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Put it in this format:





Organization(if any):




Pokemon(if any):


Interesting Facts:

Money, items, and badges obtained

8/1/2008 #1

Name: Jacob

Age: 23


Description: look like my profile picture. With the hood down he looks like Dark ( If you don't know what he looks like go to

organization: Team Magma, Team Rocket, the Nine War Lords(NWL)

Status: rocket elite, Team magma superior, number 5 of the nine War Lords

Goals: Wants to be the most feared person in the world.

Personality: he is very mean and evil to people he doesn't know. e is still dark but nicer and clamer around people he knows

Pokemon(if any): Blaziken, Salamence, Lucario, Metagross, Luxray, Houndoom

Family/Friends: Son of the leader of Team Magma

Interesting Facts: joined team rocket to expaned Team Magma by gaining friends and allies. Next leader of team magma. He has the power of fire and can teeport with flames, and he can create fire and use it anyway he wants

The things your characters has with him/her: Egg, iPhone

1000 pokeDallors, 5 pokeballs, 2 potions

8/1/2008 . Edited 8/1/2008 #2
Seeker Lyson

Name: Terron

Age: ???

Gender: Male

Description: Short silver hair reaches ear lobes, his eyes are light blue with hints of red, over his clothing he wears a long black coat that covers all his clothing, under the coat is a black shirt with red in it, he wears skin tight black jeans that have chains on them and purple lines running on the jeans, his boots are a skin tight leather they are black and red, gloves that are black and red reach mid arm.

Organazation: Team Cipher, Snagem, and Galactic

Status: He is an Admin in Cipher, but seems stronger then that.

Goals: ???


Chatot (male)

Bannette (male)

More to come

Family/Friends: He has a wife and daughter but doesn't accoaite with them, as of a few years ago.

Interesting facts: He has amazing powers, he is also able to send people into there worst nightmares. His powers will become more detailed as time goes on.

1500 PokeDollars (P$), 3 Potions, and 10 Pokeballs

Laptop, and Snag Machine (from Pokemon Collosiem and XD Gale of Darkness)

8/1/2008 . Edited 8/6/2008 #3


Status: Leader of The Nine War Lords



Personality:he munipulates people, calm, and nice. also very mean and tortures people if he doesn't like them.

Pokemon(if any):Rayquaza(trapped inside of his chain that he wears all the time. uses ONLY when his life is in danger.), Blaziken, Salamence, Lucario, Metagross, Luxray, Houndoom


Interesting Facts: The leader and the strongest of The Nine War Lords. Said to be the strongest pokemon Master in the world. has Dark abilities from the Raquaza and gave the other leaders there powers,

8/1/2008 . Edited 1/13/2009 #4
Seeker Lyson

Name: Erin

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Description: Black trench coat, black T-shirt, black jeans, black army boots.

Organization: Nine War Lords

Status: number eight

Goals: ???

Personaitly: Is cold and cruel to everyone except his wife.


Amabasnow, Staraptor, Gallade

Family/Frineds: Wife (Rica)

Interesting facts: ???


Name: Rica

Age: 29

Gender: Female

Description: Long red trench coat, silver T-shirt, baggy red shorts, black army boots.

Organization: Nine war lords

Status: number nine

Goals: ???

Personalty: She usually never talks to anyone except to Axel and Erin.



Family/Friends: Erin (husband)

Interesting facts: Rica's body is extremely weak, due to abuse by her father in her younger years, her father had slashed her heart causing perimante damage making her unable to fight for long periods of time.

8/3/2008 . Edited by Zeek-Tannin, 8/3/2008 #5

I Asighn number, but its ok

8/3/2008 #6




Description:wears long black trench coat and wield spiky black hair

Organization(if any):Nine warlords


Goals:give humans the ability to use pokemon powers


Pokemon(if any):???

Family/Friends: Jacob(friend)

Interesting Facts:???

has a snagam machine

8/4/2008 #7

Name: Toru

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Description: Long flowing silver-white hair, paler skin than most people, white robe, silver-white cape, diamond earrings, silver chestplate, white shoulder blades, silver cape and belt, white shoes. (She doesn't look like a villain, but what the hey!)

Organization(if any): Nine Warlords

Status: number four

Goals: To devour all light in the world

Personality: Like a good-hearted, raspy lady.

Pokemon(if any): Gardevior(Female), Togekiss(Female), Lunatone(No gender), Dragonair(Female)

Family/Friends: Brother, Xanan (Xanan doesn't wanna admit that though...)

Interesting Facts: She can devour the goodness in peoples hearts and make it her energy. This is why she is so beautiful.

1000p$ itemfinder, Bike, 4 dark balls, 8 Etonru badges, 8 Sinnoh badges, 8 Kanto badges

8/4/2008 . Edited 8/7/2008 #8

Name: Sesa' Refumee

Age: ____

Gender: Male

Description: A large white robe, over a void, cold mass.

Organization: Nine Warlords

Status: Toru's assistant

Goals: To fix his starship, which will then carry him home to Sanghelios

Personality: UNKNOWN

Pokemon: Electrode,(Male), Porygon Z(Male), Electivire(Male), Magnezone(Male), Gardevior(Male, Given the egg by Toru)

Family/Friends: None on Earth

Interesting Facts: He wants to go back to Sanghelios, but he also likes to be with Toru.

P$:1000; Items: Starship kit, electronic infiltration device, a vial of neurotoxic plasma; Badges: NONE

8/9/2008 . Edited 8/10/2008 #9
Seeker Lyson

Name: Chad

Age: ???

Gender: Male

Description: Long black coat, pants and shirt, sandals.

Organzation: Cipher

Status: ???

Goals: ???

Personaitly: Kind and nice


Gengar, Scizor

Family/friends: Rica (niece) Terron (twin brother)

Interesting facts: Nothing really he has the same powers as Terron, but he isn't as cruel.

8/10/2008 #10

Name: Xrio

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Description: White shirt with a big,red R on it,black pants,black and white shoes.

Orginazation: Team Rocket

Status: Grunt

Goals: To steal rare pokemon

Personality: Mean and dimwitted.

Pokemon: Dustox,Rhyhorn,Heracross

Family/friends: Frissie,his partner

Interesting Facts: None

Name: Frissie

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Description: White and red shirt with a big,red R on it,black pants,black boots.

Orginazation: Team Rocket

Status: Grunt

Goals: To steal rare pokemon

Personality: Quick to snap,interested in the task at hand {Most of the time}

Pokemon: Butterfree,Ursuring,Murkrow

Family/friends: Xrio,her partner

Interesting facts: None

8/15/2008 #11

good. you are approved. (sorry I took so long I was at me friends house.)

8/15/2008 #12

Name: Arai "wind breaker"

Age: 19


Description: White, about 6 ft 2 inchs, golden eyes, blond hair reaching to her waist, wears a black jacket with silver stripes over a red t-shirt . black jeans and trainers. wears a beaded necklace with a feather of pure silver hanging from it.

Goals: ????

Personality: Calm and not easily angered.


marowak (Male)

Nickname: Bones

Special: can speak English. his bone is engraved with strange swirls

Moves: double-edge,bone club,flamethrower,iron tail



Family/Friends: cyrus(father)

Interesting Facts: has proven to be a exceptional member, completeing most missions without any trouble, soon to be promoted. she has unusual power which little is known. a great asassian in the team.

2050$, 5 Potions, a small dager with a blue blade

Might add to it later

8/23/2008 . Edited 1/23/2009 #13
Seeker Lyson

Gah! Shadow has a sister!

8/23/2008 #14


8/23/2008 #15
Seeker Lyson

My character Shadow, his father is Cyrus, so I was just saying he has an older sister...

8/23/2008 #16

oops. i didnt relize i sorta used it cause it tied in with my adveture with her.

8/23/2008 #17
Seeker Lyson

Its OK, we can just say Shadow has a sister he doesn't know about.

8/23/2008 #18

ok. you mised mod. he was on earlier.

8/23/2008 #19
Seeker Lyson

Yeah I got that.

8/23/2008 #20
Piano Man 101

Name:Jango Stiles



Description:Trench coat and a white team rocket shirt.

Organization(if any):Team Rocket

Status:highly ranked member of team rocket

Goals:Never lose a battle (and so far he is suceeding)

Personality:Smug,Competitive,Short tempered and Intelligent.

Pokemon(if any):Ninetales,Houndoom,Onix,Laparas,Dragonite.

Family/Friends:Jason(Uncle)Mitchum(Dad)Giovanni(Team rocket boss)

Interesting Facts:Is the youngest member of team rocket

Money, items, and badges obtained:2000poke dollars,Premier ball and all kanto badges.

8/30/2008 . Edited 8/30/2008 #21
Seeker Lyson

Name: Mako

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Description: Long red trench coat with white flames, white shirt, black skin tight pants with chains on them, black army boots.

Organization: Magma

Status: Assassin

Goals: N/A

Personality: Cold, and heartless.


Blaziken; Female; Kertan

Staraptor; Male; Chato

Interesting facts: Her father is Maxie.

8/30/2008 #22

Name: Jake

Age: ???

Description: looks like Axel but with red hair and eyes

Organization: formaly number 2 of The Nine Warlords.

Status: Traitor

Goals: to kill Axel

personality: Pure evil.

pokemon: Dark lugia ( also has a crystal in his hand to summon any dark type pokemon.)

Interesting Facts: his brother is Axel, and will stop at no cost to kill him. Reasons are unknown.

8/30/2008 . Edited 8/30/2008 #23

jake...any relation to Jake Garcia..the 'pokemon master' who has every legendary? lol

8/30/2008 #24

Name: Jacob Six

Age: ???

Description: Wears a dark gray hoodie, black jeans, and light gray running shoes. If you look closely, you'll see glasses on his face, which is never shown.

Organization: Ex Epsilon member

Status: Traitor, Rogue

Goals: To make sure the world ends

Personality: Dark, angry, short-tempered

Pokemon: Dragonite, Flygon, Salamence, Garchomp, Frosslass(All male, except Frosslass))

Interesting Facts: ???

8/31/2008 #25

Name: Leo stronghold

Age: 19

Gender: male

Description: jet black hair spiked. blue eyes. wears a black jacket with blue stripes over a navyy shirt. baggy jeans and boots.

Organization: Aqua

Status: Assassin

Goals: N/A

Personality: Cold.



Beedril; male; Swarm

Floatzel; female; Raft



Interesting facts: can teleport.

8/31/2008 . Edited 9/20/2008 #26
Seeker Lyson

Name: Taykoma

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Description: Trench coat, black jeans, red shirt, white shoes.

Organization: Magma

Status: Hunter

Goals: To kill Mako

Personailty: Serious






Interesting facts: N/A

9/4/2008 #27

Name: Thorn

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Description: white lab coat. black trousers and shirt. Brown eyes and black hair.


Status: scientist

Goals: To creat the most powerfull Poke'morph and turn the gaurdians

Personailty: cold, serious.






Interesting facts: left arm is robotic after being desroyed by a grunt trying to kill Ashen.

9/14/2008 #28




Description: Wears a white trench coat, the hood up most of hte time. Below he wears all black. He has spikey silver-blue hair and grey eyes.

Organization(if any):???




Pokemon(if any):Weavile(Female)





Black Dragonite(male)

Family/Friends:Good friends with Cyrus.

Interesting Facts:N/A

10/18/2008 #29

I am going to make a very long chain of characters here. So be prepared to read.

Name: Maestro B. (Max)

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Appearance: A black unbuttoned shirt; Gold belt; White disco pants; Black platform shoes with gray soles; Blue lensed sunglasses; White skin; Black hair hung loosely behind head; Slim

Personality: Flamboyant and cocky, but easily flustered.

Pokemon: Chimecho(Male), Spinda(Male), Ludicolo(Male), Exploud(Male), Ludicolo(Male), Unknown Shadow Pokemon(Male)

Strategy: Attacks with effects


Name: Besta

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Description: Flaming red hair spiked ferally behind his head; Slitted eyes; Yellow-orange tank top; Black shorts; Kung fu shoes without the socks; Sharp teeth; Whitish tan skin; Lanky

Personality: Calm sometimes, but easy to anger. Wild. Growls sometimes at the beginning of his sentences, howls sometimes at the end of them. Has beast like movements.

Pokemon: Zangoose(Male), Scizor(Male), Manectric(Male), Weavile(Female), Shadow Lucario(Male)

Strategy: Speedy and Strong attacks


Name: Aphrodite

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Description: Clear white skin; Dark blue hair; Black silk sweater with loose sleeves; Azure eyes; Red silk skirt; High heeled sandals

Personality: Flirts, then dumps. Spoiled and self-centered.

Pokemon: Delcatty(Female), Raichu(Female), Wigglytuff(Female), Roserade(Female)

Strategy: Inflict on status, then attack


Name: Steur

Age: 10

Gender: Male

Description: Black lab coat with a high neck; Black pants; Brown loafers; Silver-white hair; Grey eyes; Square framed glasses

Personality: Cold and calculating. Even easier to anger and make psycho than Besta. The only one of the three boys who can resist Aphrodite's charms. Makes scientific and calculating references in speech, like 'The antithesis of my conclusion' or 'There was no room for variables'. Ruthlessly intelligent.

Pokemon: Lanturn(Male), Floatzel(Male), Flygon(Male), Metagross(Male), Shadow Rotom

Strategy: Rain Dance combinations or 'Levitate/Protect-Earthquake/Magnitude' combo

Organization(all): An alternate version of Cipher they call 'Encorp'

Bio: They all met at young ages and watched Orre be attacked by Cipher. However, instead of being scared, they were amazed at the Admin's skills and made their own organization based off of the one their idol's belonged to and each took up a role: Max took on the Mirror B. role as the weakest and the distributer, though he argues that he is stronger than Besta, who took on the Dakim role as the third strongest(refusing former title of 'second weakest' because 'weak' was in there) and the enforcer, Aphrodite becoming the Venus role of the second strongest and 'the propagandalist', and Steur becoming the Ein role as the strongest and the developer. It is also noted that Steur and Besta don't share the same strategies as their idol's, but really seem to settle well with that. It is also noted that they changed their names, with Max(Maestro B.) being the only to ever be known by his.

Goals: Unknown, but possibly to bring back the uprising of the Shadow Pokemon.(Former)

To break free from the organization.

11/26/2008 . Edited 12/13/2008 #30
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