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-Ever since it was little, my dream has been to own a farm with cows. Maybe some chickens and a pig.

-I love peppermint. Like, a lot.

-And sunflower seeds.

4/23/2009 #721

This whole page so far is just about colours and HP houses. XDDDD

'Cept for Q's post, that is.

4/23/2009 #722

Slytherin and Ravenclaw~ ♥

Anyway. I like brightly-colored Aerial Wajas. 8DDDDD

4/25/2009 #723
Cerulean City

Hufflepuff, FTW~

4/25/2009 #724

Original Grainwaves are love. ♥

4/26/2009 #725

-I am afraid of bees. Like, seriously. I'll scream and duck and run.

-And spiders. Except for tarantulas. House spiders scare me.

4/26/2009 #726

I like Slytherin, too.

4/26/2009 #727

Personally I think the weakest thing about Harry Potter is that everyone in Slytherin is an evil psychopath, it's just not realistic at all. Plus it makes no sense that Hogwarts would keep that House around if all it spawns are murderers and lunatics.

4/26/2009 . Edited 4/26/2009 #728

I would respond to that, Apo, but I am too fucking tired.

- I have a terrifying phobia of rats. Can't even walk past them in cage in the pet store. *shudders*

4/26/2009 #729

-I've been working at my job for exactly six months today.

4/26/2009 #730

-I have read every book on myself atleast twice (FYI, that's the entire left wall).

4/28/2009 #731
Rising Dusk

-Joining the Guard was never one of my priorities till now. O_+

4/28/2009 #732

- I have read every book on my shelf so many times that I can't remember the exact number. XDDD

4/28/2009 #733

- The O.C. is my guilty pleasure show. So much better than Gossip Girl.

4/28/2009 #734

I watch Gossip Girl, but I hate admitting it because I always feel like it makes me sound like a bubbleheaded girl. :K

4/28/2009 #735

-I'm writing a screenplay.

4/28/2009 #736

- I watch Gossip Girl and love to admit it so I can talk all OMGHIGHPITCHED about it with my airbubble girlfriends. :D

4/28/2009 #737
Bethany C. MacKenzie

- ...I read Vogue magazines in secret. DDD8/XD;

4/29/2009 #738

Vogue is awesome! ((My friend's sister was in the Aussie Vogue and that was, like, amazing because it's impossible to get into Vogue.))

4/29/2009 #739
Bethany C. MacKenzie

I know~ but people stare at me when I read it for some reason =.-;

4/29/2009 #740

I'm not-so-innocent, it seems. -.-'

4/29/2009 #741

Stare at the back. :P

4/29/2009 #742
Anarane Faelivrin

I like reading Elle and Shout in secret. xD

4/29/2009 #743

I actually hate Vogue. :K But just because of the layout and stuff, mostly. I like Seventeen, and I used to read CosmoGIRL! (-magazinewhore-), but then they changed all their crap and made it more like Vogue and just ew. DD8 I usually read magazines less for the fashion and more for the articles. And stuff. ♥

Ooh! I really like the things that are like, "What's best for your skin color/eye color/body type/etc.?" XD;

4/29/2009 #744

I like Cosmo. XDDDDDDDDD

I don't really read stuff for the fashion either, that is what my Gothic and Lolita Bibles are for~

4/29/2009 #745

Hehe, Ky, I love those things too. :D

Uhhhh, I also love not doing anything to my hair. I used to have to straighten/curl it all the time, then as it grew out longer it looks nicers natural so I hardly do anyhing to it anymore. And it's awesome! 8D

4/29/2009 #746

You're lucky. Your hair is beautiful. :)

Mine is very unfortunate right now, thanks to how it got all cut off over the summer and has grown out. Tis fugly. I need to get it cut properly, back into a bob. With bangs. I look good in bangs. XD

4/29/2009 #747

I like Cosmo. XDDDDDDDDD

My parents won't let me go near that. It's all "FIFTY WAYS TO LET HIM KNOW WHAT YOU WANT IN BED." XDDDD

Hehe, Ky, I love those things too. :D

And, like, the quizzes and shit? XDDD CosmoGIRL! used to have a manga strip, which was awesome, but then they got rid of it. :K And...oh, I like reading the embarassing moments. XD;

4/29/2009 #748

I hate doing stuff to my hair. My hair doesn't stay curled and it's I don't know, but it doesn't ponytail correctly, which is annoying, so I usually just leave it down. D8

4/29/2009 #749
Cerulean City

Mai hair is balding. :D

4/29/2009 #750
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