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Hello, everyone, and welcome to The Domain! This forum has blossomed into a home for everyone who resides here. This is just a little bit of information on everyone here, just so you can know them a little better before talking to them.

Whatever is bolded is the person's pen-name, while what's in italics and [brackets] are their common nicknames. The underlined text is the date they joined T/D, their real names, and their locations. If there's nothing underlined, they either haven't mentioned their names/locations or would like them to remain out of this thread.

...Yes, we do know that not everyone is on the list yet. Don't worry; we're constantly updating and changing this thread. If there's anything you'd like added to your description, ask a mod, and I'm sure they'd *happily* oblige. :)



The mods have a very balanced control over all of the threads on this forum. Respect the mods, and you’ll be respected in return. Mods can create and delete topics, pin and unpin threads, and lock/unlock them, as well as edit other people's posts. If a mod edits your post, it's usually just a joke, unless you've posted something offensive/inappropriate or your grammar just sucks.

Blue Simmons [Tawny, Jenn-la, Jacob] - November 3, 2007 - -Europe'd- USA.

painted.inkblot [Inky, Flameh] - November 3, 2007 - -hippie'd- Julia. California, USA.

.Technicoloured.Moosies. C8K [Annie] - December 11, 2007 - -UNF'd- Andrea. Ontario, Canada.

Red Qzil [Myth, QQ, Qzzy] - April 6, 2008 - -Jesus'd- Michelle. New Jersey, USA.

Demoiselle Kyota [Ky, Kyota, Ky-la] - March 8, 2008 - -un-Oreo'd- USA.

.Lost-Blue-Phantom. [Bluey, Losteh] - December 15, 2007 - -lost'd- Blaire. New York, USA.

Silver-hair Angel [Silver, Silve, Quarantine, Quarry] - May 18, 2008 - -Twister'd- Danielle. Florida, USA.

Screws Red Grif [Lei, Brit, Lance] - May 31, 2008 - -return'd- Jessica. Liverpool, Britain.



Regs (regulars) are people who log on almost every day to chat on the forum and whose presence is enjoyed by all. They've all been around for a good long while and hold a good deal of respect; they should be treated as so.

Poisoned Romance [Kelly] - November 3, 2007 - Obsessed has a whole new meaning. Kelly. California, USA.

WajasFanatic [Atom, Scrooge] - November 3, 2007 - Cussing, cynical, sarcastic, abusive, and bitchy. That's all, folks.

Atom changes her pen-name TOO EFFING MUCH, and Ky always has to update the regs thread with her new pen-names. Bailey. Virginia, USA.

Amberdream7 [Amber, Smber, Jae] - November 2007 - Known as the Nickname Mistress--yes, those are capital letters--Amber...well, gives nicknames to people. Aside from that, Amber is a nice, friendly person. She rarely ever curses or gets angry, preferring to stay out of conflicts. Amber is "sane?" and the proud owner of ten (eleven?) forums, including a Harry Potter forum and a Warriors forum. Jacquelyn. New Jersey, USA.

-Is A Tired Jayde- [Jayde, Jay, Jahda] - Went to Catholic school--JUST LIKE FRANK. Rose. Michigan, USA.

Signel-chan [Signel, Sing] - January 2008 - Signel is a cheerleader...who has a habit of purring. (Don't ask?) Sig says that she never has anything to say, but posts to try and create conversations. Like many of us, she procrastinates. She's also a Naruto and Total Drama Island fan and is willing to defend them to anyone. She loves to write and draw. Amanda. Colorado, USA.

Smart Aleckette [Alette, Smartie, Aleck] - February 23, 2008 - Alette is as boring as a field of dying grass, and her Internet is as likely to kick the bucket as an 89-year-old druggie. Rayne thinks that Aleck's opinion of herself is way too low and that she should comes to terms with the fact that she's not boring at all. Tawny thinks that her Internet must be Canadian and so must her self-esteem.

On a side note, Alette wishes to become a lawyer one day (and therefore loves debates) and has dreamt of being a Pop Tart more than once. Monica. Newfoundland, Canada.

Streameh [Stream, Rodger, Rin] - March 22, 2008 - Is a lefty--JUST LIKE OBAMA. Corinne. Pennsylvania, USA.

Broken Gold [Golde, Gopher] - April 26, 2008 - Golde is a great person to talk to. She claims that she’s very much aware that she’s somewhat insane, and is often a very happy, optimistic person. Golde would like to add that "she has a black belt in Tae Kwan Do, so you stalkers had better be prepared to get your butts side-kicked to Nevada if you come anywhere near her." Always needs tea, and goes crazy if there is none in her house of the grocery store. Well, she is also British... Jamie. Canada.

Topaz in the Meadow [Topaz] - May 18, 2008 - Topaz hails from the Twilight fandom--the Twilightdom forum, to be exact--(of course, she tolerates it when others of us express our not-so-positive views on it, because she's cool like that, just like the rest of us here at The Domain), and is one of our semi-new regulars. She's also one of Atom's many twins. As long as Topaz doesn't give the writer more about her besides the stuff we already know (like her being cool, dur), this shall remain pretty small. Or big, because of all this off-topic rambling. Texas, USA.

SaoirseWaveglow [Sao, Cass] - June 9, 2008 - Cass...has too many lovers. Currently, Silver and Ky have been "fighting" over her, but she's now happily married to both of them. Kyota is her favorite wife, no matter what Silver says. But anyway, Cass is a really awsome person to talk to. Sometimes she comes in a bit down, but don't let that make you think that she's unfriendly, because she certainly isn't. Cass loves rowing and is often on during school, because her school's just that awesome. Cassandra. Melbourne, Australia.

Red Auvreaundlin [AD, Army, Fork] - June 20, 2008 - AD likes sex (and Donut). A lot. You provide the Twister, he’ll provide the gloves. Robert. Alabama, USA.

Ilana.Davita.Chandal [Toph, Casa] - June/July 2008 - Not to be confused with her twin, Cass, Casa calls herself a "history geek." Though she has never been to Poland, Casa is oddly patriotic about it, so insult them and it's on. Aside from that, Rayne says that Casa is "so cool, no one can give her a description." Casa claims to suck at describing herself, and so Ky had to write her (kind of sucky because it doesn't really capture Casa's awesomeness) bio. California, USA.

Feigning My Innocence [Inno, Fayno, Faynobirdie] - July 14, 2008 - Feign is the newest (but not anymore!) reg at T/D. She is in love with most sports, especially cross-country, soccer, and basketball. If you ask her, she will tell you that thirteen is a lucky number and that walking under ladders will give you seven years of good luck. Faynobirdie is the proud owner of what could be the world's longest nickname, and is also Leilah's bitch. USA.

BlueProcrastinator [Ultima, Pip, Bany] - August 1, 2008 - One of Pip's nicknames, Ultima, came from the penname she had when she first arrived at T/D, Ultimate Procrastinator (or, um, Ultimate Prosecutor, if your reading skills are as good as Alette's). Pip was a random nickname given by Qzzy, and Bany happened, uh, magically. But aside from being a really good procrastinator, Pip is a totally cool person to talk to. She does, however, fail more at describing herself than even Casa and Faynobirdie, which says something. When prompted, though, Pip has called herself "a happy cynic." USA.

nuttx [Nutt, Peanut, Nuttpea] - August 9, 2008 - Kyota's fiancee and Silver's triplet, Peanut is probably one of the most likable newbies to ever arrive at T/D. She's an incredibly sexy person** who gets along with everyone here (even some of our regs who are hard on newbies, which says something). Peanut showed her true colors at Casa's wedding, handing out champagne like it was candy and helping Ky to get and stay drunk and getting sufficiently wasted herself. Peanut? A bad influence? Never. Australia.

Blue Aeikon Devleon [Acorn, Akon] - November 24, 2008 - Will Canucks ever be able to spell his penname properly without a reference? Hell, no! But that's okay, because he has a load of fancy nicknames derived out of its original state to make up for it. Scott. Florida, USA.

Agent Florida [Natz] - December 11, 2008 - Wrote a cool oneshot, posted at Jeremy's, was invited, was liked. Y'see how it works, baby? ;) Also--Kyota's sister's cousin on the father's side twice removed. Nathalie. Pennsylvania, USA.

Bethany C. MacKenzie [Beth] - February 8, 2009 - Originally an F/Per and an FPAer, Beth decided to stop by at T/D despite her slight fear of posting in larger forums such as this one. However, Beth has overcome her hesitance and is now a regular poster here (well, duh). Bethy is a totally fun and cool person who brings a certain worldliness to T/D, as she is our first regular who lives in Asia. Beth speaks both Chinese and English, and she can often be found in the spam thread, posting things that nobody else understands. Beth also likes bubble tea (but not taro) and is quite knowledgable about serving food in toilets. Anne. Taiwan.

Admiral Blue V. Wilson [Blake, Blakey-boy, Shoe] - February 17, 2009 - Upon his arrival, Blake was quickly introduced to--shocker!--RvB. Disappointingly (or not, if you're Lei), he turned out to be a Blue. Since then, Blake has earned quite a reputation as T/D' Well, let's just say that he's got a lot of wives, okay? He's married to Lei (who he calls Lear), Jenny ("Lopez"), Signel, Cass, Qzzy, Silver, and...a whole bunch of other people. He's also engaged to Ky and Natz. Marriages aside, though, Blake is an awesome person to talk to. Known for his awesome hugs in real life, he has a way of cheering people up. Despite the fact that Blake doesn't like coffee (RAWRRR), he's totally cool. Just don't call him Blakey-boy; only a special few can call him that. ;) Arkansas, USA.



Forevers are people both who no longer post at T/D and people who rarely ever make appearances here; either way, they still mean a lot to us. These are members that will always remain in our hearts and minds, and we still care about them very much. They've all been a part of the T/D family at one point, and they will always be important to us. Some of them may come back someday, but some others may not.

Balverine [Aly, Tainted] - November 3, 2007 - Aly was the creator of the original forum, Tainted's Domain. People have some mixed opinions of her around here: Some call her friend, some hate her, but she's the one who brought all of us together, and we owe her for that. She was always the best; her "flame" wars included everyone, and her hate of n00bs was always fun. We'll miss her a lot, but she's always with us in some way or another. Alyson. Louisiana, USA.

ThrushflightEdward'sStalker [Lia] - November 3, 2007 - One of the first members of Tainted's Domain, Lia is most notorious for being a master spammer. As the queen of spam, Amber is her deputy. She often confuses people's genders, which resulted in a thread wondering if Lia would ever realize that Flameh is a girl and not a boy. Nebraska, USA.

If Love Were Flowers [Flower] - November 3, 2007 - Pwetty pwetty fwowa! Hawaii, USA.

Silent as a Bomb [Bomb] - November 9, 2007 - In the eternal words of Desmond and Jin...BOOM. Claire.

Laynebucket [Rayne, -bucket, Layne] - November 14, 2007 - -whatever'd-* Elizabeth. Michigan, USA.

SnuffSnuff [Snuff, Snuffie] - What can you say about Snuff? It's hard to know where to start. An inspiration, that's for sure, to get your ass off the seat and get going at life. An amazing former-mod and fantastic con-crit-giver, Snuff makes you see all that you're missing and is smart enough not to give a damn about what other people say, standing up for herself and her friends with a noble heart. She pops by every once and a while, and that's an over-statement, but she will forever be remembered in the history of T/D. Nevada, USA.

CinderDreams [Cin, Cindrea, Cyn] - January 2008 - -in box'd- Hannah. New Jersey, USA.

Song of the Wild [Paige, Wild] - February 23, 2008 - Wild arrived here at almost the exact same time as Alette. She is Jewish, like Flameh, which she made known the first day she was here. She acclimated easily to the wonderful atmosphere here at T/D (read: Kelly called her a bitch and said she'd disappear after a week or so, while everyone else sighed, shook their heads, and converted Wild to strong opinions on Warriors and its fandom and bad fanfics and so on) and become a regular quickly. Because Flameh can't describe things well unless it's something in a story, we shall just say Wild is cool and friendly and nice and all that. Dara Paige. British Columbia, Canada.

Breezeh [Breeze, Breezy] - March 21, 2008 - Breeze is more of a lurker than an actual a chatter. Once she was an FFNet member named Swanfeather who wrote songfics; now she is Breezeh, a girl with strong opinions, much like the rest of us. She has multiple accounts (you can always recognize them because of the word "breeze" in each and every one) and is just a nice person like the rest of us (or, rather, not so nice, if you're a n00b). It appears that whenever Breeze gets on, people disappear and posting slowly dies, causing her to believe that nobody likes her or wants to talk to her. This totally untrue, so stop thinking it, Breeze. Bianca. USA.

Ciboulette [Rave] - Rave is, despite the fact that she's had no description here for a while, not one of our newer regulars. However, she doesn't come on often and perhaps that's to blame. Rave's nickname does not hold true to her personality; she doesn't rant or rave. Or at least she didn't last time the writer of this paragraph checked. Either way, Rave is just cool and awesome and you can really tell the writer of this can't think of anything to say and is using blanket statements. Holly. Ontario, Canada.

Silent Memento [Jeremy, Mem] - April 12, 2008 - One of the best writers in the Warriors fandom, Jeremy is very proud of his state and its sports teams. Aside from that, though, he's incredibly polite. Don't mind him when he starts to apologize for every little thing; he's just like that. (Of course, that's one of the reasons why everyone here loves him so much.) As the first ever male of T/D, Jeremy is extremely territorial about that position (even though we do have another male reg). Jeremy also is four years old and Abby's twin. Jeremy. Missouri, USA.

-Hope- Suddenly I See [Hope, Hope-la] - April 26, 2008 - Hope is a great person to talk to. Usually staying on the optimistic side of things, Hope loves to give hugs to sad people. Hope is also Jeremy’s twinsie, despite the age difference, and is influenced by Leilah’s thousand suns. And chocolate. And although she's banned from FFN as for now, we still have hope (no pun intended, but it's there now...) that she'll return one day. Abby. Indiana, USA.

Loz'93 [Streak, Loz] - May 27, 2008 - Loz loves to dance and is constantly out and about, photographing anything in sight. Contrary to popular belief, her toilet does not flush backwards! She's simply P.T.B.A., ("proud to be Aussie") and, because of this, lives in the "future." Streak was the forum's first Australian. Ever. She aims to cheer people up when they're down and tries to hand out good advice, but she doesn't always know how enthusiastically it's received. She is a relatively new member (or she was, anyway), therefore missing out on the "good ol' days." Laurie-Anne. Sydney, Australia.


*An anonymous editor (lolyeahright) thought that this was a very verbose and articulate description of Rayne. It was also too long. Being an old regular, Rayne should know not to write too-long descriptions.

**Who apparently steals what is Cin's rightful description, apparently. (Redundant Department of Redundancy at your service.)

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Blue Simmons [Tawny, Jenn-la, Jacob] - November 3, 2007 - -Europe'd- USA.

painted.inkblot [Inky, Flameh] - November 3, 2007 - -hippie'd- Julia. California, USA.

.Technicoloured.Moosies. C8K [Annie] - December 11, 2007 - -UNF'd- Andrea. Ontario, Canada.

Red Qzil [Myth, QQ, Qzzy] - April 6, 2008 - -Jesus'd- Michelle. New Jersey, USA.

Demoiselle Kyota [Ky, Kyota, Ky-la] - March 8, 2008 - -un-Oreo'd- USA.

.Lost-Blue-Phantom. [Bluey, Losteh] - December 15, 2007 - -lost'd- Blaire. New York, USA.

Silver-hair Angel [Silver, Silve, Quarantine, Quarry] - May 18, 2008 - -Twister'd- Danielle. Florida, USA.

Screws Red Grif [Lei, Brit, Lance] - May 31, 2008 - -return'd- Jessica. Liverpool, Britain.





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