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Hey, this is a Silent hill RP enjoy.
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This is the Character sign up.

Name: Nicoletta Giovanni or Nicky

Age: 19

Aperance: 5'3 100 pounds. Short brown hair that is in a small mohawk with green tips. She has a Dragon and Tiger tattoo on her back. She has manny ear piercings.

Skills: Use any weapon, speak many languages, and fly planes.

Weapos: Italian Beretta and riot gun.

Bio: She is a Crime Scene Investigatior. Here and her teammate were kiddnaped by a serial killer whil on the job. After a month the serial killer killed her teammate right infront of her. A few weeks latter she escaped. Now she finds it hard to get close to people, so she trys to push them away since she is afraied to get close to anyone. Now she is going on vacation and decids to go visiting ghost towns. But once she finds the ghost Town called Silent Hill, she regrest ever leaving home. Now she is all alone in silent Hill.

7/21/2008 #1
Agato - The Hadou Inari

Name: James Trevor

Age: 41

Weapon's: Smg Sub-Machine Gun, .45 Magnum Revolver, Grenade's

Apperance: 6'3 252 pounds(pure muscle), brown-blonde hair(mix), ocean blue eye's

Skill: Taijutsu(1st degree black belt), speak's english and japanese(rarely), master of the .45 magnum revolver

Bio: He survived the Raccoon City incident 6 year's ago and was in Silent Hill 2 year's previously(reason unknown), any other data unknown.

9/20/2008 . Edited 9/21/2008 #2
Agato - The Hadou Inari

Name: Jerry Witters

Age: 55

Skill: Umbrella Special Force's Helicopter Pilot( exclusive to Trevor and his team only)

Bio: Only known data is that he was looking around Raccoon City for mercenary survivor's and that day had saved Trevor's life. They've been best friend's ever since.

9/21/2008 #3

Name: Elisabith Trueheart Like to called Lizz.

Age: 21

Apperence: 5'1 120, Long Brown hair and Green eyes.

Skills: Knows a little Karate she's very flexible and she speak's english, spanish, and Japenese.

Weaposs: Noun right now

Bio: she is going to college to be a Nurse. She and her friends come down to Silent Hill just for fun but something happed and she has lost her Memory of her life up to the piont she run into James and Nicoletta.

10/4/2008 . Edited 10/4/2008 #4

name: zack jefferson


appearance:red spikey hair and blue eyes

skills: has guns of all types some off and on his person

weapons: 2 deagles in his pockets, shotgun on his back and a lighter

bio: Sold weapons of all kinds in raccoon city the when the incident happened he came to silent hill to try and sell guns that was about a year ago

he has a small outpost ina weapons shop in silent hill

10/5/2008 #5
Agato - The Hadou Inari

( Bout time we got more people to join. Am I right;])

10/6/2008 #6

(ya it is, thanks for joining our fourm, hope you have fun :)

10/6/2008 #7

(i always have fun

jigsaw: FOR THE KING

me:no you go back in the box



me:well that takes care of that)

10/7/2008 #8
Agato - The Hadou Inari

( LOL)

10/8/2008 #9

(yeah know)

10/9/2008 #10

Name: Joseph Olave friends calls him Joey

Age: 28

Appearance: 5'6 165 Spiked up black hair brown eyes

Skills: survived 8 years in the U.S Air Force.

Weapons: handgun

Bio:After surviving 8 years in the Air Force he go on a road trip to visit a friend and ends going through Silent Hill.

10/14/2008 #11
Agato - The Hadou Inari

( I have an idea about what will happen to James Trevor, but you'll only find out at the end;)

10/15/2008 #12
Eye of Fire

Name: Zane Eros

Age: 25

Appearance: 6'0" Has blonde hair that covers his forehead and green eyes. Wears a jacket and jeans.

Skills: Terrible luck with everything he partakes in, but somehow managed not to get shot down in the three years he spent in the Air Force. Knows how to fix things.

Weapons: Hunting Knife, a Desert Eagle and a SPAZ Shotgun

Bio: Got dropped off on the outskirts of Silent Hill after he had pissed off his friends. Looks like he won't be found any time soon.

10/20/2008 #13
Agato - The Hadou Inari

(Welcom to the roleplay Vulpine:])

10/21/2008 #14
Eye of Fire

Thanks. I'm going to make his life a living hell. Wanna help?

10/22/2008 #15
Agato - The Hadou Inari

Depends on where we end up meeting. I'm with the Zack O.C right now.

10/23/2008 #16

Can I join?

Name: Edward Van Pelt

Age 48

Job: Vietnam Veteran

Skills: Survival, Firearms and Melee expert, A Good Tracker and despite the age, strong, and capable athlete, also a good improviser.

Weapons: M16, Colt1911, Good Quality Machete.

Bio: Lied about the age and get in the army with just 15 years old, in the last two years of 'Nam he truly sorry for te mistake he did. the horror of war made him a anti-war simpathizer. Back to his old city, he married his prom date, Ann Morris and had a son, Albert who's also get in the army, in the Apheganisthan. Albert died in combat and Edward becamedepressed and a bitter man. ann sent him to a rest house in the country where he manage to regain his 'life'... he was getting back home when he passed a crash in the highway and the ditraction made him crash his own car. After some time he woke in the car, at a too quiet grove by a foggy lake. He get the Pistol and the assault rifle he keeps for protection and a machete in the trunk, and start walking to the nearby town.

12/2/2008 . Edited 12/30/2008 #17
Agato - The Hadou Inari


12/2/2008 #18

Name: Rian M. Farview

Age: 29

Appearance: Now Rian being of a mild stature, a good 6'2 per say is a kinda gangly but has quite a bit of muscle about him. His Eye's are the deepest of greens and his hair, Well a matted dark brown will have to suffice. He normally wears a Jean jacket over a torn weathered old white shirt with grease stains on it. The sleeves are ripped off and he has facial Stubble; doesn't bother to shave much. He wears Jagged jeans and Ol' boots that have given him a good run. He always wears his Belt, his tool belt to be exact. He is a Plumber, gotta keep it on him. You can't see it well but he has a wicked scar that starts at his navel and barely peeks out from his Collar line.

Skills: He is quite the handy man, He may be a bit lazy at times but the man sure knows how to fix up something nice. He knows alot about machinery and he is a great cook, one of his lesser hobbies. Quite frankly he is a bit on the unspoken side but he will voice his opinion when called for.

Weapons: His tools, Iron pipe, Shotgun (But he won't have it In the Beginning)

Bio: Now rian is your average everyday joe. He spends his nights doing what every lone Bachelor would do; Drinking. He has had a bit of an attitude always has. He lost several jobs because of it. He goes to work and comes home. That's it to put it mildly. Maybe it's the fact he can't remember a stitch of his childhood although he tries. Upon his head lies what would look like to be an indent, a small incision, a mark. The only thing he does remember is the pain. The shear ripping and tearing at his flesh, past that is nothing but the still darkness. Rian is a victim of night terrors a stunning aliment where the user kicks and screams through the night with no recollection of what he or she has done. He hates it, this, this, sickness. It's such a bother and that's why he drinks. To keep himself awake, scotch or whiskey will due just fine. Never met a bottle though that he didn't like. He has but one picture from his past, the day that he was taken away from a place, a lake, yes that's it a lake. The name of the lake Now my friend-- Toluca Lake.

((Sorry I didn't see this when I first posted....Accepted?))

12/27/2008 #19

(im glad that you joined, hope you have fun and welcome to Silent Hill :) LOL

12/27/2008 #20

name-James Weston


appearance-5'9 wears a black cap, dark jeans with holes where the knees are. Wears a dark red shirt and a black hoodie with strange symbols on it.

skills- skinny, can fit into tight places. Knows how to solve difficult puzzles. Very good with firearms, okay with melee weapons.

weapons- in the beggining-pocket knife, pistol. later on-shotgun, sub machine gun, fire axe.

Bio- James is a pretty average person. He lives in an apartment in a town right outside of Silent Hill. When he was 13 he had to move to an orphanage after his parents were killed in a car accident in Silent Hill. He now attends a college in Brahms. He is constantly haunted by strange dreams and visions that he can't seem to make sense of.

3/10/2009 #21
Gone and Gone

Is it too late to join?

Name: Mercy Red

Age: 20

Appearance: A petite woman, with long white hair and faded pink eyes. She wears a red coat, white shirt and nlack trousers.

Skills: She can translate documents that are in Latin, French and Greman.

Weapons: None at first but she will pick up things as she goes along.

Bio: She believes that she was born into a peaceful family and that she had a mother ands an older Brother, Justice. Her mother died when they were younger and Justice to had care of them, being the oldest. She ended up in Silent Hill because her older brother went missing after commiting a murder.

This is not the truth, but what her mind wants to believe. The truth is that she was born with only her mother by her side, who had to work allot, so Mercy began to'imagine' an older brother to keep her company, but her soon became part of her personailty, causing her to have a spilt personality, one a woman and one a man. She is neither a man nor a woman, with the upper half of a male and lower of a female but she is able hide this.

She killed a man, known as Conner but at the time was in her 'Justice' personality, so she doesn't know it was her who killed him, but was told that a young man called Justice did. Her mother died when she was nineteen, telling her 'your bother is going to be uset'. Her mother knew of what was happening but refused to do anything, thinking it would cure itself.

4/23/2009 #22

Welcom to the group ^^

4/25/2009 #23

Name: Katie Mabel

Aperance: 5'6" Blonde wavy hair to her shoulders, light blue eyes, fair skin, pointed nose, pouty lips, round face, voluptuous, slender and big thighs

Skills: Speaks french and spanish, can drive anything but stick and has some weaponary experiance.

Weapos: 9mm handgun and baseball bat

Bio: Katie was called to Silent Hill because she is looking for her brother who went missing but also because she has a new job as a bank associate. Katie has first aid, her parents retired nearby Silent Hill and Katie is a twin.

11/19/2009 #24
Lt.James lugnerische

hey mind if i join?

Name: Adam Wade

Aperance: blonde hair,blue eyes, about 5'5, weighs 120,

Skills: as him being US military soilder, he is skilled in close quaters combat, as well as being an accurate sharp-shooter,even though his is only 18

Weapons: full-auto M-14 with a tactical flashlight as well as a 1.5 x magnification scope, a 45. cal M1911 handgun, and a K-Bar fighting knife

Bio: a soilder hailing from ohio, he has been in the military for about a year and 6 months, he has never been in combat but is a designated support soilder that is now lost in slient hill after he took a detoure trying to get to his base for his days duty

1/2/2010 #25
Madame Apathy

May I get involved please?

9/19/2010 #26

Name: Veloke

Age: unknown physical appearance 17

appearance: a small black cat with sharp yellow eyes,a long thin tail,a collar with a cross on it and ingraved on the cross says silent hill,and usually carries a red bandanna on his shoulder

Skills: intimidation,excellent hearing,agility,excellent tracker,knows the ins and outs of silent hill,and is quick enough to dodge a bullet


abilities:fire manipulation,slight matter manipulation (Exe.can walk through walls while in silent hill and teleportation),able to speak any language through telepathy,strongest at night

weakness:loses all powers when outside of silent hill,power weakens during the day

Bio:Not much is known about this black demon cat,but it is known that the church of silent hill isn't too happy about him always being there to get in their way,and he also enjoys tormenting the help less victims of silent hill who have entered the haunted town. He doesn't pick sides,but if he thinks that someone is unworthy of life,he will go out of his way to kill them

7/27/2011 #27
Name:Eric Hills---------- Age:19----------- Appearance:black shoulder-length hair tied into a pony tail,red eyes,wears a green long-sleeved thirt that says there on the front"I'm a firin' my f@€>$~^ Lazer!,black pants,blue sneakers ------------- Skills:can use guns and knives,very and I mean very fast------- Weapons:shotgun and A knife----------- Bio:he was traveling with a friend named Albert and then they encountered Silent Hill.Albert saw something in a house,so he went to check it out while Eric was looking at some nearby place.Albert relized that the thing was a human but had a pyramid-shaped head,he went a bit closer but Albert didn't notice the thing was sharpening a giant knife.When he tapped the "pyramid part",the thing turned around and stabbed 5 or 7 times.At the 3rd stab,he yelled for Eric's name.Eric heard him and ran inside the house but it was to late,Albert was killed.Eric was now alone in the ghost town.-----------
12/24/2011 #28

Oi, anybody mind if I join in?

Name- Alisa Willson

Gender- Female

Age- 19

Appearance- 5' 6" about 125 lbs ,shoulder length dirty blonde hair always down, gray baggy hoodie, dark gray pants, black running shoes, blueish-gray eyes, pale skin, freckles,

Skills- good at logic games and puzzles, excellent shooter, can run fast when she needs too,knows some Taekwondo, knows some Japanese, flexible, good reflexes

Weapons- anything she can find, trusty Swiss Army knife (more weapons as RP goes on but nothing to extreme or unrealistic)

Biography- was on vacation in the Rocky Mountains with her friends and they were setting up camp. She realized they had left some of the sleeping bags back at the car and she volunteered to go and retrieve it since they were only about a quarter of a mile away. When she got to the car she popped the truck and began pulling the bags out when she heard something behind her but when she turned around her face was met with a large rock coming at her, knocking her out. Her friends eventually got worried and went to check on her but when they got to their car no one was there. Alisa then regains consciousness in the middle of a abandoned street in Silent Hill. She has lost almost all of her memory and is clueless of the danger she's in. Story continues from there~

1/28/2012 #29

Is this rp still up, if so, here is my application:

Name: Mason Grace

Gender- Male

Age- 27

Appearance- About 6'5, short dark brown hair, blue eyes, unbuttoned black flannel with a white t-shirt underneath, denim jeans, and black sneakers.

Skills: Good runner, great at mechanics, nice shooter, great with melee

Weapons- Only has a pistol and a crowbar

Bio- Mason was a young father, having a son at 20. He was a great father, but his wife died when she was attacked by muggers. After this, he slipped into depression, not paying attention to his son. He couldnt get his work as a mechanic done, so he was fired. While looking for a new job, he walked home and found his son missing. This made him more depressed, and the police tried all they could but couldnt find him. He found a letter from an unknown source telling him to come to Silent Hill if he wanted to see his son again. So he took his pistol and his crowbar and made his way to the resort town.

4/2/2012 #30
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