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As the title says, the thread for dropping of your annoying plot bunnies that love bouncing about in your head. It would be nice to post what fandom it's in along with the plot bunny (except if, you know, it's not a fanfiction plot bunny but original fiction), and if you want to keep it to yourself and let others know about it or post it there for anyone to use if they want. ^^

Start posting your plot bunnies~

7/13/2008 . Edited 8/7/2008 #1

A book about TD with accounts from everyone. I've been thinking about this for a while now...

7/13/2008 #2

Oh, and that's mine~ XD

7/13/2008 #3

Rayne: You should go for it.

7/13/2008 #4

That's a good idea, Rayne. I bet it would get very emotional, though. XD

7/13/2008 #5

I've thought of doing that, too, -bucket. ^^

...But then I wondered how it'd work out with all the different chat threads, plus IMs and PMs and emails. =\

7/13/2008 #6

It could be chaptered. A chapter for the IMs, a chapter for the beginning, a chapter for each Reg or Mod...

7/13/2008 #7

Or you could have each chapter be a major event, and then a short opinion on it from each Reg or Mod. Or each person could claim an event and talk about that in their chapter.

7/13/2008 #8

Rayne, that would make such a great documentary.

7/13/2008 #9
Silent Memento

Rayne, I love that idea.

7/13/2008 #10

Myabe we should make a thread for Rayne's idea...

7/13/2008 #11

Omigod, that's such a good idea~ Perhaps we should make a thread for it, like Golde said?

7/13/2008 #12

So who's going to make it?

7/13/2008 #13

I think Rayne should; and we should make a thread for it, like Flamita said. -nod-

7/13/2008 #14

...I meant who's going to make the thread?

7/13/2008 #15

Oh. Maybe Rayne or Flamita? Neither of them are here, though. I think the only mods here now are Bluey and Ky.

7/13/2008 #16

I'm here /now/. xD

7/13/2008 #17

You weren't before, though. Why don't you make a thread?

7/13/2008 #18

...Too lazy. D8

7/13/2008 #19

Tsk, tsk.

7/13/2008 #20

Oh! Should I make a thread? Someone should've asked on the chat thread! 8D

7/13/2008 #21

-sighs- Yes, let's give it a thread. Yes, let's tell Rayne that we're going to do it this way. Yes, let's...let's...well, I don't know.

7/14/2008 #22

Rayne: : ) Sorry about that.

7/14/2008 #23


7/14/2008 #24

Fandom: Warriors

Bunny: What if Stormfur had been the prophecy cat instead of Feathertail? What if he had been the one to die at the tribe of rushing water? How would this have effected the Clans?

Really bad.

7/15/2008 #25

BrightXCloudXThorn ending in CloudXThorn~

7/16/2008 #26

8D I'm finally continuing a plot bunny I posted in the original.

I might as well post it again~

Fandom: Warriors

Plot Bunny (the basics, as I'm too lazy to write it all out): WindClan Medicine cat. Sleepless night. Prophecy. The prophecy? Tree will save the Clan from the darkness. Oddly obvious, considering one of a queen's newborn kits is called Treekit.

...Yeah, like StarClan is really ever that obvious.

7/16/2008 #27
Silent Memento

Ugh. Here's a Call of Duty plot bunny that I've had for a while.

Fandom: Call of Duty.

Plot Bunny: Everyone cried over Sgt. Jackson's death. Nobody contributed more to the war effort than he did. But what about the other Marines and SAS officers that died to take down Zakhaev? They deserve to have their stories told as well...

7/16/2008 #28

That sounds interesting, even though I have no idea what Call of Duty is. Do you get plot bunnies for every movie/TV show/book/video game you play/watch/read? o.o

7/17/2008 #29
Silent Memento

Actually, I do.

7/17/2008 #30
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