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Stultus Stulta Loquitur

Go team Chuck! Who's you're favorite member?

7/31/2008 #1
Shrimpy Kay

the only thing i think is stupid is that gossip girl and chuck are produced by the same person, but same time on different channels.

8/8/2008 . Edited by Stultus Stulta Loquitur, 3/25/2010 #2
Stultus Stulta Loquitur

Yea, that is kinda stupid.

So are you a Chuck fan?

8/13/2008 #3

I'm excited. I don't have a favorite, because it's a tie between two people who might as well be one: Chuck and Sarah.

Although, Casey if, oddly enough, getting up there for me.

And who doesn't love Morgan and Ellie and AWESOME!

But Chuck and Sarah are on top...

8/18/2008 . Edited by Stultus Stulta Loquitur, 3/25/2010 #4
Shrimpy Kay

Total Chuck fan. Always will be.

8/22/2008 #5

Cant wait for season 2 but I think I have a long wait cos SA is only on season 1 :(

8/25/2008 #6

Ha! Natty! I caught you on here confessing some Casey like! Ha! Give me some of those cookies or I'll tell!

And it's a 'T' rated board so I'll leave it at that...

9/2/2008 . Edited 9/2/2008 #7
Stultus Stulta Loquitur

Yea, Chuck and Sarah are my top one, followed by Morgan as top two, Casey as top three, and Captain Awesome and Ellie as top four.

10/24/2008 #8
Moonshine 369


12/17/2008 #9

Kayla, WHAT? I have no one to randomly talk to now, since you're gone, so why not indulge in a place totally random... here!

Chuck. I just found a funny picture.

And the picture that is two to the right of it. (Click the right arrow twice : p )

12/29/2008 . Edited by Stultus Stulta Loquitur, 3/25/2010 #10
Moonshine 369

Chuck, yes. That picture's hilarious! I'm actually two episodes of Chuck behind, but I've taped them on my TiVo at home, so hopefully I'll get back to watch them soon. I was so pleased when he finally got Jill arrested though. Took him long enough, am I right? ^^

12/29/2008 . Edited by Stultus Stulta Loquitur, 3/25/2010 #11

I haven't watched Chuck vs. Santa Clause or whatever it was called yet. It's on my DVR and... I could watch it online, I guess, but that's annoying. It did, however, take him quite long enough. But when he did, he did it with style... or in a cool fashion with playing with all the little things in the Castle. That part was, shall I say, awesome! Kinda.

12/29/2008 . Edited by Stultus Stulta Loquitur, 3/25/2010 #12
Moonshine 369

I could watch the two episodes online, but my internet is so slow here it's not even funny. xD Chuck does everything with his whacky style... he's incredibly adorable at everything he does. I prefer ChuckxSarah to ChuckxJill anyday. Mmmh. I also kind of like CaseyxSara. It's cute. ^//////^

12/29/2008 . Edited by Stultus Stulta Loquitur, 3/25/2010 #13

Chuck... ahhh... I don't think he can do ANYTHING w/o looking... adorable... and other great adjectives. Chuck/Jill is offensive. (Jill was a bioottchh!) and I HATE Bryce, even if he is semi growing on me. So Sarah/Bryce is out. But, I don't really like Casey/Sarah. I'd take Ellie/Casey over that!

12/29/2008 . Edited by Stultus Stulta Loquitur, 3/25/2010 #14
Stultus Stulta Loquitur

WOW. Way off topic. So what do you guys think about the 3D episode coming up?

Can anyone say BOO-YAH!

1/24/2009 #15
Moonshine 369

3-D episode? o_o;

1/24/2009 #16
Stultus Stulta Loquitur

Yeah, they had a 3-D episode on quite a while back... end of second season, I think? I don't know if anybody's even here anymore, it's been quiet for so long now. I hope you guys all come back and talk some more.

I edited the forum slightly to keep us all on topic, btw.

So what does everyone think about the last episode where what's-his-face.... the new dude at Castle that's in "love" with Sarah? And how do you guys feel about Casey leaving? I personally think it sucks. At least they didn't kill him off LOL.

What do you think they're going to do with the whole "Chuck's a spy?" Pretty exciting!!!!

3/25/2010 #17
Stultus Stulta Loquitur

???? Anyone there?

Okay, well, if anyone is reading this, I'm very glad that Casy came back as a spy.

WE LOVE YOU ADAM! Ahem, well...

Yes... and now Chuck is lying to Sarah! Why, Chuck, why? Don't go crazy liar psycho on us, Chuckie!

Oh, and did anyone else find it remotely touching that Casy had gone to see the Doc about Chuck before Sarah? All I could think was, "Awwwww! Casy does care!" LOL

5/11/2010 #18


That b*** killed chucks dad, good to see chuck got him in the end

What will happen to Jeffster now?

7/2/2010 #19
Stultus Stulta Loquitur

Jeez, I know, right??? God, I really hate that dude.

So whatcha think about season 4?

11/28/2010 #20
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