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Silent Memento

It's like spam, only with digging (You have to include "dig" or any past/present/future tense of "dig" in every post.)

-commences digging-

7/14/2008 #1


7/14/2008 #2

-takes part in digging-

7/14/2008 #3
Silent Memento

-screams "Dig faster!"-

7/14/2008 #4
Jon Stewart

-digs what feels like her own grave-

7/14/2008 #5

-asks, "What the fuck are we digging?"-

7/14/2008 #6
Silent Memento

-yells, "We're digging tunnels, damnit!"-

7/14/2008 #7

-mutters angry things because nobody is using her thread-


7/14/2008 #8
Silent Memento

-joins in the digging with a pick-axe-

7/14/2008 #9
Jon Stewart

-digs, but is getting very bored of digging-

7/14/2008 #10
Silent Memento

-knocks Tawny unconcious and begins to dig her a grave-

7/14/2008 . Edited 7/14/2008 #11
Jon Stewart

-becomes a ghost and watches Jeremy dig-

7/14/2008 #12
Silent Memento

-tries to kill Tawny's ghost with the pick-axe that he's digging with-

7/14/2008 #13

-stops digging to point and laugh at Jeremy-

7/14/2008 #14
Jon Stewart

-wonders why anyone would stop digging to try and kill a ghost that's already dead...from being hit...while digging-

7/14/2008 #15
Silent Memento

-sighs and throws Tawny's corpse in the grave that he dug for her-

7/14/2008 #16

-rumages through closet-

-gets out orange parka of life-

-gives to Jenny-


In case anyone was wondering...

Yeah, the reason that you couldn't find it was becasue I stole it so nothing bad would happen to it. Heheh...

7/14/2008 #17
Jon Stewart

-stares at own grave-

-comes back to life and reluctantly resumes digging-

7/14/2008 #18

-rolls her eyes at Cin while she digs-

7/14/2008 #19

-glares at Golde- It worked, didn't it?


7/14/2008 #20
Silent Memento

-digs out some soil to pour into Tawny's grave-

7/14/2008 #21
Jon Stewart

-wonders how she could possibly watch her own corpse settle into its grave and have solid form-


-resumes digging-

7/14/2008 #22
Silent Memento

-tries to dig, but hits a chunk of...something-

7/14/2008 #23
Jon Stewart

-ceases digging to poke Jeremy with her shovel and see what he hit-

7/14/2008 #24

-wonders what something Jeremy hit while digging-

7/14/2008 #25
Silent Memento

-mutters something about digging up a skull-

7/14/2008 #26
Hope- Suddenly I See

-wanders in aimlessly, picks up shovel, and digs-

7/14/2008 #27


7/14/2008 #28
Silent Memento

-sighs at Kyota's reluctant digging-

7/14/2008 #29
Silent Memento

-looks at the skull he dug up-

7/14/2008 #30
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