top of it. :(

7/13/2008 #8

*hugs Bluey tightly*

7/13/2008 #9
Silent Memento

-huggles Bluey-

7/13/2008 #10

-glomps Bluey- -gets club- Let's kick some old man ass!

7/13/2008 #11

I do track, and I got DQed once because of something my teammate did in a 4x1 relay.

7/13/2008 #12

In soccer, my fucking ref yellow carded me because I slide tackled someone. The fuck?

7/13/2008 #13
Hope- Suddenly I See

If you slide-tackle at my school, you're out for the season. :3

7/13/2008 #14
Hope- Suddenly I See

-snarl- Matt's blocking me on IM until I ask Morgan out.

7/13/2008 #15

If you slide-tackle at my school, you get an ISS and possible OSS.

7/14/2008 #16

But...that's not against the rules. Only if you slide tackle from behind. Slide tackling from the front is okay. -confused-

7/14/2008 #17
Smart Aleckette

That's true. . .

I got kicked out of a basketball game before because I kept fouling. They scewed up somehow, because I was one foul away from getting kicked out, but they must have recorded an extra one for me.

. . . And besides, one of my "fouls" was actually supposed to be a foul for the player on the other team; it was an offensive charge.

7/14/2008 #18

The ordinary.

7/14/2008 #19

Hope: OHMIGAWD! Here's a genius idea! Ask Morgan out. I will friggin' type out your question so that you can read it off of cue cards if necessary.

7/14/2008 #20
Maybe I

Golde: Let's see, what's the word I'm looking for?

It starts with the letter before "o" and rhymes with "oh."


He'll just say no anyway. =/

7/14/2008 #21

MIKI [ DSK ] says: helo

Laurie-Anneeeeee says: Heyy.

MIKI [ DSK ] says:

how are ya

Laurie-anneeeeee says:

Pretty good, and you? Pretty bored, though.

MIKI [ DSK ] says:

yeh prety good. massive headache though lol. u goin on thursday?

Laurie-anneeeeee says:

I've got a headache too! I've had one all day, but I'm sort of ignoring it. Um, not sure. I think I will, but I might be cbf.

MIKI [ DSK ] says:

lol fair enogh

Laurie-anneeeeee says:

Are you?

MIKI [ DSK ] says:

yeh most prob...for once

Laurie-anneeeeee says:

Wow! You're actually going somewhere with everyone! That's....amazing, it truly is. :P

MIKI [ DSK ] says:

hey this is the first one ive even been invited to that wasnt an hour beforehand

Laurie-anneeeeee says:

You and your excuses!

MIKI [ DSK ] says:

ur full of it

Laurie-anneeeeee says:

I am. It's true.

MIKI [ DSK ] says: :P


To go, or not to go? I want to go to see everyone, which includes Miki (Michael, e.g., guy I have just gotten over) but I don't want to go, 'cause when I see him I know I'll start liking him again.

Gah, this is annoying!

7/15/2008 #22

Yeah, so I just want to apologise for the drunken posts from yesterday, and my obnoxious goodbye.

I'll make a mental note to stay away from vodka.

7/15/2008 #23
Silent Memento

I'm not going to live past twenty-one. -flat voice-

7/15/2008 #24

What do you want ME to do about it?

7/15/2008 #25

Aw, I missed Lei being drunk. ;)

Well, that sucks, Jeremy.

7/15/2008 #26
Silent Memento

Rayne: I don't know. I just had to get that out.

7/15/2008 #27
Hope- Suddenly I See

Mem: You said last night your dad's fifty. Defy the odds. Live to be as old/older than him.

7/15/2008 #28

I got flamed a-fucking-gain.

7/15/2008 #29
Beautiful Thief

I'm getting this awful feeling of disconnection from everything around me...

7/16/2008 #30
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