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-Falls to his knees and yells to the heavens- "WE ARE DIGGING!!"

8/15/2010 #1,501


8/15/2010 #1,502
You Can't Forget This

-digs with a purple shovel-

8/15/2010 #1,503


8/15/2010 #1,504
Arctick Child

*digs a grave and throws Q's modesty in it*

8/15/2010 #1,505
You Can't Forget This

-digs in a circular motion-

8/15/2010 . Edited 8/15/2010 #1,506


8/15/2010 #1,507
Arctick Child

*digs a diggedy dig dog*

8/15/2010 #1,508

-Start to dig. All the while thinking why did Sharo get so quiet all of a sudden.-

8/15/2010 #1,509


8/15/2010 #1,510
The Bagel of Justice


8/15/2010 #1,511
Arctick Child

*digs to the center of the Earth*



8/15/2010 #1,512
El Vagabundo Solitario

"I'll revive him!" ~stops digging then sings Thriller.~

8/17/2010 #1,513
Aeikon Devleon


8/17/2010 #1,514


8/17/2010 #1,515

*digs for a while and then sees some random woman walking by out of the corner of her eye, and then immediately stops digging. Lifts shovel high into the air in a threatening manner and runs after woman. Smacks woman in the back of the head with her shovel.* NOOO!!! JACOB'S BETTER!!!! MUHAHAHAHA!!!!

8/18/2010 #1,516

-Stops digging and says in a psychotic voice- "I don't like Jacob."

8/18/2010 #1,517

*gives an evil look and starts digging a grave* Me neither...let's kill him. Does it have to be silver bullets, or can it be anything silver? Jacob the werewolf? I don't know...

8/18/2010 #1,518
The Bagel of Justice


As much as I'd like to kill Jacob and the entire cast of Twilight....Meyer made it, like, impossible for them to die. They are the ultimate Sues.

8/18/2010 #1,519
Cerulean City

-stops digging long enough to whack Acorn with a shovel and steal his tampons back-

8/18/2010 #1,520

*stops digging with a look of horror* THEY CAN"T DIE?!?! OH, THE HUMANITY!!

8/18/2010 #1,521

-Stops digging for a moment- "Oh but I know how to kill them. The ones that are impossible to kill are the were-wolf and the sparkly vampire. That leaves the easy girl." -Starts laughing insanely- "She's not impossible to kill. If she dies then Edward and Jacob will kill themselves!"

8/18/2010 #1,522

YESSS!!! You, Yamamato, are a genius!! *starts digging a grave for that stupid girl*

8/18/2010 #1,523

-Stops digging for a moment- "But wait.... I thought that Mess already killed Bella..." -skin pales more than a sparkly vampire's- "SHIT! BELLA HAS BODY DOUBLES!"

8/18/2010 #1,524

*starts digging more graves* Then we'll just have to kill all of them, now won't we?

8/18/2010 #1,525

-Helps Sharo dig more graves- "It seems that we will have to. It's always best to dig more then one grave when setting out to rid the world of horrible things."

8/18/2010 #1,526

*smiles as she digs* Indeed! You know, we're going to need some weapons for this. Only the best when going Bella-hunting.

8/18/2010 #1,527


8/18/2010 #1,528


Edit: That was fail. It did not do what it was supposed to do. Freaking LIES.

8/18/2010 . Edited 8/18/2010 #1,529


8/18/2010 #1,530
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