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I just want to know if anyone else has any crazy crossover ideas that they either have written or weren't brave enough to write yet. For example, I'm currently working on a Lord of the Rings/Humanized Wall-E crossover that features Auto as the main Wall-E hero character. I also thought once of crossing Wall-E (human or robot form) with James Cameron's Avatar. Auto would be the main character, of course. WARNING!! I am a big time Auto fangirl. YOU HAAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!
9/22/2011 #1

Hey finally a found a Auto fan, buddy I love Auto too

my stories you must read them becuase they are interesant sweet and humorous!

8/6/2013 #2

Will do, yo. Also, check my deviantART page for some neat Auto stuff.

You know, for a Disney villain, Auto's pretty BA. I hate that everyone thinks HE'S evil, when the real villain is that annoyingly gay-sounding Shelby Forthright idiot who gave him the A-113 order.

But he's found a new enemy.

Auto: (with tazer out) Die, Justin Bieber. Just.....DIE.

8/6/2013 #3

I always thought Wall-e and fallout would make an great crossover, considering there both post apocalyptic and retro themed.

I might an write an fanfiction using these elements on wattpad, but right now i'm working on an story. My user name is coolcake05 if you want to check it out.

11/10/2014 #4
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