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Worst Pename:


3/7/2010 #721

Worst title:

Magical Assbabies

I saw that in the Death Note section. I just... couldn't bring myself to read it.

3/7/2010 #722

^^ Major LOL at that one.

Out of curiosity I checked out the author. Surprisingly not a troll...

Worst Titles:

SpongeBob friend being broken up with fairy odd pa

Guy couldn't even putting on the 'parents'. *sigh*

The Asstastic 4 in Twilight

O.o *nausea, nausea!*

3/7/2010 #723
You Can't Forget This

Worst Profile:

im heva also known as bobby if you love icarly then read ma storys mostly if you love seddie i love you there so cool together send me a message if your a fan of any if your a creddie fan then i still love you cos creddie is cool and all but love seddie more lol so if you want to give me tips and scripts to help my wiv ma next story i will lv you wiv all ma heart lol ly Heather

-twitch- Not a single punctuation mark.

3/8/2010 #724

@Twilight's Blade

Yes and no.

There's: Because Naruto has the Kyuubi inside of him, he becomes a fox based half demon due to the kyuubi fusing into him. Or he inherits the title of King of Hell.

Then there's the story when the Kyuubi gives him the chakra he needs because it feels sorry for him or is in love with him. Making him even stronger.

3/9/2010 . Edited 3/9/2010 #725

And people make harem fics from that?

Oh my.

3/9/2010 #726

Worst profile ever:

Blood Rain Falling

Is it even legal for this type of "badass" to love Naruto?

Worst life ever:


Writing's not the only thing he's good at, apparently. And am I wrong in thinking that anybody who actually flames Hans von Hozel is a d-tard?

3/13/2010 #727

Is it even legal for this type of "badass" to love Naruto

My favorite part of that profile is this line:

So Until you fucking review my stories, I bid you all fuckin adieu.

She sounds like a real sweetheart. :D

3/16/2010 #728
Ice-Eagle Y'siri

She sounds like a real sweetheart. :D

Can I be a complete and total Naruto geek and say that she sounds like one of the characters except a girl?

Yeah. Um.

So Until you fucking review my stories, I bid you all fuckin adieu.

You know, there is the "skip profile" (whatever it's called) button. Just saying.

And what an attractive and sensitive thing to say. Really.

3/16/2010 #729

^Is it Hidan? I was thinking more of Tayuya!

Worst Authors:




Worst Summary:

Hott Sex and love! XXXX CLICK HERE TO FAP TO SOME YAOI! XXX HOT FUCKING SEX MAN! WHAT MORE DO YOU YAOI FANGIRLS WANT? With the best HOTT sexy guys! RoyXMarthXLinkXPitX And Pikachu! AAWWW YAH, things about to get freaky in here! Click now and REVIEW!

Worst Story:

Gaara charged at Sasuke, he died.

^That was the whole story.

3/17/2010 #730
Ice-Eagle Y'siri

^That was the whole story.

That's pathetic.

3/17/2010 #731

I don't know, that sounded kinda hilarious. But maybe I'm odd.

3/17/2010 #732
Ice-Eagle Y'siri

It is funny. But I also find it pretty sad.

3/17/2010 #733

The best part is that we don't know whether 'he' refers to Gaara or Naruto, really. ^^

3/17/2010 #734

Yeah! Who died? Was it an unnamed third person? Was it the reader?

...Hopefully, it was the author. XD

3/17/2010 #735

Worst OC name (which really wasn't for an OC, but a CC that was undercover) I've come across was a woman named Yaoi. In an anime fandom, of course.

FAP ... FANGIRLSBut girls don't fap. They schlick. (That's where and how my brain errors out on that summary, so I can't continue past that point to appreciate the horribleness of it.)

3/18/2010 . Edited 3/18/2010 #736
Ice-Eagle Y'siri

So besides writing a one sentence story, the author also broke the Fourth Wall?


Mind, I don't mind breaking the Fourth Wall, but in this case------BADBADBAD.

3/18/2010 #737

who was the author who wrote the one sentence story?

3/19/2010 #738

I wish I knew. =( Someone found it on the LFE, and they said the flames were in huge numbers XD I hope it didn't get deleted.

3/19/2010 #739

Worst Summary:

For years Harry Potter fans have wondered who Voldermorts dad is? NOW WE FIND OUT! Has Harry/Ginny! And also some bad words but they are all blocked out. Also has some car chases!

The last sentence makes me LOL for some reason. Also, we know who Voldemort's dad is; we've known since GoF, if I remember correctly. Suspense: you're doing it wrong.

Edit: Looking at the story, I think this one is a troll. xD;

3/20/2010 . Edited 3/20/2010 #740

This 'story' I found from the Powerpuff girls section:

It was an awesome twiggity day in Townsville and the most twiggity, sexamoochity teenie in the whole twiggity world was sprawled on her My Chemical Romance, blood-stained bed-cover tapping away at her black laptop which had a Fallout Boy sticker on the back of it. Like, LOL MY GOD, Buttercup, (or BC as she preferred to be called,) was like totally on MySpace and stuff. She's so groovy and cool and stuff and yeah! Teehee!

OMG she had glittering emerald eyes, outlined with drippy black eyeliner and mascara and beautiful raven hair that fluttered sexily around her beautiful face. She wore black lipstick and white powder on her face and it was the hotness! OMG she was like totally wearing a black leather corset with neon green jagged lace hanging off the end and a silk, neon green thong that rode sexily up her ass-crack and red fish-nets with holes in them and she was wearing all these really slutty clothes so it would be easier for the Professor to walk in and rape her whenever he wanted cause we all know that the Professor is A FUCKING ASSHOLE WHO MOLESTS HIS CHILDREN AND STUFF! ARRRRR I HAET HIM!

Where was I? Oh yes! BC was typing away on MySpace, taking advantage of the precious few minutes where she wasn't being tormented by her evil sisters or being raped by her doubly-evil father or forced to do a lap-dance for the Mayor or dunked into a vat of boiling hot urine by her classmates or beaten to near-death with sacks of bricks by the entire population of Townsville, to write to the one person in the whole world who actually understood and loved her.

3/27/2010 #741

What. the. FUCK?

3/27/2010 #742

The author is Incy Little Spider. I was gonna post more, but it was just too...wrong.

3/27/2010 #743
Engrish Mastar

And I'm actually quite enjoying reading this story! Completely for the lulz, of course! ^^

*Edit - I don't think the writer's a troll. The story, however seems to be a crackfic. Not the best one of all time, but nonetheless a crackfic, and it mocks the likes of dear old Tara - and even Twilight is mentioned.

3/27/2010 . Edited 3/27/2010 #744
Lady Elizabeth of York

I'd say that the worst review would be on non-stories where the reviewer not only encourages the author update but also calls the people who are reporting it losers.

In fact I found one on a non-story where the author bitches about her life.

Aw i hope you can keep updating, this is really interesting lol. Stupid people reporting this, they need to get a life, who cares if this isn't a story(nerdy voice)"oh no this is not a story at all, im goning to report this to the fanfiction police!! Hahah im such a good person!!" Lol, ok that was kinda weird, but im currently in the middle of a sugar rush so oh well.

3/28/2010 #745
Spog the Brick in the Wall

This is a case where bad fanfiction turns into golden machinima

1. Read the fic and your head will "EXPLOD!"

2. Watch the vid and you will "lawl".

3. Read the fic and your head will "EXPLOD" from "lawling". Atleast that's what happened to me.

3/29/2010 #746
Third Kind

Ah, Half-Life Full-Life Consequences *shudder*. I'm still lolling form the machinima parody.

I think it's up there with My Immortal to being So Bad it's Good. DX

4/1/2010 #747



4/2/2010 #748
Engrish Mastar

Worst... hypocrisy, maybe? Or maybe worst fic, for ALL the fics she wrote? Well, I wasn't expecting much from someone with the penname Sweetheart1995...

Anyway, here's a review this girl gave for another fic:

Check the spelling, sentence formating, and space more. Fixing these things would make reading your material more pleasurable. Please and thank you. ( keep up the good work ) =)

Wait - isn't it 'formatting'?

Aaaaand here's some quotes from JUST ONE of her own fics:

I finished tieing my obi and pulling on my pelt. I Took a ribbon from a near by table and tied my hair back while i walked fastly down the hall of my palace.

'FASTLY'!!? Dear God among us, I feel a QI reference coming on (for any Brits who watch QI).

Oh, and theFreeDictionary (because I do do my research, kids!) defines it as 'Firmly; surely'. Somehow, I doubt that was what she meant.

They finally managed to catch him without me. For i, could not make it, to helpthem, or the back up i rin's wedding had been this evening, and i told her i wouldent miss it.

She had married the librarian, from a smaller village located in the western land's. Heis 38 and she is34. After the her on his horse back to his home.

4/2/2010 . Edited 4/2/2010 #749

I found this on her profile:

and no don't call me a freak just because i pair male/male because im not a freak and not gay.


...jk xD

4/2/2010 #750
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