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-bets $5 on Leafpool being the mother-

11/29/2008 #361

His name? Phillip. AU.OMGPHILLIP. 8DD I loved Phillip. And then he died. D8

11/29/2008 #362
Silent Memento

OMGPHILLIP. 8DD I loved Phillip. And then he died. D8

Phillip was my all-time favorite character. He was just bad-ass in his own special way. Of course, he'd still be really young when all of this happens, so I'd need another character to back him up. Martin? I'm planning on him to be corrupt. Ruby? Same as Martin. Otulissa? Same as Martin and Ruby. Eglantine? Deadsies. Dewlap? Corrupt. Bubo? Murdered by Poot. Elvan? Also corrupt. Strix Struma? Unaware of what's really going on. Boron and Barran? Same as Strix Struma. Silver and Nut Beam? Within the Pure Ones ranks. (Okay; now I'm just pulling names out of my ass...) Hey; what about a team of Phillip, Primrose, and eventually Twilight?

11/29/2008 #363

Why do Martin, Ruby, and Otulissa have to be corrupt? D8 How are they corrupt and not Primrose? I like the Twilight part of Phillip's team, though.

12/3/2008 #364

Title: Obsession

Fandom: Original

Plot Bunny: Katherine Analeise Brineheart is a freshmen at her local High School that currently does not have a name. Straight A student, star of the Varsity Tennis team, plays the Glockenspiel, Guitar, Piano and sings Yes, she is supposed to sound as Sue-ish as possible. Anyway, though she has done many of these things, she has found herself boxed in, and unable to speak her mind. After a confession to her Peer Leader (the Peer Leader had made a comment on how lifeless she had seemed lately), Katherine thought perhaps she had found her hero, someone she could go to and look up to. A friend.

The people who betray us are usually the people we look up to most. Katherine begins following her 'hero' around. Following her every period possible, and figuring out the older girl's entire schedule. Every chance she'd get, she would say hi, and leech onto the girl. Peer Leadership girl begins to get annoyed/creeped out, and says to her friends, "God, Katherine, in my Peer Leadership class is so annoying. I wish she'd leave me alone." Katherine overhears, and it leads into a downward spiral. Only, it doesn't seem like a downward spiral. The A's remain, the tennis improves, the instrument playing gets better, and a feigned independence is formed. But in secret, Katherine is looking at the girl's Facebook page all the time, getting her number and thinking about calling the girl, and plotting about even though her Peer Leader said she was a nnoying, a situation would arise where the Peer Leader would console the her, giving her the attention she so desperately craves.

This obsession becomes so bad that Katherine begins to lose her perception of reality and her fantasies. It ends with the Peer Leader graduating, and then Katherine finds a new 'obession'.

Yeah, I know it sucks.

12/5/2008 #365
How to Train Your Moosie


12/5/2008 #366
Silent Memento

Why do Martin, Ruby, and Otulissa have to be corrupt? D8 How are they corrupt and not Primrose? I like the Twilight part of Phillip's team, though.

Because Martin and Ruby are nothing more than faces that I can't put a good personality too (except them being corrupted by Elvan), and Otulissa is overdone as the good apprentice of Strix Struma. Primrose just seems a little more righteous than most characters, and she's barely mentioned. -sigh- If you want, Otulissa could be just as blind as her mentor, not corrupted.

12/5/2008 #367

-sigh- If you want, Otulissa could be just as blind as her mentor, not corrupted.No, no, I don't care, I was just asking~

12/6/2008 #368
Silent Memento

-grins- So, how do you like the overall plot bunny?

12/6/2008 #369

Didn't I say before that I liked it? Oh well~ I like it. 8D

12/6/2008 #370


Sort-of plot bunny I finished. -nodnod- For some reason, I feel proud of it, even though it's pretty crappy. xD

12/6/2008 #371
Silent Memento

Here's a plot bunny for Warriors:

Title: Incognito

Plot Bunny: If you thought that Ashfur betrayed ThunderClan, you're wrong, and you're all going to die for that miscalculation, because I've still got a few ideas left. They're just...hidden at the moment. AU.

12/13/2008 . Edited 12/13/2008 #372

Warriors Plot Bunny:

Title: The Threads We Weave

Summary: Spiderleg thought that this had to be the best conspiracy in all of the Clans.

Plot Bunny: It's basically how Spiderleg reflects on how everything was his doing, after he gets haunted by Ashfur's ghost. He thinks everyone is an idiot for thinking Ashfur was the real traitor, and he goes on to say/think how using Ashfur's batshit craziness was to his advantage, and had to kill him before revealing to Squirrelflight how he found out about the secret.

He also goes to say/think, how Squirrelflight acting all twitchy and nervous is going to derrive the suspicion from him completely.

But then, there are like other factors in the conspiracy. Like there two cats in every Clan. A main person, and the back up person or scapegoat. So like, there's Owlfeather in WindClan,Ripplepaw in RiverClan and then someone in ShadowClan (I'm not sure who yet), and basically, they take over the forest. And stuff.

12/14/2008 . Edited 2/17/2009 #373
Silent Memento

Wow. Bluey, you actually believe that Spiderleg is the traitor? Cool! 8DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

12/14/2008 . Edited 12/14/2008 #374

Title: Debating between When Sin is Right, Sin, and The Sin of Love.

Fandom: Pokemon.

Bunny/Summary: Pokephilia has finally been outlawed and made punishable by death. Mobs of people are celebrating by lynching pokephiles or throwing them in jail to await death. The few who can escape are fleeing deep into the forests and caves to live within small communities of their own. Jennifer Blackstone is a teacher at a local college who preaches about the evils of pokephilia with her father, Zeke, at a local church. One day she finds an injured Gallade and takes him in to heal him. Despite everything she's ever been taught about pokephilia, she finds herself falling for the pokemon.

But there's her father, who's been against pokephilia before it was outlawed, there's her former hate of pokephilia, there's her religion, there's her students, and, finally, there's the law. Can one couple change the law and bring acceptence? AU. Dark.

12/14/2008 #375

Oooooh, that sounds cool~

12/14/2008 #376
Feigning My Innocence

Oooohhh, I like it!

Sounds like something you could turn into original fiction, if you wanted, about gay rights.

12/14/2008 #377

I was going more for the Zoophilia angle.

12/14/2008 #378
Feigning My Innocence

-nod- Okay. I like it though. You should definitely write it.

12/14/2008 #379

I agree with Inno.

12/14/2008 #380
Aeikon Devleon

This is an FP fic. I have already written a lot into it, just wondering if I should tweak it a little or something.


Extreme racing; Ultra-sonic motorcycles, with weapons. It's the biggest sport of the forty-first century; fast, dangerous, and above all else... deadly.

Jake; the newest racer to the sport. Ever since a child he always wanted to pilot one of these bikes. He quickly climbed the ranks; proving himself to thousands, and gaining a reputation, and attention; dangerous attention.

Ino; Jake's girlfriend and coach. She lost the memory of her childhood, waking in a hospital bed not even knowing her name. She adopted the name Ino, and slowly relearned the customs of everyday life. A few years later she realized her vast knowledge of machines and computers. She used this new-found knowledge and started a team of mechanics, eventually becoming teacher and coach for Jake. Lately, agents of Earth has been spotted around her.

What do they want?

Is it something with her lost memory?


Okay, to clear somethings up: This does take place on multiple planets.

Jake and Ino, are both protagonists. I understand Jake's description is alot shorter but his role in the story is tied in with Ino; I can't explain anymore or I'll start giving away the story.

12/15/2008 . Edited 12/15/2008 #381
Silent Memento

Fandom: Alien/Predator

Plot Bunny: A prequel to Lei's fic, Lockdown. After contact with a group of bio-weapons experts disappears, the Kremlin decides to send in a team of highly trained KGB agents to find the facility to keep it out of American hands. One is female in a male society. One found religion in an agnostic country. Most are Russian or Belorussian, although the copilot is Polish, the pilot and medic are Czechoslovakian, and the radioman is from Ukraine. Most have seen action in Afghanistan. None of them are over the age of twenty-four. Unbeknowest to them, a lone Predator is stalking the facility. However, with all of the bio-weapons that the researchers have 'developed', the Predator might just be only one big problem...

The twelve KGB agents are as follows: Pavol Sluka (the MC, enough said), Andre Grebov (the leader, the only one with a shotgun, and one of the three oldest), Cherepanov (one of the three youngest and the most naive), Rusakevich (the second-in-command, and one of two machine-gunners), Polak (the pilot and one of the more cynical, sarcastic members of the group), Limbersky (the co-pilot and one of the three youngest), Malevich (the only flamethrower), Atonovich (the other machine-gunner and one of the three oldest), Khavanov (the competent son of a respected general), Sinitsin (the only female among the group and one of the three youngest), Traczyk (the medic, and the only one who believes in a god and religion), and Javorec (the radioman and one of the three oldest.)

12/15/2008 #382

Oh, wow, I like all the plot bunnies on here... -wishes she could remember her stars one-

12/18/2008 #383

Fandom: Heroes

Title: Somewhere That's Not Quite Green

Summary: Elle asks the weirdest questions sometimes. Syelle.

Plot Bunny: It's a stupid, practically useless, SylarxElle oneshot, in which they both sort of reveal little bits about themselves (favorite colors, how Elle had acess to VHS in order to watch various musicals), when Elle asks, "What's your favorite musical?" Sylar is like, "I don't have one." And Elle is like, "HOMG. -GASP- NO WAI." So, she forces him to watch Little Shop of Horrors (which just so happens to be her favorite musical, hence the name of the title, which is a parody of the song, "Somewhere That's Green ((I sang this song for my Little Shop audition, but that's irrelevant))). He decides that he likes Little Shop,and would love to watch another one of her favorite musicals another time.

At the end, it is revealed that the entire scenario of sorts was a flashback. In the present time, Sylar is slicing open Elle's skull, like at the end of Eclipse Part 1. If you've ever seen LSoH (and if you haven't SPOILER ALERT), you know that Audrey gets fed to the plant (after being almost killed by it), in order to get to 'somewhere that's green'. Since Elle's head is being spliced open, she's not going somewhere that's green, but instead . . . somewhere that's red.

EDIT: I did it.

12/18/2008 . Edited 1/2/2009 #384

Fandom: Warriors

Title: Broken

Summary: "I want to hold you high and steal your pain."

Plot Bunny: It's sort of a story about Ashfur's descent into absolute craziness after he and Squirrelflight 'break up'. Time passes, and he deludes himself into thinking that she still loves him. Looks of regret (regret for their seemingly lost friendship, not regret for a love lost), and looks he think are love lorn and adoring. So, he sets out to 'make things right with her'.

Accidentally mistaking her for her sister, Ashfur does the nasty with Leafpool (who was more than willing to, by the way). Squirrelflight flips out, spitting at Ashfur, and asking him how she could ever love him (sort of like, the final step into batshit crazy land). He does the nasty with Leafpool again (who, once again, was more than willing) leading to the birth of three kits.

You know, those kits that're supposed to be special, but aren't really.

I sort of want it to end, with like, Leafpool's mini descent into madness. Did you see her in Long Shadows? She was absolutely pyscho.

12/18/2008 #385


12/18/2008 #386


12/19/2008 #387

I'm bored, there's nothing better to do, so I'm just going to post a long list of plot bunnies. Most of them are Heroes, since I watched so much Heroes today. It's ridiculous.

Fandom: Heroes (no wai.)

Title: Daddy Issues

Summary: The only time that I ever really mattered to him, was when I was shot? That's love for you.

Plot Bunny: Elle reflects on her relationship with her father, and how she never really noticed he cared until she was shot in the arm. She goes on to say, how she watches the man she considered a father die, in the arms of her actual father, and how she tries to seek comfort from her father, but wishes it was her father instead of Noah Bennet being shot. It makes more sense in my head.


Fandom: Heroes

Title: Harley Quinn

Summary: Your favorite characters are the ones you most identify with.

Plot Bunny: Elle (I'm sorry! She's so complex!) reflects on how Adam Monroe only loves her when he needs her to do something. Yet, she loves it every time. Even when her pretty pet Peter comes into her life. Yeah, I know this sounds dumb. But it makes sense in my head.


Fandom: Heroes

Title: Christmastime at the Petrelli's

Summary: "We're never coming here for Christmas ever again." Gabriel said to Elle. She smirked.

Plot Bunny: Gabriel and Elle go have Christmas dinner with their family. Basically, a parody of everything that's going wrong with the show, mixed in with things I wish were true. Nathan making out with random blondes, Peter whining, Claire being useless, Mama Petrelli and Papa Petrelli loathing each other, Adam Monroe is really the father of the Petrelli's, and it'd be funnier if I could describe it better.


Fandom: Heroes

Title: Territorial Man

Summary: "Mohinder, what do you think of Elle?" "..." "Good. Cuz she's my woman."

Plot Bunny: I want to focus in on Gabriel/Sylar's adoration for his woman. I'm bored. It'd be fun for me. I love getting inside his head.


Fandom: Heroes

Title: Pizza

Summary: "Mohinder, your scales look like pepperoni. Hey, can we ask Arthur to order us pizza?"

Plot Bunny: A typical day at Pinehearst. Everyone is an idiot. And not in like a stupid parody sort of way. I mean, like everyone is a moron. They are on the show. Just take a look at Flint.


Fandom: Heroes

Title: Dead Faint

Summary: Sylar poked Claire in the side. "Yup, she's out cold."

Plot Bunny: In episode, like 3x04, or something like that, there's this one moment where he could've been like, "Claire, that's no way to talk to me. I'm your uncle." And the chaos that follows, upon this revelation. Yes, it's supposed to sound stupid. A lot of them are. It's just how I roll.


Fandom: Warriors (I bet you were getting sick of Heroes)

Title: Fear Scent

Summary: It was the fear of being caught, not of Firestar dying, that gave Ashfur away.

Plot Bunny: On Jeremy's profile, in his rant about Spiderleg being the traitor, he's like, "You can't fake fear scent." Well, that's true. But what if it was fear for a different reason. Like the fear of being found out? Yes, I know that I believe Spiderleg did it, but this just popped into my head. I probably won't write it. Anyone else, however, is free to do so.


Fandom: Lost

Title: Fathers

Summary: Kate wondered if it was ironic that Aaron didn't have a father figure.

Plot Bunny: Oneshot. Kate thinks about how she never really had a stable father figure, and if that reflects in the way she raises Aaron. It'll start with her being at the playground, and there's a father playing with his daughter. And she thinks, "Wow, that was never me. That's not going to be Aaron. I wonder if that's symbolic."

12/19/2008 #388

Fandom:Harry Potter

Summary: You always get Severitus with Harry, but what about with Luna? or Ginny? or anyone else of Harry's generation?

12/21/2008 #389

Title: Stolen.

Fandom: Warriors.

Summary: "You took him from me!" both she-cats yowled, unaware of each other, unaware of their Clanmates, unaware of the very world.

Bunny: I'm a big AshxWhite and CrowxNight fan, so I came up with this little two-in-one shot. About how basically Whitewing and Nightcloud are going through almost the same thing with their mates being "stolen" or not loving them. I'm thinking along the lines of a twoshot, though.

12/23/2008 #390
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