A Lowly RP surrounding me
Yes, as the title implies, this is an RP. You have to make your own characters, I don't really want to use the originals...Also, my character is the main character.
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Tessa Thead

Thanks for the help again. I look forward too it.

6/21/2009 #31
Kamakaze Kheri

Cool... and you're going to review it right? I enjoy getting feedback from people who read my stories because it lets me know what they think and so on and so forth ^^

6/21/2009 #32
Tessa Thead

I will. I read the first few chapters last night. I'll review them later, but I can tell you right now. I like your version of bloors, with charlie and emma as teachers, I think. Good work.

6/22/2009 #33
Kamakaze Kheri

Thanks very much. I try and update my stories frequently, and since it's summer there should be an update coming along for my other story. Sooner I can get that one done, the sooner I can take a break from CB stories and get back to a couple of one-shots I've been meaning to write as well as another chapter fic for a different catagory.

6/22/2009 #34
Tessa Thead

They should be good. Good luck.

6/22/2009 #35
Tessa Thead

Here she is.

Name: Katherine Victor

Age: 14

Endowment: ability to see and summon spirits (uses a flute)

Looks: short raven black hair that ends in spikey tips, sharp silver grey eyes, Skinny with pale skin, She is 5'4. She tends to wear darker clothes. She's fond of black. she wears a key around her neck that opens most doors.

Personality:Katherine is quiet, a bit of a loner, and can be morbid and creepy at times. She is loyal and kind to who she trusts. She is intrigued by the secrets that lay behind locked doors. Katherine is interested in different sides in conflicts. She likes to read. She is very darkly beautiful.

Loyalty: good

House: music (blue)

Background: Katherine was adopted at birth by a widow , who died three months later. She was sent back to an orphanage. After ten years she was adopted by the Victors. She meet nicole at the party where she read everyones mind. She helps ghost cross over by fulfilling their last wishes. She was friends with Dorcas who made Nicole go to bloors. Katherine's parents decided to send her their because she was endowed and she was missing nicole a lot. She shares a room with Leah, another music.

6/24/2009 . Edited 10/4/2009 #36
Kamakaze Kheri

Interesting character. I guess MJ and Nicole are in different dorms because I think ours is already full (There's MJ, Annabel, Laura and I think we had Olivia and Emma bunking with us too).

6/24/2009 #37
Tessa Thead

Thanks. I thought Olivia was in drama. I could be wrong though.

6/24/2009 #38
Kamakaze Kheri

She is in Drama, but in the books she bunks with Emma so...

6/24/2009 #39
Tessa Thead

Thanks for telling me that. I forgot that. I guess art is over full. Do you have any suggestions for houses?

6/24/2009 #40
Kamakaze Kheri

You don't have to change, but we are lacking music students, but still, don't change. I've already mentioned Nicole's an art student.

6/24/2009 #41
Tessa Thead

Thanks. I changed Katherines to music. It should work. Thank you for all the adivce.

6/24/2009 #42
Kamakaze Kheri

No problem.

The Admin on this forum has asked me to copy and paste her posts into the forum because of some computer problems at home. She is not able to access the forum but can message, so I will be filling in her posts for her when she needs to.

6/24/2009 #43
Kamakaze Kheri

Here's the baddie that I have been requested to make for the Admin. ^^

Character's Name: Leah Fried (that's Freed)

Age: 16

House/Cape: Music/Blue (She plays the Clarinet)

Endowment: Leah is a reflector. Other endowments do not work on her as they simply bounce off as if she were a mirror. Leah has yet to find an endowment that will penatrate her's, yet she doesn't think it is possible. She can however, redirect any endowments coming at her. For example, if someone threw a fire ball at her, she could redirect the fire ball to send it somewhere else.

Relations: Distantly related to the Bloor's, but it's some crazy removal thing that went on way back in the past.

Loyalty: Bad

Personality: Leah's one of those snobby girls that despite not looking very bright, is really a bright student. She is cold, cruel and fluent heavily in sarcasm. She doesn't like the company of other people, though she does hold a soft spot for Dagbert Endless, who seems to dazzle her, despite the age difference. She is quite personal and does not like to share much with others, though surprisingly lots is known about her. Leah is academically, artistically and phsyically gifted, allowing her to succeed very well in all subjects. She is one of the leaders of the track and field team, though she tries her hardest to keep ahead of a certain Mary-Jane Olsen.

She is also known to be ADHD and is ambidextrous.

Looks: Leah has shoulder-length light brown hair that is slightly wavy and is often the product of a curling iron or a straightner. It is hardly ever up in a ponytail or a bun, only for Phys. Ed. and is usally framing a rather pretty heart-shaped face. Her eyes are a sparkling blue and dazzle the odd passer-by, but she only has eyes for Dagbert Endless, or that's how the story goes. She has high and prominent cheekbones and a magnificent smile that sends anyone that doesn't know her, into a swoon. She's around 5'7", give or take a few inches and has a slim, athletic build. She enjoys make-up very much and is often experimenting with different products that almost always make her appear to look good.

History: Leah's one of those girls that is almost perfect in every way, except in this case her personality is about as friendly as a cobra (she strikes like one too). She was born in Los Angeles, California and got into the modelling business pretty quickly. She quickly gained a bit of fame and was seen in many magazine advertisements. She was visiting England one summer with her mother when she came across Joshua Tilpin and his mother in London. When he failed to attract her through his abilities, the Tilpin's qucikly reported the abnormity of this to the Bloor's and an invitation for Leah to attend Bloor's academy was sent out straight away. She currently shares a dorm with Katherine, Nicole's friend.

6/25/2009 #44
Kamakaze Kheri

For the sake of the plot ^^

Character's Name: Alyssa Taylor

Age: ?

House/Cape: N/A

Endowment: Because Alyssa is a ghost, she can travel through inanimate objects and possess other objects and even other people if she can get a hold of them (think Tom Riddle from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets). She does, however, have a limited visiting time in the world of the living and must return to the world of the dead every four hours unless she is being hosted by something living.

Relations: When she was alive, she was a descendant of Tolemo, the swordsman.

Loyalty: She likes to think she is neutral but because of her actions she is classified as bad.

Personality: Bitter and cold because of a teenage death, Alyssa is cruel and enjoys seeing others suffer as their punishment for living on while she had to die. In this sense, she is mischievous and trusts no one. She does have a bit of a girly side though and disliked physical activity, causing her to be athletically challenged. This hinders her slightly as she cannot move throughout the living world as fluidly as she would like.

Looks: A ghostly, pale blue, Alyssa resembles that of a girl anywhere from fourteen years of age to seventeen. She has paler, shoulder length hair that suggests her hair might have been blonde or white while alive. Her eyes are also quite light suggesting they were blue, green or hazel. She is seen in the clothes she died in: a pair of dark pants and a cardigan sweater that covers a plain undershirt.

History: N/A at the moment ^^

10/14/2009 #45

Character's Name: Hailliea (Hailey) Phoniex Sage pronounced Hail-lee-a

Age: 12

House/Cape: Music/ Blue

Endowment: Can turn thoughts into her own, as one thoughts, hailey can turn that certian thought into her own.

Relations: Sages

Loyalty [[Good or Evil]]: Good, but is friends with Joshua since his grandma moved next store to Hailey's mom and dad masion.

Personality: Hailey is say to be very mature, for for her age, most say she'd 12 but acts likes she thirty. Hailey is quite onbixnuis with people and other things, also Hailey is a bit snobby as her parents are rich, which is one of her main reasons why. Hailey's a born shopper going to Kingdoms as much as possible, as her parents give her anything she wants. She also love to read (Magizenes and Pricetags).

Looks: Japanese, Tall and slender, Long straight waist black hair, usually in ponytails, darker skin tone as she (Greek, African, and Japanese) Almond brown eyes, wears makeup regularly. Likes anything designer, hates non!

History: Hailey family is a mystery as where they came, but is know to be descents of Tolemeo, and Greek dated back in ancient times and distant African. Hailey lived in The Heights her whole life and found out she was Endowed when she was nine but was kept a secret, till Joshua told the Bloors (Hailey doesn't know he told) and went to Bloors, she liked and hated by many, and also has a crush on Charlie even though she won't admit it.

Picture [[optional]]: none but does looks like Hay Lin from W.I.T.C.H. (If you know what that is)

Sorry I have more then on the other RP, but I couldn't remember some, so I made up some more.

Is that good??? Please say it!!! Cause I can't think right now! And do tht mean I accepted?? Sorry some of the personatily stinks I can be a little conry sometimes

Please say your guy or girl isn't gone cause I really want to join a Charlie Bone Role-play!! And is it okay to use my character from the other since I'm really not using her?? Also it may be a minor differences since there two different forums Please Answer back soon!

11/26/2009 #46

Yes, you may join! We'll find a way to squeeze you in. ^_^

12/10/2009 #47

Thanx! Sorry it took me so long to reply!

12/21/2009 #48

Character's Name: Clara Brooks

Age: 10

House/Cape: Art/Green

Endowment: Can control the four elements. Fire, water, wind, and earth.

Relations: None

Loyalty: Good

Personality: Clara is sweet and kind to her friends, but does not have many, as she is very shy. She rather read than going to a party. She is very smart, but is some times a bit of a know-it-all. She is also a neat freak. She is very energetic except when she is. She is clever and has a witty tongue. She always seems to have some kind of advice to give to someone. She doesn't hold back from saying what she knows is true and because of this she's usually the one in the group who voices what everyone else is thinking but does not want to say. Is stubborn and doesn’t like being told to do something.

Looks: She has almond shaped warm chocolate brown with flecks of gold in them. They seem wise and curious at the same time. The are pretty, but intimidating. She has curly dirty blond that is shoulder length. She usually keeps them in piggy tails. She has rather long bangs that seem to always get in her eyes. Her bangs are a bit crooked since she tried to cut them herself. She has a small dimple on her left cheek. Her lightly tanned face is splattered with freckles. She is slender and a bit short for her age. She has rather long eyelashes.

History: She lived with her parents in London. After they died she moved to New York to live with her aunt and uncle. After some hijinks's cased by her endowment they shipped her off to go the Bloors.

12/23/2009 #49
Kamakaze Kheri

Is it possible for you to change your endowment to just one of the elements? That's sort of over-powering with all four -_-"

Another thing: her personality clashes. How can she be extremely outspoken but be very shy as well? You might want to fix that up too.

Other than that, it looks pretty good :P

12/23/2009 #50

((Second charrie here! I been wanting to do another and I finally thought of one!))

Character's Name: Ophelia Selene Moon (Pheli to friends)

Age: 16

House/Cape: Art (She's a drawer)

Endowment [[if you have one]]: She can possessed people but only for a few minutes and gets weak after. Does it if she feels overly threaten (So in really bad cases)

Relations [[if you are relted to the Bones or the Bloors, Vertigos, people who already exist]]: Maybe it's not sure. . .

Loyalty [[Good or Evil]]: Good

Personality: She shy with people at first and a little on the quiet side. She's smart and likes to learn, Ophelia get's angry and confused very easily and likes to be smart when not need. She's other wise book-smart but not street-smart (Coming from the Outsiders). She doesn't like to talked and don't like to speak up for herself (which is her biggest flaw)

Looks: She's 5'6 and has a slender build to her like a dancer, has auburn wavy hair about mid-back length. Pale face with some petite features (ears and nose) and big pale blue eyes. Sorta plain and likes to wear Cartoon t-shirts (Alice in Wonderland, Hello Kitty) plain jeans and Converse Hi-Tops of any design.

History: Ophelia lived with her father and brother (Cayldonion who's not endowed) in London all her life. Ophelia knew the stories of the Red King from her dad who used tell Cale and her them for bedtime stories as his own father was endowed but he wasn't. Ophelia never thought they were true until one day when she was angry at a boy who like to teased little kids she wished he stop and he did then Ophelia lost control over it and he went back to normal everyone thought of what was going on as Ophelia hurry back home where she told her dad he then told her that the tales of the Red King was true and that she couldn't tell a soul but the Bloors had a spy and saw the whole thing he contact the Bloors and 3 weeks later she got her letter. Ophelia's Father had no choice but to enroll her where she now goes and get pick up to go back to London.

Picture [[optional]]: None

3/6/2010 #51
Samurai don't need angels

Name: Paris Ebony

Age: 14

House/Cape: Drama

Endowment: Paris has a odd habit of disappearing. If she gets nervous or self conscious, she suddenly winks out.

Relations: relatedto distantly to Benjamin Brown.

Loyalty: She is good.

Personality: She is very shy, and if you talk to her, and want an answer, she'll stutter incoherently. She can come off a but strange, bur she is a good person. Also, she is curious.

History: Lived in America until a year ago. She's been home schooled since first grade, because she scared her teacher so bad when she first disappeared. Her mother is a doctor, her dad disappeared when she was six. She'd like be a detective, and she has the skills to do it.

6/29/2010 . Edited 8/16/2010 #52
Cmoparw 4406

Character's Name: Jayson (Jay) Wilkes

Gender: male

Age: 15

House/Cape: Musical/blue

Endowment [[if you have one]]: He can feel the darker emotions of others, real or fake. For instance if he I watching a movie he can feel the embarrassment of the other. He is also connected to any fake person he makes for something such as a story. He can feel their emotions such as the sadness of the character being called stupid or unloved, etc. He can also feel the emotion in songs and it helps him keep beat extremely well. He can also amplify some of these emotions and send them back at other people, making them feel the emotion.

Relations [[if you are related to people who already exist]]: Silk's (Gabriel Silk family line. Distant relative)

Loyalty [[Good or Evil]]: good

Personality: Jay is a nice guy who will help others when asked. Since he feels the emotions of others they influence his own mood, often giving him extreme mood swings. He had a really bad dark side that you do not want to be on, as it is extremely harsh since it is fueled on the pain, anger, suffering, sorrow, and rage of others that he feels everyday.

Looks: He is slightly muscular. He is tall at 6'4". Depending on his mood he can look either casual, Goth, punk or other. He carries around a set of drumsticks, as he is a drummer. He is incredibly good at following beats and can drum to almost any song. He can also play the guitar and copy most of the song on it as well. He usually wears rockstar casual, a band tee shirt and black jeans. He had black hair that reaches the base of his neck at the longest.

History: Jayson has always had a love for music since age 6. He was sent to the academy at age 13 after showing remarkable musical talent on the drums and guitar. A year later it was found out that he was endowed with the power to feel the emotions of others. He is very talented and can also draw amazingly well and was almost moved to the art house for it, however his musical talent was still far better. He is very creative and can draw amazingly well, as well as being an amazing author and songwriter. He is so good at it because he uses the emotions of others to make his creations really come to life. He keeps his MP3 with him at all times and keeps it well hidden as to keep it from being confiscated.

Picture [[optional]]: (ill see about getting one drawn)

8/16/2010 #53

Character's Name: Nori Kione

Age: 9

House/Cape:Drama/ Purple

Endowment: Her power is really weird. She can talk to inanimated items and control puppets to fight for her. She can also enlarge or shrink said puppet. Her main puppet is a black imp called Yatzee.

Relations: None

Loyalty: Neutral

Personality: Happy outgoing, very childish

Looks: A short, long navy haired girl. She has nice green eyes and wears the cape over her uniform. Also likes to drape puppets over her shoulders sometimes.

History: She doesn't remember what happened, or why that weird person left her at the door of the Bloors. On a snowy day, that person bought her to the door, talked to the headmaster, and left her there. She has to attend classes even though her age is not. She is currently just staying long time.

11/23/2010 #54

(@ People wanting to RP. I'm sorry but you can be in the RP because the Mods have dissipated from here. So you can be accepted. . .. ** As I said I'm very sorry but their is no one to accept you so please find a running forum as this one is about dead **))

11/25/2010 #55
Hey, sorry about writing here but I realize this forum is dead and i was wondering if all you RPers would like to RP on my RP lol it starts from the very first book, you can play original players, or your OCs, change the couples, plot, everything! Thanks
6/4/2011 #56
Ivy Devi

Yes, it's very good!

9/1/2011 #57

Character's Name: Nikki Gunn

Age: 12

House/Cape: Blue

Endowment : none

Relations: Fidelio Gunn's sister


Personality: shy, but really nice. Intelligent, thoughtful. Bookworm, spends most of her time reading. Loves to swim and dance, a little mischievous,

Looks: medium length red hair in a braid. Dark brown eyes, tall, sharp, a little pointy ears, small burn on the back of her hand, scar between her thumb and forefinger

History: one time, got caught in a fire(that's where she got the burn), cat scratched her too hard (that's where she got the scar), other then that, pretty normal life

Reply 2h ago #131

3/7/2014 #58
Hey im new to this character thing so im recreating my self. Anywayz... Name: Kitty Jay Age: 15 House: art ( drawing ) Looks: brown hair long. Big brown eyes(cute)tall. Has glasses but can see without them. Butiful all aroun. Ears peirced. Big earings. Persanality: happy. Self consios. Clever. Flirty. Always wanted to date manfred for some reason. Relations: Manfred, crush, see persanality. Emmas mums cousens brothers sons sister.( i think i just said ekma has a brother with a son and daughter but the jenrul idea is that Kitty is a distant relative of Emma) History: went to a normal school for a bit and then got told her parents were dead because of a freak fire in a cafe they where in. She got sent to an offanige. When she was angrey once she acsedentaly made someones mind explode by sharing all her thoughts of anger. Bloors found out and adopted her. She has been a secret untill one dag she got weeden to let her out of her room. Endowntment( sory about spelling): can give people thoughts and also control their minds. See history for more info. Side: undersided.
9/28/2014 #59
Kamakaze Kheri

Hi. First of all, this RP is really dead so I wasn't even going to comment on this but I just cannot, cannot get over how poor your spelling is. "Jenrul"? I think you mean "general". My advice would be to freshen up on some basic English before you try and jump into roleplaying, which is essentially just writing all the time. You'll really benefit from it.

(Also, work on your formatting for your text posts. No one wants to read a huge block of text. Take a look at other applications for an idea of what people are looking for.)

9/28/2014 #60
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